Mbira Idiophone

Mbira Idiophone


Fall for an Idiophone Instrument like this Mbira

Idiophones like the Mbira are a sub-category of the family of Percussion Musical Instruments whose sounds are generated by the materials making up the object, here the body and the keys of the Instrument. Indeed, by pressing a key of this Mbira of the Idiophone family , vibrations will run through the metal blade to spread through the wooden body which serves here as a sound box. In addition, a beautiful heart has been carved on the soundboard of this pink Thumb Piano with 17 notes.

Offered as a gift  :

  • A cloth bag to protect the Instrument from dust
  • A tuning hammer


View the capabilities of this Instrument of the Idiophone family



Simple handling suitable for everyone

The least that can be said with the Mbira is that it requires very little practice in order to achieve satisfactory results. To tell the truth, this Musical Instrument presents itself as very accessible, because it is simply impossible to achieve false notes as with, for example, a double bass. On the other hand, the Instrument is presented as reduced in size, which guarantees that you can take it anywhere with you inside a bag to play it as regularly as possible during your free time. This is why you will evolve very easily in learning melodies.



Enter the world of Africa thanks to the Finger Piano

The Kalimba is a small Musical Instrument of the idiophone family whose first traces date back more than 3000 years all over the West African coast. He was called Mbira or Sanza and played an essential role in a multitude of African populations in the Zambezi valley. Through its pleasant, atypical and unparalleled sounds, you will undoubtedly escape into the exploration of African musical culture. 



Soothe yourself with an object without risk to health

Some poor quality Finger Pianos happen to be sometimes built on the basis of chipboard. It is, in fact, to compress sawdust in order to unite them using synthetic glues harmful to health. At Instruments du Monde, all our wooden Mbiras happen to be built from raw materials. Musical Instruments are therefore more visually appealing, but more importantly, they do not introduce harmful components into the production methods.



Harness the Benefits of Music Therapy Using an Amazing Instrument

The latest scientific studies prove to be completely unequivocal on the issue, Music has a highly positive impact on the brain of individuals. It acts on the nerve cells in such a way as to energize them and therefore has genuine therapeutic virtues. The Thumb Piano , on the other hand, gives off melodious and crystalline sounds which increases its ability to relax its user. With such an Instrument in your possession, you will certainly enjoy all the benefits offered by Music.



Treat yourself to a beautiful representative of the Idiophone Instruments with this Mbira!



Technical characteristics of the Mbira Idiophone instrument

  • Type of instrument: Percussion – Idiophone – Lamellophone
  • Number of Blades, Keys or Notes: 17
  • Resonance box: Yes
  • Materials: Solid mahogany body, high quality steel slats
  • Dimensions: 18 x 13.5 x 3.5 centimeters
  • Weight: 350 grams
  • Key: C major


Do you want to play blues or swing with a Thumb Piano? Then choose the Mbira for Jazz which will perfectly accompany a saxophonist as well as a trumpeter. Otherwise, you might be interested in the African Mbira which typically recalls the roots of this Instrument from Zimbabwe.