5 Key Kalimba

5 Key Kalimba


Familiarize yourself with this Instrument using a 5 Key Kalimba

Instrument very easy to handle thanks to its reduced number of Keys, this Kalimba made from solid rosewood, will allow you to discover the world of Thumb Pianos. Very small in size, this little Musical Instrument will follow you everywhere so that you can play it as often as possible. Reliable and robust, this 5 Key Kalimba guarantees that you can quickly play beautiful musical compositions.

Watch a musician perform a piece with this Finger Piano

Treat yourself to a solid wooden Musical Instrument that preserves the environment

Some poor quality Finger Pianos occasionally turn out to be made from reconstituted wood. It is, in fact, to compact chips to group them with synthetic glues harmful to health. At Instruments du Monde, all of our wooden finger pianos are made from raw products. The Musical Instruments happen to be, therefore, more attractive visually, but above all, they do not include chemicals in the process of construction.



An Instrument finally accessible to everyone without musical knowledge

Do you dream of playing splendid melodies with a Musical Instrument as soon as possible? Well choose the Sanza . In this Musical Instrument, everything has been planned to help you in learning it. Each of the keys agrees to a single note of Music and the scores simply tell you in which order you must make them vibrate. No need to learn the difficult signs of music theory. You will interpret the songs with simplicity and without false note.

Choose a new way to relax

The latest scientific research happens to be all formal on the issue, Music has extraordinarily beneficial consequences on the human brain. It acts on the nerve cells to awaken them and, in this way, has real therapeutic virtues. The Mbira , on the other hand, gives off pleasant and clear tones, which increases its ability to relax its player. With such an Instrument in your hands, you will inevitably benefit from all the benefits offered by Music.

Free yourself with the music of Africa

Did you know that all the archaeological remains of the Mbira confirm that this Musical Instrument was created on the African continent? This small object was then used mainly in the country of Zimbabwe for weddings or to make contact with the dead. When you have a Mbira in your hands, it is sure that you will be inspired by this Instrument heavy with African heritage and magic.



Keep it simple by choosing this 5 Key Kalimba!



Technical characteristics of the 5 Key Kalimba

  • Type of instrument: Percussion – Idiophone – Lamellophone
  • Number of Blades, Keys or Notes: 5
  • Resonance box: No
  • Materials: Solid rosewood body, high quality aluminum slats
  • Size: 11 x 8.5 x 2 centimeters
  • Weight: 138 grams

Perhaps you would prefer to consult another 5-Note Kalimba before settling on the Instrument of your dreams? Alternatively, you might also be interested in the Double Kalimba , which consists of two heart-shaped pendants that also happen to be Thumb Pianos.