Kalimba Butterfly

Kalimba Butterfly


Take flight with this Kalimba with Butterfly

Sublime Insect resulting from a Metamorphosis of a Caterpillar passing through the Chrysalis stage, a Butterfly has been cut out of the body of this Kalimba as an outlet for the Instrument’s resonance box. A true symbol of renewal and rebirth, this Kalimba with Butterfly of 17 keys in solid mahogany wood will accompany you during your playing sessions for the pleasure of the eyes, but also of the ears.

Offered as a gift  :

  • A tuning hammer


Listen to the purity of the notes produced by this Instrument



Treat yourself to a solid wood instrument that respects the environment

The Thumb Piano turns out to be a Musical Instrument which has the advantage of being very elementary in its design. In reality, there are no plastic or synthetic products here. You will only find steel and solid wood that has been sanded and then maintained with a wax of natural origin. This ensures that you have a simple, efficient and nature-friendly Musical Instrument.



Discover a whole range of songs without obstacles

It is not for nothing that the Kalimba turns out to be named Finger Piano. Each metal strip of the Instrument corresponds to a single note of Music as with an ordinary Piano. This will ensure that when you press these slats, you will precisely produce the desired note without the slightest risk of making an error. In addition, the Mbira is presented as a gift that satisfies both adults and young people who like its easy use and which ensures that they can quickly arrange and perform songs.



Get closer to the world of Africa thanks to the Sanza

A long-standing musical instrument of the African Shona tribe, the Sanza quickly spread throughout the African continent several thousand years ago. It is therefore an Instrument heavy with historical stories which has been included since 2020 in the cultural heritage of humanity by UNESCO. Owning a Sanza is therefore a great way to prevent this little object from falling into indifference while taking advantage of the superb sounds that have been played for millennia in Africa.



Leverage the Benefits of Music Therapy with an Amazing Musical Instrument

Music therapy is the use of music and instruments with a view to healing. This serious process turns out to be regulated by an official federation and practiced by qualified experts. Often participating, for example, inside hospitals, therapists take advantage of the Finger Piano which happens to be particularly suited to this practice. By acquiring this Instrument, you too can benefit from its great soothing capacity.



Fly to exotic sounds with the help of this Kalimba with Butterfly!



Technical characteristics of the Kalimba with a Butterfly

  • Type of instrument: Percussion – Idiophone – Lamellophone
  • Number of Blades, Keys or Notes: 17
  • Resonance box: Yes
  • Materials: Solid mahogany body, high quality steel slats
  • Key: C major
  • Weight: 400 grams
  • Dimensions: 18 x 11 x 3.5 centimeters



Do you have a tight budget and still want to treat yourself to a Thumb Piano? Look at the Low Price Kalimba which is affordable for all budgets. In order to bring sounds unique in the world to your life, we recommend the Kalimba in Exotic Wood which will be able to transport you to other unknown musical universes.