Kalimba Kimi Rainbow
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Kalimba Kimi Rainbow



Enjoy the colors of this Kimi Kalimba Rainbow

Do you want to buy an Instrument with a unique design? This Kimi Kalimba called Rainbow has rainbow-colored reflections inside the Acrylic constituting its support. Indeed, a special treatment has been applied inside the plastic so that green, red, indigo or even violet are visible by refraction of light. No more waiting for a rare combination of clouds, rain and sun. You will be able to enjoy the quality of the sounds of the Kimi brand while still having a view of this meteorological phenomenon.

Given as a gift :

  • A rigid carrying bag
  • A tuning hammer
  • A set of stickers to place on the slides to facilitate memorization
  • A cleaning cloth
  • An instruction booklet
  • A wooden display


Look at the rainbow reflections present in the stand of this Thumb Piano



Discover hundreds of songs effortlessly

It is no coincidence that the Kalimba is designated as a Thumb Piano. Each metal blade of the Instrument tunes to a single note of Music as in the keyboard of a classical Piano. This will allow you, when you vibrate these keys, to produce exactly the desired note without any risk of error. In addition, the Kalimba is a gift that is suitable for both adults and children who love its easy use that guarantees them to compose and perform songs very quickly.



Embark on an acoustic tour in the middle of Africa

The Kalimba turns out to be a small Musical Instrument of the idiophone family, the first traces of which date back more than 3 millennia to the level of the West African coastal zone. It was titled Mbira or Sanza and achieved a major place among multiple African peoples of the Zambezi Valley. Thanks to its peaceful, rare and extraordinary sounds, you will certainly escape to discover African musical culture.



Choose a modern way of relaxation

Were you aware that every time you hit a key with the Kalimba, you will feel the vibrations ripple through your body? This is one of the immense strengths of this Musical Instrument . All the musicians like to feel with their palms all the sounds caused. As a result, the Kalimba is perfect for meditation or for music therapy. It will guarantee you to arrive at a global appeasement and a period of serenity the time of a melody.



Be dazzled by the beauty of a rainbow by treating yourself to this Kimi Rainbow Kalimba!


Technical characteristics of the Kimi Kalimba Rainbow

    • Type of instrument: Percussion – Idiophone – Lamellophone
    • Number of Blades, Keys or Notes: 17
    • Resonance box: No
    • Materials: Acrylic body, High quality steel slats
    • Size: 15 x 13 x 2.5 centimeters
    • Weight: 565 grams
    • Key: C major


    The addition of a rainbow effect is ultimately not to your liking? Find exactly the same model, but without this effect with the Kimi Acrylic Kalimba . If you ultimately want a more traditional wooden Instrument, we recommend the Original Kalimba , which comes closest to the basic model originally created by Hugh Tracey in the 1950s.