Handmade Kalimba France

Handmade Kalimba France


Get a French-made Artisanal Kalimba

The Instruments du Monde shop is proud to present this French-made Artisanal Kalimba which is the work of Sébastien, an expert in woodworking. This craftsman makes Thumb Pianos by hand in a small hamlet between the towns of Alès and Orange in Occitania and offers you this 17-key model with a moon carved into the support. Ideal for traveling in a universe of daydreams and soft music while supporting the know-how of French artisans.

The advantages of this Kalimba:

  • Free Colissimo 48-hour delivery
  • 100% made in France
  • Unique instrument from French craftsmanship
  • Authentic hand-cut okoumé wood
  • Natural vegetable oil finish for an exceptional finish
  • Stainless steel blades deliver nice vibes

Receive this jewel of craftsmanship in 48 hours for France

Do you have a time imperative like a birthday? This Kalimba being stored in France, it will be sent to you with love by post by colissimo and you will receive it within 48 hours once it has been dispatched. A fast and efficient delivery method that will satisfy the most impatient instrumentalists to play their first melodies with this handmade Kalimba.


Get yourself a Solid Wood Musical Instrument that cares about the environment

A number of poor quality Sanzas (another name for the Kalimba) turn out to be constructed using reconstituted wood. It is, in fact, to compress sawdust in order to assemble them using chemical glues dangerous to health. At Instruments du Monde, all our wooden Sanzas are built using raw components. The Instruments are therefore visually prettier, but above all, they do not include harmful compounds in the production process. 


Master countless songs without worries

Do you want to play splendid pieces as quickly as possible using a Musical Instrument ? Well choose the Sanza. In this Instrument everything has been studied in order to stimulate you in its learning. Each reed coincides with a single musical note and the scores clearly show you when to move them. No need to know the complicated symbols of music theory. You will interpret the pieces with ease and only with just notes.



Take advantage of the vibrations of the Thumb Piano to improve your physical and mental condition

The new scientific analyzes are completely formal on this subject, Music has an extraordinarily positive impact on the brain of individuals. It acts on nerve cells to invigorate them and therefore has significant therapeutic properties. The Thumb Piano , for its part, creates harmonious and pure tones which amplifies its ability to soothe its player. With such an Instrument in your possession, you will inevitably benefit from all the benefits provided by Music.



Bring the businesses of our country to life by purchasing this handcrafted Kalimba made in France!


Technical characteristics of the Kalimba 100% Made In France

    • Type of instrument: Percussion – Idiophone – Lamellophone
    • Number of Blades, Keys or Notes: 17
    • Resonance box: No
    • Materials: Okoumé wood body, High quality stainless steel slats
    • Dimensions: 18 x 12 x 1.5 centimeters
    • Weight: 260 grams
    • Key: G major, possibility of tuning it in C major
    • Please note that each Instrument being unique, the dimensions, weights and ribs may vary very slightly.



    Participate in the development of French trade and favor Musical Instruments that are built in France such as the French Kalimba Instrument or the Made In France Kalimba . You will then have a Thumb Piano of high quality while allowing craftsmen to live from their rigorous work.