Kalimba Flat

Kalimba Flat


Get yourself a Flat Kalimba suitable for small hands

Without a sound box, this completely flat and smooth Kalimba will therefore be much more resistant and easy to clean. Highly durable thanks to its acrylic glass composition, you will be able to keep this Instrument for many years for your greatest pleasure. In addition, its thinner thickness than that of other sound box Kalimbas will make learning easier for children and people with thinner hands than the average person, because the Thumb Piano will be easier to handle.

Offered as a gift  :

  • A fabric bag to store the Instrument
  • A tuning hammer
  • A set of stickers to facilitate identification of blades
  • A cloth to clean the Kalimba
  • An instruction booklet


See what you can accomplish with this Musical Instrument



An Instrument finally understandable for anyone without musical knowledge

The terribly attractive thing about Sanza is that it requires little experience in order to have rewarding results. In truth, this Musical Instrument turns out to be very affordable, since it is simply impossible to perform false notes as with, for example, a guitar. In addition, the Instrument turns out to be small in size, which guarantees that you can carry it anywhere with you inside a bag with the intention of practicing it as often as possible during your day breaks. From then on, you will evolve really quickly in learning the pieces.



Escape with the sounds of the African continent

Did you know that all the archaeological remains of the Kalimba certify that this Musical Instrument was born on the African continent? This small object was then used especially in the country of Zimbabwe for ceremonies or to connect with the dead. When you have a Sanza in your hands, you are guaranteed to be connected to Africa with this little Instrument full of historical tales



Learn about a new approach to relaxation

The recent scientific researches happen to be completely categorical on this subject, Music has a strongly positive effect on the brain of the human being. It works on the neurons in order to reinvigorate them and therefore contains authentic therapeutic virtues. The Thumb Piano , for its part, emits soft and pure sounds which improves its ability to relax its player. With such a Musical Instrument in your hands, you will certainly benefit from all the benefits provided by Music.



Choose a flat kalimba for a fine and delicate instrument!



Technical characteristics of the Flat Kalimba

  • Type of instrument: Percussion – Idiophone – Lamellophone
  • Number of Blades, Keys or Notes: 17
  • Resonance box: No
  • Materials: Acrylic body, High quality steel slats
  • Key: C major


It is true that this model of Finger Piano hardly comes close to the traditional African instrument. For this, it is recommended to rather choose the Classic Kalimba which would be made of solid wood. That said, if you really want a Plastic Kalimba , we have plenty of other references in our shop.