Handpan Stand
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Handpan Stand


A Stand for Handpan

Here is a beautiful support or stand for Handpan designed in high quality wood.  It will allow you to play anywhere or during your performances in front of an audience. The support is equipped with a rubber head so that the Musical Instrument cannot fall and you can play in complete peace of mind. Also, it will protect the Hanpan or Hang Drum during your sessions. Three sizes are available for you to play standing or sitting depending on your morphology.

The cord located below the Support is adjustable and allows you to adjust the spacing of the Support heads to adapt to the diameter of the Handpan. The nuts that hold the three parts of the Support are made of stainless steel for high durability and resistance to the external elements.


Technical characteristics of the Stand for Handpan

  • Public concerned: From beginner to advanced
  • Instrument family: Percussion – Idiophone
  • Height of Support S: Between 49 and 55 centimeters
  • Diameter of the support S: Between 25 and 30 centimeters
  • Height of Support M: Between 66 and 73 centimeters
  • Diameter of the support M: Between 27 and 35 centimeters
  • Height of Support L: Between 96 and 102 centimeters
  • Diameter of the support L: Between 27 and 35 centimeters


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