Kalimba Tuning Hammer Accessories

Kalimba Tuning Hammer Accessories


An essential Kalimba Tuning Hammer and Accessory Kit

This is a kit including a Tuning Hammer as well as the essential Accessories to start learning the Kalimba , Mbira or Sanza . This very useful kit includes:

  • A Tuning Hammer
  • A protective cover
  • A cleaning cloth
  • A Set of Stickers
  • A Kalimba Learning Booklet
  • Two Thumb Guards



Tune your Instrument with the Hammer

The Tuning Hammer is essential to best tune your Musical Instrument . It will be used to adjust the length of your steel blades by sliding them on the easels. We recommend using it in addition to the Electronic Tuner for Kalimba . To be sure to always get the right grades.



Protect your Kalimba with a cover and its cloth

Even if the Kalimba is not made of crystal, it should not be dropped on the ground. Furthermore, this Instrument is sensitive to humidity and dust. This black protective cover turns out to be waterproof and prevents your Thumb Piano from coming into contact with dirt. Foam padding is also present inside to protect the Kalimba in the event of a collision or fall. In addition, it is equipped with a handle in order to be able to transport your African Musical Instrument easily. Inside, a housing for the hammer has been integrated so that it is never separated from the Kalimba. The cloth, meanwhile, will be useful to clean the Instrument of dust that will be deposited there.



Learn Thumb Piano easily with stickers

The stickers or stickers are to be placed on the blades of the Kalimba to help you memorize the location of the different musical notes. At first, this makes your life easier, because you will have visual cues while you learn by heart which key corresponds to each note. Stickers are therefore a key element in your success.



Be guided by an initiation booklet to Mbira

Even though the Mbira (or Kalimba) is a rather simple Instrument, having some advice during your first playing sessions is important. This is why a booklet is provided to you. Inside, you’ll get tips for positioning your hands, placing your stickers, and you’ll also find some sheet music. You will thus be able to launch yourself serenely into the marvelous world of the Finger Piano .



Save your thumbs from the Kalimba with protectors

It might not look like it when you watch someone play it, but after a while, some players can feel their thumbs feel sore from playing the Kalimba. Especially for those who do not necessarily have long nails. Therefore, thumb protectors are provided in this kit to prevent you from possible injuries which are always unpleasant. Long hours of worry-free gaming are yours!



Treat yourself to this essential accessory kit for Kalimba!



Technical Specifications of the Kalimba Tuning Hammer and Accessory Kit

  • Bag size: 23 x 19 x 6 centimeters
  • Total weight of the Kit: 650 grams



It turns out that the hammer alone will not be of much use to you for tuning your Thumb Piano. This is why it must be used in addition to a Tuner For Kalimba . This tuner, more precise than those that exist in the form of smartphone applications, will tell you exactly whether the note played is in tune or not. Are you looking for a small, compact and portable pocket Kalimba? Then buy yourself this 7 Blade Kalimba . Designed in noble black walnut wood, it will charm you with its beautiful ribs and its simple and intuitive playing.