Handpan 17 Notes
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Handpan 17 Notes


A superb 17-note Handpan

Here is a splendid Handpan of 17 Notes , a Musical Instrument of the family of idiophones. The pair of rounded shells turn out to be created on the basis of stainless steel having undergone a heat treatment of nitriding which increases the solidity of the Instrument while reinforcing its capacity to prevent its corrosion. Each Note has already been precisely tuned for you via an electronic tuner. This 17-note Handpan can thus be immediately handled by a Musician upon receipt.

A huge range of 17 Notes that will allow you to drastically increase your possibilities during playing sessions.

Given as a gift :

  • A carry bag
  • A pair of mallets
  • A metal stand
  • A cleaning cloth

Of European origin, this original Percussion Musical Instrument gives pleasant and soothing sounds. No music education being essential, this Handpan or Hang Drum is ideal for beginners . However, it will also charm experienced musicians such as children during a musical awakening. Thus, with its quick and intuitive handling, this Musical Instrument makes it the perfect gift for your friends. Playable with the hands or, like a Drum , with mallets, the Handpan or Hang Drum will be wonderfully suitable for your Relaxation sessions.. Fascinating and soothing sounds are the commitments of this Handpan of artisanal manufacture .

Technical characteristics of the 17 Note Handpan

  • Public concerned: From beginner to advanced
  • Instrument family: Percussion – Idiophone
  • Diameter: 55 centimeters (22 inches)
  • Height: 26 centimeters
  • Weight: 7 kilograms
  • Number of ratings: 17
  • Key: D minor
  • Range of notes on it: D 2 , A 2 , A 2sharp , C 3 , D 3 , E 3 , Fa 3 , G 3 , A 3 ,
  • Range of notes below: A2, B2, D3, E3, Fa3 sharp, A3, B3, D4
  • Materials: Stainless Steel – Heat treatment nitriding

Below is an example of Handpan or Hand Drum Musicianplaying this type of Instrument:


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