Wood Ocarina
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Wood Ocarina



A Superb Wooden Ocarina

Turn to our remarkable 12 Hole Wooden Ocarina ! It is a Wind Musical Instrument from Europe which has the particularity of evoking a goose’s head, hence its name Ocarina which means ‘little goose’ in Italian. The Wooden Ocarina is presented as designed from wood of perfect quality. Its handling will be easy and prompt for your greatest delight.

A high quality varnished wood was used to make this Ocarina by experienced craftsmen.

Coming from Europe, this original Musical Instrument, reminiscent of a goose’s head, produces light and relaxing sounds. No training in Music being essential, this Ocarina is presented as ideal for novices. And yet, it will also please experienced players like children in a musical awakening. Thus, by its rapid and intuitive appropriation, this Musical Instrument makes it the ideal gift for your loved ones. Fascinating and relaxed sounds such are the commitments of this Ocarina of Artisanal manufacture and put forward by the game Zelda .


Technical characteristics of the Wooden Ocarina

    • Public concerned: From beginner to advanced
    • Type of instrument: Wind – Woodwind family
    • Number of holes: 12
    • Range / Key: Alto – C
    • Materials: Wood

    Below is an example of an Ocarina Musician playing this type of Instrument:


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