Sanza Kalimba

Sanza Kalimba


Make a great discovery with this Sanza or Kalimba

Are you looking for an ethnic and traditional Musical Instrument? The guitar, the violin or the Piano is too ordinary for you? In this case, opt for a Sanza, a percussion instrument with African origins which is sometimes called Kalimba or Mbira. Composed of a solid mahogany wood body and a set of 17 steel blades, all you have to do is press the keys of this Sanza or Kalimba to produce beautiful and very soothing compositions.

Given as a gift :

  • A fabric carrying bag
  • A tuning hammer
  • A set of stickers to place on the slides to facilitate memorization
  • A cleaning cloth
  • An instruction booklet

Relax while listening to this exotic Musical Instrument



Simple handling and suitable for everyone

Do you want to perform splendid songs as quickly as possible with a Musical Instrument? Well, decide on the Thumb Piano . In this Instrument, everything has been anticipated in order to assist you in its initiation. Each lamella corresponds to a single note of Music and the scores explain to you quite naturally in which order it is necessary to press on it. It is not useful to know the complex symbols of music theory. You will interpret the scores with simplicity and only with the right notes.



Enjoy the Benefits of Music Therapy with an Amazing Musical Instrument

Did you know that every time you play a note with the Kalimba , you will feel the vibrations ripple through your body? This is one of the immense assets of this Musical Instrument. All players like to feel with their hands all the sounds caused. Thus, the Kalimba is found to be excellent for meditation or on the occasion of music therapy. The instrument will guarantee you to reach a general appeasement and a moment of tranquility the time of a song.



Treat yourself to a solid wood instrument that cares about the environment

Are you paying attention to your energy footprint? Same for us! This is why as much as possible, all of our Kalimbas turn out to be produced using wood from sustainably managed forest plantations. In addition, this wood is not treated with chemical compounds and any waxes used prove to be of natural origin. A win-win exchange where giving you an Ethical Instrument does not expose you to harmful compounds.



Benefit from a new facet of African civilization

Le Kalimba se révèle être un petit Instrument de Musique à percussion dont les premiers signes de son apparition datent de plus de 3 millénaires au niveau de la zone côtière ouest Africaine. Il était intitulé Mbira ou Sanza et a joué une fonction non négligeable au milieu d’une multitude peuples Africains de la vallée du Zambèze. Au moyen de ses sonorités paisibles, atypiques et uniques, vous vous évaderez assurément à la découverte de la culture musicale Africaine.



Jouez une Musique atypique et rythmée avec cette Sanza ou Kalimba !



Caractéristiques techniques de la Sanza ou Kalimba

    • Type d’instrument : Percussion – Idiophone – Lamellophone
    • Nombre de Lames, Touches ou Notes : 17
    • Caisse de résonance : Oui
    • Matériaux : Corps en bois d’acajou massif, Lamelles en acier de haute qualité
    • Poids : 500 grammes
    • Tonalité : Do majeur

    L’Instrument qui vous est présenté ici se trouve être très classique, mais si vous jetez un coup d’œil à notre Mbira ou Kalimba, vous trouverez un Piano à Pouces qui ressemble à un mignon petit chat. Par ailleurs, dans le cas où vous pensez qu’un jeu de 17 touches serait trop compliqué pour vous, le Kalimba de 7 Notes est beaucoup plus simple avec son nombre réduit de lamelles.