Ocarina Starfish Pendant

Ocarina Starfish Pendant


A Stunning Starfish Ocarina Pendant

Discover our admirable  6 Hole Starfish Ocarina Pendant ! This small object is presented as a Wind Musical Instrument from Europe which has the originality of having the appearance of a goose’s head, hence its surname Ocarina which means ‘little goose’ in Italian. The Ocarina Starfish Pendant is presented as made of good quality Ceramic. Its appropriation will be pleasant and prompt for your greatest pleasure.

A very cute Starfish characterizes this Ocarina!

Of European origin, this original Musical Instrument, evoking a goose’s head, gives melodious and soothing sounds. No learning in Music being essential, this Ocarina is presented as ideal for beginners. However, it will also please experienced instrumentalists such as children in a musical awakening. Also due to its quick and intuitive handling, this Musical Instrument makes it the ideal gift for your friends. Captivating and relaxed sounds are the commitments of this Ocarina of Artisanal design and promoted by the Zelda video game .


Technical characteristics of the Starfish Ocarina Pendant

    • Public concerned: From beginner to advanced
    • Type d’instrument : Vent – Famille des Bois
    • Nombre de trous : 6
    • Tessiture / Tonalité : Alto – Do
    • Matériaux : Céramique de haute qualité
    • Dimensions : 7.5 x 7.5 centimètres
    • Poids : 65 grammes

    Ci-dessous un exemple de Musicien d’Ocarina jouant de ce type d’Instrument :


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