Mbira Kalimba Sanza

Mbira Kalimba Sanza


Discover new sounds with this Mbira, Kalimba or Sanza

Ideal for relaxing, the Mbira or Sanza is an idiophone instrument from sub-Saharan Africa. Until the day when Hugh Tracey, inspired by this traditional instrument, slightly modified it by adapting it to Western music to become the modern Kalimba . With its 21 steel blades, you will be able to interpret hundreds of melodies, each more harmonious than the next, for your greatest pleasure, and that of your potential audience!


Approach Music from a whole new angle with this traditional Instrument



Reap the Benefits of Music Therapy with the Help of an Amazing Instrument

The latest scientific analyzes are perfectly categorical on this subject, Music has an immensely beneficial impact on people’s brains. It works on the nerve cells in order to awaken them and therefore has real therapeutic virtues. The Finger Piano , on the other hand, produces melodious and clear sounds, which enhances its ability to relax its player. With such an Instrument in your hands, you will necessarily benefit from each of the benefits offered by Music.



Start an acoustic getaway in the heart of the African continent

Did you know that almost all the archaeological clues of the Sanza provide proof that this Musical Instrument comes from the African continent? This small object turned out to be used especially in Zimbabwe for festive occasions or to communicate with spirits. When you have a Sanza in your hands, it is sure that you will establish a connection to Africa with this small Instrument steeped in history.



Treat yourself to a solid wood Musical Instrument that cares about the environment

The Sanza proves to be a Musical Instrument which has the advantage of being very simplistic in its realization. In fact, there is no plastic or synthetic substance there. You will only find steel and solid wood that has been sanded and then protected with a wax of natural origin. This certifies that you have a rudimentary, high-performance instrument that is attentive to the environment.



Easy to use that suits everyone

The least we can say about the Thumb Piano is that it requires terribly little experience in order to achieve satisfactory results. In fact, this Musical Instrument turns out to be easy to access, because it is simply not possible to play false notes as with, in particular, a violin. On the other hand, the Instrument turns out to be small in size, which allows you to take it everywhere with you inside a bag in order to practice it as regularly as possible during your breaks from the daytime. From then on, you will progress very quickly in learning the melodies.



Visit the African continent through Music with this Mbira, Kalimba or Sanza!



Technical characteristics of the Mbira, Kalimba or Sanza

  • Type of instrument: Percussion – Idiophone – Lamellophone
  • Number of Blades, Keys or Notes: 21
  • Resonance box: Yes
  • Materials: Solid mahogany body, high quality steel slats
  • Key: F major
  • Weight: 350 grams

If you are afraid that 21 blades will do a little too much for your mastery of the Instrument, the Mbira or Sanza as well as the Mbira, Sanza or Kalimba only have 17 of them. quick and easy Thumb Piano for those who are generally not very comfortable with Musical Instruments.