Tibetan Bowl 40 Cm

Tibetan Bowl 40 Cm


A Superb 40 Cm Tibetan Bowl

We show you a jewel of Artisanal manufacture ! This magnificent 40 Cm Tibetan Bowl happens to be an Asian Musical Instrument made from a composition of 7 high quality Metals . It happens to be entirely handcrafted in a traditional factory by craftsmen who pass on this knowledge from generation to generation.

Maintain a close and increased connection with the entirety of your Chakras and your body with our 40 Cm Tibetan Bowl.

The Buddhist monks of Tibet have been benefiting for thousands of years from the Sounds generated by the vibrations of the Tibetan Singing Bowls for their Benefits and their important Therapeutic virtues of Healing . The Sound happens to be captivating and delivers a feeling of supreme well-being and inner tranquility. Highly useful in order to intensify its techniques of Relaxation , Meditation , Sound Massage or otherwise to exercise its Chakras . Make This Singing Bowl Singrequires only an easy and quick initiation that will suit any individual interested in the hidden mysteries of the Orient.


Technical characteristics of the 40 Cm Tibetan Bowl

  • Public concerned: From beginner to advanced
  • Diameter: 40 Centimeters
  • Weight: 6500 grams
  • Materials: Alloy of 7 high quality metals


Below is an example of a Tibetan Bowl Musician playing this type of Instrument:


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