Neodymium Tongue Drum Magnets
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Neodymium Tongue Drum Magnets


Neodymium Magnets for Tongue Drum

Do you want to tune your Tongue Drum by adding Magnets to the tongues of your Musical Instrument ? With these Neodymium Magnets , it becomes possible!

Indeed, Neodymium is currently the material that makes it possible to produce permanent magnets with the most powerful magnetic field available on the market. Therefore, once you have correctly placed them on the tongues of your Steel Tongue Drum to tune it as you wish, they are not ready to move because they will be attracted by the metal of the Tongue Drum.

The small size of our Magnets (10 millimeters in diameter for 1 in thickness), allows you a very fine adjustment for each of the musical notes of the Tank Drum . Also, you can easily layer them if you need to.

In addition, we recommend the use of a   latest generation Electronic Tuner for Hank Drum which will allow you to know precisely the note played for each language.

Immediately change your Tongue Drum Tuning using these powerful Neodymium Magnets!


Technical characteristics of Neodymium Magnets for Tongue Drum

  • Public concerned: From beginner to advanced
  • Dimensions: 10 x 1 millimeters
  • Shape: Circular
  • Materials: Neodymium NdFeB, Nickel plating and triple layer copper
  • Grade: N35
  • Certification: ROHS
  • Only works with magnetic Tongue Drums (made of iron)

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