5 Blade Kalimba

5 Blade Kalimba


Take this 5-blade Kalimba everywhere

This 5 Blade Kalimba is a small Musical Instrument ideal for enjoying a moment of relaxation during your travels or trips. Weighing less than 150 grams, it is only 11 centimeters long. It will therefore slip into any pocket or bag to play it wherever you want. It is also ideal for children aged between 3 and 7 who would like to try out a simple, safe Instrument whose soft sounds will not annoy their parents.

Watch how to play the 5 Blade Kalimba


Treat yourself to a solid wooden Musical Instrument that saves nature

Are you sensitive to the environmental cause? Us too! So, that’s why as much as possible all of our Kalimbas happen to be based on wood from sustainably managed forest areas. Moreover, this wood is not treated with toxic compounds and any colors applied are of natural origin. A win-win exchange whose fact of holding an ecological Musical Instrument does not put you in contact with harmful compounds.


Harness the benefits of music therapy with an atypical Musical Instrument

Music therapy is the use of music and instruments for medical treatment. This serious process turns out to be supervised by an official federation and undertaken by approved specialists. Frequently intervening, among other things, in rehabilitation offices, therapists use the Sanza (or Kalimba) which proves to be particularly adapted to this practice. By acquiring this Instrument, you too will have the ability to take advantage of its tremendous soothing potential.


Embark on an acoustic cruise in the heart of the African continent

Were you informed that all the archaeological traces of the Finger Piano reveal that this Musical Instrument was born in sub-Saharan Africa? This small object then turned out to be used especially in Zimbabwe for festive occasions or to make contact with the dead. When you have a Finger Piano in your hands, it is certain that you will be inspired by this Instrument steeped in African heritage and traditions.


Master countless songs without obstacles

Do you dream of getting beautiful songs as soon as possible using a Musical Instrument ? So, decide for the Sanza. In this Instrument everything has been anticipated in order to help you in its teaching. Each of the keys coincides with a single musical note and the scores clearly explain to you in what order they must be moved. It is not required to understand the complex symbols of music theory. You will play the pieces with simplicity and without false note.


Get this superb 5-blade Kalimba in solid rosewood!


Technical characteristics of the 5 Blade Kalimba

  • Type of instrument: Percussion – Idiophone – Lamellophone
  • Number of Blades, Keys or Notes: 5
  • Resonance box: No
  • Materials: Solid rosewood body, high quality aluminum slats
  • Size: 11 x 8.5 x 2 centimeters
  • Weight: 138 grams


On the contrary, are you looking for an Instrument with many more keys? Take a look at our Chromatic Scale Kalimba . With its notes that cover all tones and semi-tones you will necessarily be delighted. Want to tune your Thumb Piano with precision? You will absolutely need the Kalimba Tuning Hammer . With this small tool, you can slide the blades without degrading your Instrument.