Kalimba Clamp

Kalimba Clamp


Easily disassemble your Kalimba with this Clamp

In order to disassemble your Thumb Piano and remove all the blades that are present between the two bridges, it is recommended to use small flat pliers which will not damage the metal. With this Kalimba Clamp , it will be child’s play to remove all the keys to, for example, clean them or change your reed set.


Observe the technique using a Kalimba Clip


Choose the color of your Kalimba Clamp

Because owning tools that we like is important, 3 colors of Pliers are offered to you so that you can choose the one that suits you best. All you have to do is choose according to your desires!


A Kalimba Pliers with comfortable handle

To avoid any friction and possible injury when removing the blades from the Kalimba , the two handles of the pliers are equipped with plastic padding allowing a more comfortable grip of the tool. This ensures that you do not rip with your hand when you try to remove the blade and thus avoid any unfortunate gesture near a fragile Instrument.


Use this Pliers to remove all blades from the Kalimba easily!


Features of the Kalimba Clamp

  • Material: Steel
  • Height: 12 centimeters


Interested in African Musical Instruments? We invite you to discover the YYY. Has rust or corrosion appeared on the reeds of your Thumb Piano? Don’t let it spread and use the Kalimba polishing block . After you have used it, you will find the shine of your keys as on the first day.