Original Kalimba

Original Kalimba


Choose the simplicity of the Original Model Kalimba

Closely approaching the Original Kalimba model created by Hugh Tracey in the 1950s, this Instrument is intended to be very simple and devoid of any frills. This is a copy that still has an improvement, namely a set of engraved reeds, which will allow you to quickly find your way through the set of reeds knowing exactly which musical note each corresponds to buttons. This Kalimba is therefore ideal for embarking on the discovery of African sounds.


Listen to some notes performed with this Kalimba



Join the closed circle of Finger Piano instrumentalists who benefit from it in a healing approach

Music therapy is the application of music and instruments with a view to medical treatment. This serious process happens to be regulated by an official federation and performed by qualified specialists. Usually intervening, for example, in rehabilitation practices, therapists use the Finger Piano which is extremely useful for this practice. By offering yourself this Instrument, you too can take advantage of its considerable soothing potential.



Buy yourself a solid wooden Musical Instrument that preserves the environment

The Mbira turns out to be a Musical Instrument which benefits from the advantage of being very rudimentary in its creation. In truth, here, there are no plastic or synthetic compounds. You will only find steel and raw wood that has been sanded then nourished with a wax of natural origin. This guarantees you to have a simple, efficient and nature-friendly Musical Instrument.



Free yourself with the sounds of the lands of Africa

Still a traditional musical instrument of the African Shona people, the Kalimba has been deployed throughout Africa for thousands of years. It is therefore an Instrument filled with historical stories which has been included since 2020 in the cultural heritage of humanity by UNESCO. Acquiring a Kalimba is therefore an exceptional way to prevent this small object from slipping into indifference while benefiting from the superb sounds played for more than 1000 years in Africa.



An Instrument finally understandable for everyone without music theory

It is no coincidence that the Kalimba is named Thumb Piano . Each steel key of the Instrument coincides with a single and unique note of Music as in the keyboard of a traditional Piano. This will allow you, when you vibrate these slats, to create exactly the note you are looking for without a single fear of making a mistake. In addition, the Sanza is a gift that satisfies both adults and children who like its simplified use and which allows them to, without delay, arrange and interpret pieces.



Prefer the Original shape of the Kalimba by purchasing this model!



Technical characteristics of the Original genre Kalimba

    • Type of instrument: Percussion – Idiophone – Lamellophone
    • Number of Blades, Keys or Notes: 17
    • Resonance box: Yes
    • Materials: Wooden body, High quality steel slats
    • Dimensions: 18 x 13 x 5 centimeters
    • Key: C major



    In the range of Thumb Pianos made from acrylic glass, we recommend the Kimi Rainbow brand Kalimba which has a rainbow effect directly embedded in the plexiglass. If you want a smaller Instrument model, go for the 8 Key Kalimba which has reduced dimensions to be taken everywhere.