Handcrafted Hang Drum
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Handcrafted Hang Drum



A superb Handcrafted Hang Drum

So here is a remarkable Handcrafted Hang Drum , a Musical Instrument from the idiophone family. The pair of domed cups are made from stainless steel that has undergone nitriding heat treatment, which increases the strength of the Instrument while strengthening its ability to prevent corrosion. All of the notes have already been accurately tuned for you using an electronic tuner. This Handcrafted Hang Drum can thus be immediately taken in hand by a Musician upon receipt.

This “comet” design Hang Drum turns out to be a concentrate of quality craftsmanship.

Given as a gift :

  • A carry bag
  • A pair of mallets
  • A metal stand
  • A cleaning cloth

Coming from Europe, this atypical Musical Instrument Percussion produces delicate and relaxing sounds. No training in Music being compulsory, this Handpan or Hang Drum is ideal for Beginners . However, it will amaze experienced musicians as well as children during a musical awakening. Thus, by its rapid and intuitive appropriation, this Musical Instrument makes it the perfect gift for your family. Playable with the hands or, like a Drum , with mallets, the Handpan or Hang Drum will be wonderfully suitable for your Relaxation sessions. Bewitching and soothing sounds are the commitments of this Handpan of artisanal manufacture .


Technical characteristics Handcrafted Hang Drum

  • Public concerned: From beginner to advanced
  • Instrument family: Percussion – Idiophone
  • Diameter: 55 centimeters (22 inches)
  • Height: 26 centimeters
  • Weight: 7 kilograms
  • Number of ratings: 10
  • Key: D minor
  • Range of notes: D 2 , A 2 , A 2sharp , C 3 , D 3 , E 3 , F 3 , G 3 , A 3 , C 4
  • Materials: Stainless Steel – Heat treatment nitriding


Below is an example of Handpan or Hand Drum Musicianplaying this type of Instrument:


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