Kalimba Holder

Kalimba Holder


Display your Kalimba with this Stand

This is a Stand for Kalimbain order to be able to proudly display his African Musical Instrument in his living room or to put it on a bedside table so that it is always accessible. Very easy assembly. The bridge being composed of two parts, it is enough to fit them to be able to benefit from it. In addition, it is possible to disassemble and reassemble it several times in order to transport it easily. A flexible EVA rubber coating is present on the edges of the wood so as not to damage your Kalimba which will rest on it or the piece of furniture on which the assembly is placed. Very small and light, with an elegant design with beautiful curves, this tripod-shaped solid wood stand will be discreet on any occasion to showcase your Thumb Piano.



Present your Kalimba with dignity with this stand!



Technical characteristics of the Stand for Kalimba

  • Materials: Solid wood and EVA rubber
  • Weight: 54 grams
  • Size: 12.2 x 9 x 8 centimeters



Not sure which Instrument you want to buy? The 17 Blade Kalimba proves to be an excellent compromise between price and quality. If your budget is slightly larger, we also recommend the Aiersi brand Kalimba which is a guarantee of reliability.