Kalimba 17 Keys Notes

Kalimba 17 Keys Notes


Decide for this simple Kalimba of 17 Blades or Notes

Sobriety and simplicity are the key words of this Kalimba of 17 blades or Notes . A solid mahogany board acts as a support. This board has been cut in a curve shape on both sides to provide improved ergonomics. Thus, you can play several hours in a row without pain for your palms. In addition, an instruction and sheet music booklet is included to help you in your first steps with this Musical Instrument of African origin.

Given as a gift :

  • A carry bag
  • An instruction and sheet music booklet


The presentation video of the Kalimba of 17 Blades or Notes



Free yourself with the melodies of the lands of Africa

The Kalimba turns out to be a small percussion musical instrument whose first traces date back more than 3000 years and are found everywhere in the West African coastal zone. He was entitled Mbira or Sanza and exercised a significant function in a multitude of African peoples of the Zambezi valley. By means of its harmonious, rare and unique sounds, you will escape for sure to discover the African musical culture.



Take advantage of the vibrations of the Finger Piano to strengthen your physical and psychological health

The new scientific analyzes are entirely formal on the question, Music has a terribly advantageous impact on the brain of individuals. It acts on the neurons in order to revitalize them and has, consequently, authentic therapeutic virtues. The Finger Piano , on the other hand, creates charming and pure sounds which intensifies its ability to relax its user. With such an Instrument in your hands, you will undoubtedly benefit from all the benefits offered by Music.



An Instrument finally accessible to all without music theory

It is no coincidence that the Kalimba happens to be designated as a Finger Piano. Each of the metal strips of the Instrument coincides with a single and unique note of Music as with a common Piano. This will allow you when you press on these reeds to cause exactly the desired note without a single chance of going wrong. In addition, the Mbira proves to be a gift that satisfies both adults and children who like its easy use. This allows them to, without delay, arrange and play music.



Buy yourself a solid wood Musical Instrument that cares about the environment

The Mbira is presented as a Musical Instrument which has the advantage of being very rudimentary in its manufacture. In truth, here there is no plastic or chemical component. You will simply find only steel and raw wood that has been sanded and then protected with a wax of natural origin. This allows you to have a simple, effective and nature-friendly object.



Treat yourself to this beautiful Instrument that is the Kalimba of 17 Blades or Notes!


Technical characteristics of the Kalimba 17 Blades or Notes

    • Type of instrument: Percussion – Idiophone – Lamellophone
    • Number of Blades, Keys or Notes: 17
    • Resonance box: No
    • Materials: Solid mahogany body, high quality steel slats
    • Dimensions: 17 x 13 x 3 centimeters
    • Weight: 270 grams
    • Key: C major


    Is the world of Thumb Pianos one of your centers of interest? So discover our Musical Instrument Kalimba . And finally play melodies with hints of African culture. You have no experience with this type of Musical Instrument? We have thought of everything! Check out the 17 Blade Beginner Kalimba . With this model, success is assured, even for novices.