Kalimba Stand DIY
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Kalimba Stand DIY


Build your Kalimba with this DIY Stand

Would you like to offer yourself a Support, also called a soundboard, for your personalized ” Do It Yourself ” (DIY) Kalimba? To satisfy you, we have selected the best woods on the market which will perfectly reproduce the vibrations of the blades of your future Musical Instrument. Thus, you can choose between a typically African padauk wood or black walnut with sublime ribs.

Each Support presented here is made exclusively of untreated solid wood. No chemicals were used. Only a completely natural wax has been applied twice after sanding for a wood of infinite smoothness. Indeed, given that you are intended to regularly take the Instrument in your hands, it is imperative to use only products of natural origin.

So all you need to do is add a set of blades to this DIY Kalimba Stand to get an authentic homemade Thumb Piano. You can either make your own keys, or use this additional Kalimba kit which contains the blades, the two bridges and the pressure bar essential to operate your Musical Instrument.



Contemplate the result for a Thumb Piano with 21 keys



Make your own Instrument with this exotic wood stand!



Features of the DIY Stand for Kalimba

  • Dimensions of the model with 10 to 17 blades: 18 x 12 x 2 centimeters
  • Dimensions of the 17 to 21 blade model: 18 x 13 x 2 centimeters
  • Wood species: Padauk or black walnut



To complete your Thumb Piano starter kit, get a Kalimba Polisher Block which will allow you to always have shiny blades as well as the Electronic Tuner for Kalimba which will ensure you have the right musical notes on each one. of your keys once you have finished assembling the Instrument.