Kalimba Gecko April Yang
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Kalimba Gecko April Yang


Treat yourself to a Gecko brand Kalimba created by April Yang

Gecko, a brand that only manufactures Kalimbas of extraordinary quality, has decided to join forces with the talented musician April Yang to jointly design a Musical Instrument of formidable efficiency for relaxing. Designed in solid mahogany wood and having a total of 17 keys, this Kalimba Gecko created by April Yang is therefore ideal for beginners who wish to begin the adventure of the Kalimba with an Instrument of great finesse.

Given as a gift :

  • A tuning hammer
  • A fabric storage bag
  • A set of stickers to place on the slides to facilitate memorization
  • A cleaning cloth
  • An instruction booklet


Look what you can achieve with such a Kalimba



Treat yourself to a solid wood instrument that cares about nature

Do you value your energy footprint? U.S. too ! This is why, as far as possible, all of our Kalimbas or Sanzas turn out to be built from wood originating from sustainably managed forest areas. On the other hand, this wood is not chemically treated and the possible colorings applied prove to be of natural origin. A win-win arrangement in which the fact of buying an Ecological Instrument does not put you in contact with dangerous products.



Join the closed circle of Mbira instrumentalists who use it with a view to healing

Music therapy consists of the use of music and instruments with a view to healing. This serious process happens to be managed by an official federation and practiced by qualified specialists. Frequently intervening, for example, in homes for seniors, therapists rely on the Mbira which happens to be specifically useful for this practice. By acquiring this Instrument, you will also be able to take advantage of its formidable soothing ability.



The Mbira, an instrument easy to master

Do you dream of playing wonderful pieces with a Musical Instrument as soon as possible ? Well, go for the Sanza. In this Instrument everything has been anticipated in order to support you in its teaching. Each key corresponds to a single musical note and the scores naturally explain to you when you should press them. He is not obliged to learn the difficult symbols of music theory. You will play the pieces with simplicity and exclusively with just notes.



Unite with the world of Africa through the Thumb Piano

Were you informed that all of the archaeological evidence of the Thumb Piano certifies that this Musical Instrument appeared first in Africa? This small object turned out to be then used in particular in Zimbabwe for the festivities or to communicate with the deceased. When you have a Thumb Piano in your hands, you are guaranteed to create a connection to Africa with this little Instrument steeped in historical tales.



Trust the collaboration between the Gecko brand and April Yang by getting this Kalimba!



Technical characteristics of the Gecko Kalimba created by April Yang

    • Type of instrument: Percussion – Idiophone – Lamellophone
    • Number of Blades, Keys or Notes: 17
    • Resonance box: No
    • Materials: Solid mahogany body, high quality steel slats
    • Size: 18.5 x 13.5 x 1.6 centimeters
    • Key: C major



    Are you more interested in Cute Instruments? Then the Kalimba Kawaii is ideal. It features a pretty little cat that will not leave you indifferent to the body of the Instrument. If the overall finish of the Thumb Piano is the most important criteria for you, check out the Good Quality Kalimba . This is one of the best finger pianos available on the market.