White Kalimba

White Kalimba


Add a touch of purity with an all-white Kalimba

Synonymous with purity, a white color paint has been applied to the mahogany wood body of this Kalimba. In addition to this immaculate Whiteness, you will have the choice between 7 different engravings to find the Instrument that suits you. With 17 steel keys, this Thumb Piano will allow you to play the vast majority of melodies that you can find on the internet or in sheet music booklets. Unleash your creative talent with this all-white Kalimba .

Given as a gift :

  • A fabric carry bag
  • A tuning hammer
  • An instruction booklet
  • A set of stickers to place on the Blades to facilitate memorization
  • A cleaning cloth



Hear the clear tones of this all-white Kalimba



Initiate yourself to a new method of relaxation

The new scientific analyzes happen to be perfectly categorical on the question, Music has a particularly positive influence on people’s brains. It works on the nerve cells in order to tone them and therefore has real therapeutic virtues. The Sanza (another name for the Kalimba), on the other hand, emits pleasant and crystalline sounds which accentuates its gift of soothing its user. With such an Instrument in your possession, you will inevitably benefit from all the benefits offered by Music.



Learn an infinity of partitions without obstacle

It is no coincidence that the Kalimba happens to be titled Thumb Piano . Each of the steel slats of the Instrument coincides with a single and unique note of Music as with the keyboard of a standard Piano. This will allow you when you vibrate these slats to precisely cause the desired note without any fear of making mistakes. In addition, the Thumb Piano proves to be a gift that is suitable for both adults and youngsters who appreciate its easy use and which ensures that they can write and perform songs very quickly.



Prefer a Mbira in pure wood essence for a unique quality

Are you sensitive to the ecological cause? Same for us! This is why, as far as possible, all our Kalimbas happen to be made using wood from sustainably managed forests. What’s more, this wood is not treated with chemical materials and any paints used are of natural origin. A win-win arrangement where getting an ecological Musical Instrument does not put you in contact with harmful materials.



Connect to the universe of Africa through the Thumb Piano

The Kalimba happens to be a small Musical Instrument of the idiophone family whose first traces date back more than 3000 years all over the West African seaside. He was designated as Mbira or Sanza and assumed a significant role in a multitude of African populations of the Zambezi valley. By using its delicate, rare and unparalleled sounds, you will undoubtedly escape to discover African musical culture.



For a perfect alliance between purity and sobriety, treat yourself to this all-white Kalimba!



Technical characteristics of the all-white Kalimba

    • Type of instrument: Percussion – Idiophone – Lamellophone
    • Number of Blades, Keys or Notes: 17
    • Resonance box: Yes
    • Materials: Solid mahogany body, high quality steel slats
    • Dimensions: 18.3 x 13 x 3 centimeters
    • Key: C major



    Want to make your own Thumb Piano? The most difficult will be to find what to make the steel keys of the Instrument. To overcome this problem, we offer a pack of 17 Blades for Kalimba . You will then be sure not to hurt yourself with handcrafted blades. Did you know that the stickers provided with the Kalimba are very useful to promote learning. If you don’t have one, get some quickly by consulting our Stickers for Kalimba . And the Kalimba will become easier for you!