Best 2020 RTA Recording Studio Furniture for Music Making

So, you've agreed to actively work from home. Sitting on a normal chair and a typical table may be ok for a few months, but you need to invest in some kind of recording studio furniture over a longer period of time.

You may not take it too seriously, but we have a great impact on our jobs in the community we work in. Especially in a recording room environment where the stress is enormous and you can't afford to miss out on those minute details-it can be a dealbreaker for unsuitable workstations. We realize now that you are an artist, not an expert in furniture. We have carefully prepared a list of the best recording station furniture for you, keeping this in mind.

We know that different musicians have different requirements and we bet through our in-depth research that each of you will find the best item in the list below for your needs.

What are the Greatest Recording Studio Producer Stations in 2020?

1. Studio RTA Producer Station Review 2020

Sauder Woodworking Corporation is the leading RTA (Ready To Assemble) station manufacturer in North America. This manufacturer builds everything from beds to work spaces in the lab to complement your needs.

With state-of - the-art facilities and more than 2000 employees working in a room of 4 million square feet, one can think of the wonders this business can bring.

This studio RTA producer station promises tons in order to take your workspace to a whole new level. This studio RTA producer station will make the workspace more ergonomic with plenty of room for your every electronic gear.

Order this station, read the manual, and you can get it up and running in no time. After all the hard work, you can feel the strong and rattle-free mahogany material used in this station.

Finally going on to the requirements side, the main tier can easily hold up any 88-key keyboard so you can place anything on your primary recording furniture. Likewise, on both sides, dual 20-space racks give you the ability to easily access inside everything. You can find an 8-space rack on top which can accommodate any additional equipment. In addition, you can easily access your library with two8-space CD holders.

You can use the main tier for lining up an additional keyboard or screen, you can also look for a display stand to sit next to each other, to keep your studio speakers secure and in the best position. There are two smaller sliding rates for high-end users to hook up more keyboards.

Studio RTA Producer Station is reorganizing your workspace in a new way.


+ Working room ergonomic.
+ 5-Top rack room.
+ Dual racks of 20 spaces.

How We Liked It - This studio fixture is a great choice for everyone out there with steel frame construction, all sapele wood built and an ergonomic design.

2. Omnirax Force Audio Workstation Review 2020

Who would have thought that a small shop buying wood would grow into a recording company for furniture? This company has been studying other studios from the beginning to create something ideal for musicians.

omnirax excels the game of offering ergonomic fixtures to everyone from office products to audio workstations.

Force series by Omnirax aims at making video editing and music production perfect for every musician in the audio workstation market. This show was created to disguise the qualities of beauty and individuality.

You get a wide monitor shelf to fit in multiple monitors at the top of this force 36 audio workstations. Similarly, for putting speakers on it or anything under it, you get 2-space bays, whatever you want! The base top can accommodate almost any keyboard so that many types of equipment can be placed into it.

You get two bottom 12-space rack bays to support your personal computer or any other equipment. Likewise, between the two bottom 12-space rack bays there is plenty of room for you to have a comfortable work experience.

Now you can rest on the shelf with your hand! Non-removable and customizable mouse keyboard shelf has plenty of space to back up your hand with a full keyboard and mouse.

This workstation is smaller than other rivals when it comes to weight. It can be easily moved anywhere with just 150 pounds of weight.

Audio workstation Omnirax force is the preference of many professionals out there.


+ At the base, two 12-space racks.
+ Wide screen shelf for several displays.
+ Stability heavy duty casters and fast cable management.

Why We Liked It - This workstation is the perfect match for your studio with a large screen shelf, plenty of leg-room between the bottom racks and heavy-duty casters.

3. Walker Edison RTA Studio Desk Review 2020

Walker Edison is an innovative furniture manufacturer ready to install that strives to provide high-quality and fashionable fixtures for every departure. The "Live outside the box" tagline reflects this company's desire to break free from the conventions and do something else.

This manufacturer makes it all by pushing the boundaries of creativity from casual dining to the lab.

People looking for a side corner desk may be interested in the studio furniture for recording by the Walker Edison. No shelves and extra drawers provide a basic three-piece corner layout for this studio furniture to make your workspace look professional and comfortable-click here for great sounding headphones.

Two rectangular desktops 21-inch deep and a quarter-circle shaped desktop combine together to give you an unparalleled workspace experience on the side corner. These are made from tempered safety glass to make sure the foundation is robust and dry, talking more about the desktops.

The legs are made of powdered coated steel to protect desktops to ensure that they are robust and sturdy. Similarly, depending on your needs, the free CPU stand and a sliding keyboard tray can be mounted on either side of the desktop. Consider investing in top-rated DAW technology if you are using your machine a lot for music making.

This attractive yet simple workstation in the L-shape corner is a great addition to your office or home.


+ Desktops with filtered safety glass.
+ Solid, powder-coated steel frame.
+ Step by step guide to assembly.

How We Liked It - Studio furniture from Walker Edison hands over the market's most affordable but best-looking alternative. This desk is ruling its league with durable built, sliding keyboard tray and tempered desktop safety glass.


4. Z-Line L-Shaped Computer Worktop Review 2020

Founded in 1995 with the soul goal of getting furniture ready for assembly, Z-Line designs are living the hype. Z-Line is the king of innovative designs that provide affordable price scope for quality products.

The business meets the consumer's requirements when providing state-of - the-art studio furniture as it stands.

People who look forward to purchasing a basic L workstation will certainly pay tribute to z-line. The workstation of Belaire furniture has a black glossy powder coat finish with a clear tempered safety glass desktop which gives a perfect impression.

The contemporary black glossy powder coat frame, which adds versatility to the furniture, will be seen on the outside. In addition, the desktop is made of clear tempered glass to ensure that safety concerns are effectively supported. Likewise, strengthened plates guarantee maximum strength and durability at all welding joints.

A bizarre experience is created by viewing the monitor from your equivalent angle. This studio furniture features an elevated screen shelf to make your experience with the show more fun for a convenient viewing angle.

This furniture has a pull-out tray to complement the mouse and keyboard, which also consists of tempered safety glass to ensure that things stay risk-free. Moreover, a comfortable workstation gives you the ultimate feeling of any high-end workspace.


+ Large desk.
+ Screen shelf elevated for easy viewing.
+ Clear tempered glass desktops for maximum safety.

Why We Liked It - This furniture is a sublime solution that gives a touch of simplicity to your workspace. This desk has some serious support with spacious desktop, elevated screen shelf and clear tempered glass.


5. On Stage WS7500 Music Workstation Review 2020


 This company, owned by the well-known Music People, provides furniture for any kind of use that brings in the ideas that are unmatchable.

Through listening closely to the needs of the customers and optimizing the effort, some great desks are accessible on stage. This business fulfills every consumer's vision with years of experience and passion.
Home or office, it's suitable for anywhere, no matter where you match the WS7500 music workstation desk. This desk shows the quality and experience that the goods promise to perform on stage.

It is important to have the utmost comfort and productivity to build something unique. The WS7500 workstation was ergonomically designed to provide you with maximum comfort and productivity when making history. Stay comfortable now and concentrate where it's most necessary.

On most desks, adding all equipment at once is a risk, but with W7500 this is not the case. This desk features a tube frame of rectangular steel that is strong enough to support your entire gear. Similarly, this desk is equipped with a compact Z-frame and slide-out keyboard tray that looks sleek and clean.

At WS7500 music workstation, simplicity, longevity, and creativity promised on-stage are pinpoint.


+ Home or studio great.
+ The surfaces are laminated.
+ Ergonomic z-frame made of steel.

Why We Liked It - With a weight of just 40 pounds, ergonomic layout for maximum comfort and lightweight z-frame makes this studio desk an ideal choice for many audio creators out there.

6. Studio Trends Studio Desk Review 2020


Growing demand from studio desks has made studio trends to use their skills and experience to create exceptional desks. This business has gained a huge following with the sole objective of offering only the best recording stations.

Passion and reliability mash here in the studio trends to give you the best alternative on the market.

Maple made 46 "Studio Trends recording station provides a wide area of work and plenty of rack space to meet your daily editing needs. This station matches the requirements of your day-to-day work to deliver the best experience.

You get two elegantly built 4-space racks at the top of the display to place your equipment in a one-time position. Likewise, a 46 "large workspace screen allows you to work comfortably.

With screens and speakers, most desks do not have a separate shelf that keeps them balanced equally to human height. This storage station has a shelf over 4-space racks to provide a convenient viewing angle for the speakers and screens.

Workspace and screen shelf consists of maple wood with small pores and even texture. Which makes the desk look good and sound good.

You can find four casters on the bottom to help move the station with full ease. Likewise, as the four casters feature locking mechanism to hold your workspace fastened, one can also lock the recording station at one location.

This recording station has great price value making it the top choice for many consumers out there.


+ 46 "wide area of operation.
+ Computer screen and speaker desk table.
+ Adjustable in height.

Why We Liked It - This furniture has some serious potential locked inside for audio creators with maple wood top, four casters for ease of movement and shelf for monitors.

7. Z-Line Designs Cyrus Workstation Review 2020

Z-Line designs are among the leading manufacturers of ready-made furniture that delivers innovative designs to customers under an affordable price tag.

The company creates state-of - the-art furniture for everyone by listening to the needs of every client. Home decoration for office fittings, the design of Z-Line makes everything to give you a taste of paradise.

Z-line designs make it possible to get the best out of less workstation. Cyrus workstation with a black border and transparent tempered glass desktop is finished in an impressive cherry finish. With this spacious workstation, it is now easy to keep your computer components and office products.

This ideal yet spacious desktop workstation has raised platform shelves so that at one point you can align your printers, scanners and other accessories. You also get a pull-out tray to put your mouse and keyboard in one place.

Externally, this contemporary style desk features a black accented cherry finish that adds a touch of professionalism to your workspace. Similarly, a transparent tempered glass desktop with a black border retains high safety measures.

This desk is equipped with four casters for mobility, so you can set it up without any trouble.

Overall, for the size, this desk is exactly what you'd expect.


+ Cherry finish creates a pleasant impression with black accents.
+ Chrome glass support for cylinders provides longevity.
+ Clear black border tempered glass desktop for complete safety.

Why We Liked It - Workstation Cyrus beats other competitors to top the league of the budget desk. This desk is worth investing in with chrome cylinder glass support, spacious desktop work space and cherry finish.


8. Omnirax Presto 4 Studio Desk Review 2020

They responded to the call to make history when the chance knocked the omnirax door. Four decades have passed and the whole experience is changing and developing omnirax.

Omnirax's goal was to provide that sector with an elite fixture at the lowest possible price. Presto 4 recording station is made with the same consistency and affection, making history since it began.

Control surfaces, keyboard controllers, or small DJing mixers that you might throw at this desk can accompany everyone with a wide enough desktop surface. Likewise, four easily accessible rack spaces in 2 bays allow you to stay flexible.

Users can use the shelf above the rack spaces to accommodate computer monitors and other displays that are sufficient to support up to three monitors. If you are looking to purchase monitors in bulk, starting with budget monitors is best (click our guide). Likewise, it is possible to use the lower shelf to store equipment or a computer.

It is always frustrating to move the studio desk from one place to another as casters do not maintain their quality. Presto 4 features heavy duty casters that promote mobility and manage cable easily. It wasn't so easy to adjust the desk before!

Presto 4 features every single element from a professional studio desk that you can expect.


+ Quick adjustment of heavy duty casters.
+ Sliding mouse-room keyboard computer tray.
+ 4 easily accessible rack spaces in 2 bays.

How We Liked It - This desk is one of the best studio furniture available in stores at the moment. This desk offers you more than you actually pay with a big enough desktop board, heavy-duty casters and decent build performance.


9. Ultimate Support Nucleus Studio Furniture Review 2020


Total support systems have been supplying artists with one-stop support options for more than 40 years. Innovation, performance and great customer service are just a few glimpses of what you're getting with the ultimate product support.

The company has always reconsidered what a support solution should really do to make it the best solution to point out to modular studio workstation Nuclear series by Ultimate support aim solutions. Nucleus 4 packs content of high quality that helps you to extend the possibilities of what a studio fixture can do.

This fixture in the studio offers elegance along with robustness. This desk can take virtually any violence you throw at it thanks to the special proprietary powder-coated MDF. This L-shaped desk has a modular design that gives you the complete feel of a professional workspace.

This desk features interior channel inside legs to accommodate the weight and stability. Now, with all the equipment you have in the gig, you can crowd this thing. Likewise, two 24 "extensions give you plenty of room to work on.

Finally, without changing other things, you can position your computer or any other equipment in the massive 12-space subdesk rack. Similarly, it is also possible to use a 4-space rack on top to effectively hold down a desktop computer.

Price, design, and robustness make this desk one of a few important stores choices.


+ Sound insulation on support legs and decoupling.
+ Indoor channel legs to support weight and stability management.
+ Stylish and robust design in l shape.

Why We Liked It - This studio fixture is the choice of many professionals out there with sleek modular design, sonic insulation on support legs and interior channel legs.

10. Omnirax Force 24 Studio Desk Review 2020



The ultimate solution for the recording station is to serve you with the finest hospitality possible. Omnirax's Force 24 Studio Desk comes in when you need an elegant workstation for your studio to create music.

Force 24 is made from black melamine laminate with acajou mahogany wood, which produces a premium look. Believe us, he / she is hypnotized in the moment when one sits near it and works. Having the right desk is very important for productivity, you have to make sure that you are comfortable and not slouching-you may want to invest in such a quality stool as your sitting posture is paramount as suggested by this study.

Force 24 is not like any other desk in the studio as it has a special riser to accommodate multiple screens and speakers. Likewise, you can find a shelf at the bottom of the riser, which can be used to fit into a device.

The desk surface is measured at 86 inches, which gives you the perfect space for working and making history.
Similarly, there are two 12 space rack bays on the bottom side of the desk that can accompany a lot of equipment. In addition, the legroom between the two cabinets is more than sufficient to provide you with a comfortable work session.

Renowned by the public, the force 24 recording station is definitely backed up by some strong craftsmen's squad.


+ A lot of legroom for a comfortable work session in between cabinets.
+ A separate riser capable of holding multiple speakers and screens.
+ Lower riser shelf to carry a device.

Why We Liked It - With two 12-space rack bays under the desk, this studio fixture shines brightly in its league with separate riser and heavy duty casters.


Recording Studio Station Furniture Buyers Guide 2020

We tried to pick the best of the best from the list above in this chapter of our study. It's either Top Pick-the one we liked most as it provides a complete package. Premium Choice-a product ideal for those who want to make the most of their purchase. And last but not least, Great Value is there - a brand that provides the best value for money. So, let's explore...

Top Pick

Studio RTAO None other than Studio RTA Producer Station is our top pick-Why? Because it's superlative all about this product. It's a quality desk that can be assembled in less than 2 hours and that's why you don't need a helping hand. RTA Producer Station is pretty sturdy, yet it can be moved easily on almost any surface. If you have big equipment and you are looking for something spacious, it's a really good buy. You will find a spacious rackspace on either side of this workstation that is good enough to adjust all your outboard gears.

Do you always get tangled in wires? Well, buying this station would adjust and hold all the wires in order not to get in your way, keeping the overall environment very clean. You have to wonder how big the station itself is with such an accommodating force. Let's impress you here, as this module is only about 4 inches high, 33 inches wide and 65 inches long when fully assembled. This fixture's overall weight is just 100 pounds.

Premium Choice

Omnirax ForceOur premium choice is the Omnirax Force Audio Workstation among all the above mentioned ukeleles. If you can not afford to compromise on quality, you should go for this one. This isn't one of the cheapest workstations you'll find on the market, but it's definitely something that can yield outstanding results.

It is a high-end workstation, ideal for professionals who want to add extra spice and ease to their recording room. It has 2 bays of space and 4 bays of storage rack to comfortably accommodate almost any type of equipment. Omnirax Force Audio Workstation also has a 31.5-inch monitor shelf, 13.5-inch deep and 42.2-inch deep, which can easily hold multiple video monitors. Other than that, the keyboard and mouse shelf are smooth and neatly built.

The fact that it has ample legroom for those long and tiring sessions is what we just loved about this great product.

Great Value

Walker EdisonNothing can beat the Walker Edison Studio Desk when it comes to offering great value for your money. It's not a big recording station, but it has all the choices you're looking for. The tempered glass that is finely polished and beveled on the desk looks very elegant. Also well polished is a strong steel frame that holds the entire structure and looks pretty smooth. It is 51 inches wide, 20 inches deep and 29 inches high. Such perfect dimensions make it easy to mount in your studio corner. The CPU stand and a moving keyboard tray make sure you don't need to scramble for other alternatives to keep your essential phone.

The installation guide is included in the kit, which includes directions on how to assemble this studio desk, which is easy to understand. With this piece, one thing is guaranteed-the simple fact that it offers more than you're paying for!

FAQs Now it's time to move on to our review's most important part. This is where we react to some of the audience and buyers ' most frequently asked questions

What should you look for in Music Studio Furniture?
This is not an easy question to answer because there are so many things that you should be looking for when you buy your audio recording fixture. We're going to try to list the most important consideration in this response.

The price tag that it carries must be the number one thing in your fixture that you should look for. You can find an excellent one attached to it with a heavy price tag. It may not be the right choice for a beginner, but it may be for a professional artist. Similarly, the value-for-money aspect should always be kept in mind, regardless of your level of skill or budget. Longevity is another factor you should consider when buying furniture from your studio. Such devices are typically very bulky and it becomes quite heavy when you place the equipment in it. And, hopefully, within a few years, you wouldn't want to wear off your new studio fixture. Make sure you buy something that is built in solid and covered by the manufacturers with some kind of warranty.

You'd like to change all your equipment in your studiofixture based on your skill level. So, we advise our readers to keep hunting according to your needs. If you only have a monitor and a few extra items in your arsenal, buying a huge set won't do you any good. Likewise, if you have a lot of professional recording equipment, with a few extra shelves, you should be looking for those bigger desks.

When sizing RTA Producer Stations, what other recording studio equipment needs to be factored in?
Because almost all recording studios are electronic now, there are a few items you may need to fit your recording furniture as well. A computer, stands for the microphone, DAW, cables, monitor for the studio-click the guide. We should also mention that this is all along with your studio microphone, budget audio interface, cables, and great pop filters-click on the full review.

Mind you may not need them all. What you need depends on your skill level and requirements.

What are the advantages over regular furniture for Recording Studio Workstations?
One of the main benefits of using a professionally designed studio fixture is that these criteria are not met with regular fixture. The regular fixture can carry your screen or a device, but you'll need other arrangements for everything else. Nor are the standard furniture built to withstand professional audio recording for long hours. We were actually unable to do it. Professional studio fixture is designed, however, taking into account the specific requirements. The fixture of the recording studio is more relaxing to help you focus on where it is most important. In the longer term, they are also more durable and more cost-effective.

Is buying on a budget having an impact on quality?
Not all of them! In fact, buying on a budget means you're thinking more about paying for something you really need and not something you won't be using. It's called a smart purchase. It has nothing to do with the quality of the output that you are going to produce. Even the cheapest alternatives are up there in terms of quality in our list above. Yeah, you may not have all the apps with them, but they will never compromise the value.

For Beginners, what is the perfect Studio Furniture?
To be honest, you can survive without having to invest in furniture in the studio if you're a beginner. Without it, you can do most things, but you should get one when you feel things are becoming real. Mostly when you know that you can become a pro in this area, you find yourself out of cash and it seems like an uphill task to invest in furniture. We're your hero for all these occasions because we've got something very special for you. When the budget is tight, but the ambitions are high, Walker Edison Studio Desk is your best companion.

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