Tuner For Kalimba

Tuner For Kalimba


A very effective Electronic Tuner For Kalimba

Thanks to this Tuner for Kalimba , you will be able to tune your Thumb Piano quickly and easily. Position it near your Kalimba , Mbira or Sanza , then play a few notes by pressing the steel keys. This Electronic Tuner will analyze the sound produced and tell you whether or not to make a modification with the tuning hammer. Thus, with such a tool in your possession, Tuning your Kalimba becomes child’s play! You will no longer have any problem with false notes.



Closer to the Instrument in all situations

The two ball joints integrated into this device will allow you to orient it in all possible directions so that you are most comfortable when tuning . In addition, a clip that can open up to a 90° angle allows you to hang this tool on your Kalimba to be closer to the sounds produced by the Instrument. Therefore, regardless of the shape of your Thumb Piano, you will be able to use this Tuner without difficulty.



A simplistic tuner that makes it all its strength

It is really very painful to have a Tuner full of superfluous keys, buttons and functions when the vast majority of Kalimba players are only looking for a small tool that is simple and practical to use. This is totally the case with this Tuner which has only one button. Once turned on, either the screen is displayed in green, which means that the note played is well tuned, or in blue, it means that you need to readjust your Tuning . This makes it a device that is within everyone’s reach, even the youngest.



Treat yourself to this Tuner and be sure to never let your Kalimba play wrong notes!



Technical Specifications of the Electronic Tuner For Kalimba

  • Weight: 300 grams
  • Dimensions: 23 x 19 x 8 centimeters
  • Requires a 3 volt CR2032 type battery not included



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