3rd Eye Tibetan Bowl

3rd Eye Tibetan Bowl


A Superb Tibetan Bowl for the 3rd Eye Chakra

Here is an elegant Tibetan Bowl for the 3rd Eye chakra , an Asian Musical Instrument commonly used in the Himalayan regions (Tibet, Nepal, etc.) and northern India. Designed in a composition of 7 superior quality Metals , this Tibetan Bowl for 3rd Eye Chakra is entirely handmade by specialized craftsmen.

Naturally increase your connection with Ajna, the Chakra of the 3rd Eye by the use of this Tibetan Bowl.

Given as a gift :

  • A wooden mallet
  • A pillow

The Tibetan Singing Bowl has been typically used by Buddhists for several millennia in a Therapeutic manner in order to benefit from its Benefits and Side Effects , particularly appreciated by the body and the mind. In this respect, it makes it possible to carry out pleasant and fascinating vibrations targeted at Healing . It is an atypical Musical Instrument, easy to use, which is ideal for Meditation , Relaxation , Sound Massage sessions or also for the purpose of working on the Chakras .. Whether in a Healing approach or to take a visual and sound journey in the sphere of Tibetan monks, you undoubtedly have an excellent reason to adopt this excellent Singing Bowl !


Technical characteristics of the Tibetan bowl for the 3rd eye chakra

  • Public concerned: From beginner to advanced
  • Diameter: 13 Centimeters
  • Height: 6.5 Centimeters
  • Weight: 640 Grams
  • Key: A
  • Materials: High Quality Seven Metal Alloy


Below is an example of a Tibetan Bowl Musician playing this type of Instrument:


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