Kalimba Polisher Block

Kalimba Polisher Block


Remove rust from your Kalimba with this set of 2 Polishing Blocks

Did you have the unpleasant surprise of discovering some rust spots on one of the metal parts of your Kalimba? You are planning and you want to preserve your African Musical Instrument from corrosion? We have the solution for you with this set of 2 Polishing Blocks for Kalimba . By rubbing the steel blades of your Thumb Piano with one of these pads, you will remove the imperfections that appear over time and remove any traces of rust. With these polishing blocks, your Kalimba will be optimally maintained. 



Watch how your Thumb Piano blades will shine with this Polishing Block



Maintain the shine of your Musical Instrument

Polishing your Thumb Piano is not just a matter of maintenance. You will also have the pleasure of noticing that the blades will be much shinier after passing the polishing block. A great way to pamper your Musical Instrument and be proud to own an object that shines with a thousand lights.



Two-sided polishing for added versatility

Each of the 2 Polishing Blocks present in this lot has two sides. One with a fine grain to remove all small stains of corrosion or to make your Kalimba shine . The other, having a larger grain, and which allows you to tackle much larger traces of rust. It’s up to you to choose wisely the side that suits you best. But it is certain that these Polishing Blocks will be able to provide the answer to all situations.



Take care of your Kalimba by purchasing this set of 2 Polishing Blocks!



Characteristics of the Polishing Block for Kalimba

  • Number of blocks in each set: 2
  • Two different polishing faces
  • Dimensions: 9 x 4 x 1 centimeters



If you are not yet equipped to remove the reeds from your Instrument, we suggest that you obtain a Kalimba pliers . This small tool will be very useful for you to disassemble the Thumb Piano and clean it well. Interested in making your own quality Kalimba? We offer DIY stands for Kalimba for sale . These are solid wood planks directly cut to size for you to easily design your Thumb Piano.