Sanza Africa

Sanza Africa


Decide for a Sanza, an Instrument from Africa

Coming from sub-Saharan Africa, the Sanza was once a small percussion musical instrument whose blades were made of bamboo. Construction methods have greatly evolved over time and bamboo was quickly replaced by steel for durability. In addition, hollow models with sound boxes have emerged to increase the sound volume. This African-inspired Sanza model is made of walnut wood and has 17 blades so you can reproduce a huge amount of melodies.

Given as a gift :

  • A fabric carrying bag
  • A tuning hammer
  • A set of stickers to place on the slides to facilitate memorization
  • A cleaning cloth
  • Two finger guards

Listen to the sound test of this Thumb Piano



Access the closed circle of Mbira players who use it from a healing perspective

New scientific research happens to be completely unambiguous on the matter, Music has an incredibly positive impact on people’s brains. It works on the neurons in order to tone them and also has real therapeutic virtues. The Kalimba , on the other hand, delivers lovely, clear sounds, which accentuates its ability to soothe its user. With such a Musical Instrument in your possession, you will automatically benefit from all the benefits offered by Music.



Choose a Pure Wood Kalimba for Exceptional Quality

A number of poor quality Sanzas are sometimes made from chipboard. It is, in fact, to compact sawdust in order to assemble them using synthetic glues harmful to health. At Instruments du Monde, all of our wooden Sanzas are made from raw products. The Instruments are thus visually prettier, but above all, they do not introduce chemical compounds into the production process.



The Finger Piano, an Easy-to-Master Instrument

The least we can say about the Finger Piano is that it requires very little practice in order to obtain encouraging results. In fact, this Musical Instrument happens to be very accessible, because it is simply impossible to achieve false notes as with, for example, a violin. In addition, the Instrument happens to be small in size, which allows you to carry it everywhere with you in a bag to play it as regularly as possible during your free time. This is why you will progress extremely quickly in learning the pieces.



Connect to the world of Africa through the Kalimba

Traditionally a folk musical instrument of the African Shona people, the Kalimba quickly spread throughout Africa for hundreds of years. It is therefore an Instrument full of history which has been registered since 2020 as a cultural heritage of humanity by UNESCO. Owning a Kalimba is thus an extraordinary way to prevent this small object from falling into neglect while taking advantage of the fantastic sounds that have been played for over a thousand years in Africa.



Bring Africa’s musical culture to life by taking this Sanza!



Technical characteristics of the African-inspired Sanza

    • Type of instrument: Percussion – Idiophone – Lamellophone
    • Number of Blades, Keys or Notes: 17
    • Resonance box: Yes
    • Materials: Walnut wood body, High quality steel slats
    • Dimensions: 18 x 13 x 3.5 centimeters
    • Weight: 350 grams
    • Key: C major

    Do you want to help the local economy? So, get the Kalimba made in France which was totally handmade in Occitania by a craftsman in his workshop. If your objective is rather oriented towards relaxation, the Sanza for Yoga will allow you to reach a state of extreme zenitude.