17 Best Guitar Stands for Acoustic & Electric Guitars in 2020

There are a lot of options when it comes to the right guitar stands and hangers. If you own a guitar, you'll want to take the best possible care of it. Part of this is purchasing for your instrument a good quality stand. By picking out the very best guitar stands and hangers available, we have made things simpler for you.

The Best Guitar Stands & Hangers of 2020

1. AmazonBasics Folding A-Frame Guitar Stand

This is an all-round guitar stand that is suitable for electric and acoustic guitars. With three settings, it has an adjustable width to comfortably fit any guitar size. From the guitar of a little kid to a banjo, this thing is capable of keeping it all tightly. Even if your guitar is very heavy, the non-slip rubber feet help it stay firm on the ground, ensuring it won't move.


  •   Suitable for both electric and acoustic guitars.
  •   Has three settings of adjustable width to hold guitars of different sizes.
  •   Padded arms when providing protection to avoid scratches.
Why We Liked It - 
This is an inexpensive stand for guitars with no assembly required. If you need a stand for gigs and want something that is high quality, it's a great choice.

2. Fender Mini Acoustic Guitar Stand

For holding your guitar, this is a fantastic compact stand. It will suit most regular sized guitars comfortably, and you can place it in most gig bags as well. In seconds, you can unfold it and it holds your instrument safely. It will easily carry them, whether you have a hollow body - see our post here - or solid body basses or electricians.


  •   Portable and can fit in bags for gigs.
  •   Sturdy enough to carry a guitar with a hollow body or solid body bass.
  •   Cheap, which is ideal for multiple guitars if you need multiple stands.
Why We Liked It -
This stand is able to carry heavy instruments despite the small size, which is ideal if you have a long neck bass.

3. Hercules GS415B A/G Guitar Stand Fold Neck

With a bold building and elegant architecture, Hercules generates high-quality instrument stands. It has the newest yoke in the auto grab system that can be quickly folded and packed up. Many individuals refrain from standing, fearing that by applying scratches on the body, it would hurt the guitar. However this stand is built to keep that in mind. To provide a smooth, non-scratching grip, all the touch points were fixed with Specially Formulated Foam (SFF). With the soft grip height adjuster, the height is adjustable, giving it a height range from 33.6" and 42.3.'

It can handle a weight of up to 33 pounds (15 kg), which means you can put most guitars on it. Are you on a budget looking for a new high-end electric guitar? Give this review a try. It's lightweight, just 3.7 pounds. It has a lean back, which means that it won't collapse or swivel even if you were to reach the stand unintentionally.

  •   Can withstand heavy tools but is lightweight by itself.
  •   Due to its specially formulated foam, it won't scratch instruments.
  •   Adjustable height to fit various sizes of guitars.
Why We Liked It - 
With a sleek style, it's a really modern looking stand that looks nice while doing its job effectively. With a quick snap, it locks and unlocks your guitar.

4. On Stage GS7465 Pro A-Frame Guitar Stand

This is an advanced guitar stand built with comfort in mind. It's a one-of-a-kind model that uses a single-handed process. The build is rugged, with a heavy-duty square tube and velvet rubber to provide ultra-smooth contact points.

The lower yokes are stepped and most acoustic-electrical instruments can be securely kept in place. Only fit the upper yoke between the legs while you are traveling, to store it quickly. The upper yoke is the proprietary version of their "Flip It and improves its portability. The height can be changed from 18.5 to 26.25 inches. To make it durable, it's finished with a black powder coating.


  •   Fast transportation.
  •   Adjustable height, which most guitars can suit.
  •   Heavy duty, organic make-up.
Why We Liked It - 
This is one of those frames that you would like to shop as soon as you place your eyes on it. It's super trendy and makes your space or workshop a perfect addition. The Pro Flip it Frame, a combination of affordability and creativity, is a must have for any guitarist.

5. Ultimate Support GS-100 Guitar Stand

This stand holds the headstock of the guitar and there is no assembly required for it. You've got a storage guitar pick slot on top. This is an excellent choice if you have a long bass, because it has a generous adjustable height that can go up to 45.5 inches. You can conveniently fold it down to a size of 22 by 3.5 inches so that it can fit inside a case. This stand comes in one piece, so there is no risk of loosening anything.

The body of the guitar lies on cushioned padding, so there is no risk of affecting the guitar's finish. Even though it is comfortable enough, there is an extra strap to make things even better. The leg-locking mechanism, proprietary, also helps in the stability of the stand.


  •   Cushioned padding to cover the end of your guitar.
  •   Has an optional strap for extra protection.
  •   Proprietary method of leg-locking for improved stability.
Why We Liked It 
You can pick up the guitar by the headstock quickly and place it back. It sits on the stand smoothly. There are little items that make it more usable, like slots for guitar picks. Keeping your guitar safe and sound is a great investment.

6. Musician's Gear Electric, Acoustic Guitar Stand

Look no further if you're looking for a truly lightweight guitar stand - the Guitarist Gear Electric, Acoustic, and Bass Guitar Stand weights a mere 1.8 pounds. It has enough robustness to carry most guitars, even though it's lightweight. The beautiful polished steel tubing in black is powerful enough to fit every sort of guitar you can think of. To keep things extra safe, there's a soft rubber band, as well as rubber non-slip feet.

The other thing that makes it super compact is its conveniently foldable tripod legs, in addition to its weight. You can comfortably fit it into a scenario, whether you're practising or playing a concert.


  •   Unbelievably lightweight at just 1.8 pounds.
  •   Super durable, but still compact because it folds up almost  anywhere to fit in.
Why We Liked It -
This is yet another minimalistic design product that has the potential to have both power and comfort. Better still, it's also very cheap, so if you happen to have several instruments, you can purchase more than one.

7. String Swing CC01K-C Guitar Wall Mount

If portability isn't a problem for you this wall mounted guitar keeper is a perfect alternative to a stand. Premium grade, pure American wood with special wood grain is the wood used for this guitar keeper. The warranty from the manufacturer is long, so you can rest happy knowing that you won't have to replace it anytime soon. For most headstocks, the yoke pivot is acceptable. The only big downside is that even the finest classic guitars, or electric or bass instruments, are not perfect.

The padding is ultra-soft to avoid any marks on your instrument. The yoke, which is sufficient for most wooden heads, is 2 inches high. The guitar stays 5.5 inches away from the wall, so you don't have to worry about it being touched by your guitar.


  •   Perfect if portability is not your concern.
  •   Soft padding to keep your instrument from scratching.
  •   Inexpensive and quick to assemble.
Why We Liked It - 
For anyone with limited space, this is a fantastic solution. The mounting holder will be particularly loved by college students living in dorm rooms. It is American-made, so its consistency and durability are unquestionable.

8. Top Stage JX15-NA Studio Guitar Hanger

A solid wooden and plastic drywall mount that can be used to hang any type of guitar is the Top Stage Guitar Hanger. It can carry up to 50 pounds, meaning you can hang most guitar models easily. To ensure excellent strength, the foundation is made of solid wood. Included is the mounting hardware. This is the most inexpensive guitar hanger you'll find there in terms of price.

This is a top option if you don't want to spend a great deal on an accessory. The one downside is that the gap is only 2 1/4 " so that you would possibly not fit into a classical guitar's headstock. Nevertheless, for those who want simplicity and affordability, it is a feasible option.


  •   Unbeatable price - this is one of the market's most affordable wall mounts.
  •   Can carry as many as 50 pounds.
  •   An perfect solution if your space is small.
Why We Liked It -
If you have little room to hold a guitar, this is yet another thing that works well. A good bonus is that as your guitar would look amazing hanging on the wall, it makes for great deco.

9. Top Stage GraK-Q4 Guitar Hangers

Why We Liked It -

This is a wall hanger that is light but solid. On every wall, be it wood or concrete, it will look fine. Purchasing this hanger should be considered by those looking for something minimal and inconspicuous.


 10. Musician's Gear Triple Guitar Stand

For anyone with several guitars, this stand provides the ideal solution, because you can hang three on one stand. To preserve the finish of your electric or bass instruments, the arms and yokes have extra soft padding. With research neoprene tubing, the overall structure is made, but is kept light so you can move it without hassle from one position to another.

To make it even more safe, there are locking straps on the yokes. It's so solid that if pulled, your guitar won't break. The height is adjustable, so for a variety of guitars, it is a good choice.


  •   Adjustable height, suitable for supporting guitars of different  sizes.
  •   Has locking straps for added protection.
  •   An affordable alternative, which is ideal if you're on a budget.
Why We Liked It -
When you have more than one guitar to hang, this is an inexpensive, secure, and smart solution. For the price of one, you get a stand for three guitars. Better still it looks fantastic and can be transported easily.

11. Hercules GS432B A/G Tri Guitar Stand

This Hercules stand is intended to accommodate three guitars. For complete support and protection, as well as folding backrests, it has three auto folding system grips. Thanks to the specially formulated foam that ensures your guitar's finish stays covered, the grip is soft. When you take into consideration its power, it's a little expensive, but certainly good value for money. Since it is durable and creative, it is ideal for home use as well as technical studios.
The height range, which is more than enough to hang most guitars, is 35.6 inches to 44.5 inches. It only weighs 6.5 pounds, so if you need to take it on the go, you shouldn't have trouble carrying it.


  •   Can fit multi-sized guitars.
  •   Lightweight, if you're on the go so fine.
  •   Great money worth.
Why We Liked It - 
In terms of quality guitar stalls, Hercules is one of the top stars. This unique model actually lives up to the name of Hercules. It's a stand with a professional look built to be clean, convenient and long-lasting. For those guitarists who love their instruments and just want high quality, it is great.

12. On Stage GS7221BD Double Guitar Stand

This double guitar stand is not only fine, but also very portable when you need greater power. When you need to fly, the upper yokes can easily bend or flip up and be placed securely in a bag. The lower yolks do likewise. The height can be modified to between 19 inches and 33 inches, which for most modern guitars is very decent. The ends have non-slip rubber caps that give you the firmness needed to store anything as precious as your guitars, offering extra protection. It can literally be used for any form of guitar, such as acoustic, electric, classical, or banjo.


  •   Great for using both acoustic, electric, classical and banjo guitars.
  •   For added protection, non-slip rubber caps.
  •   Upper yokes flip up which makes transporting this stand even  easier.
Why We Liked It -
This is a product that, with the moving guitarist in mind, is really built. You need something that is quick to bring while you're traveling or gigging a lot. You can simply pack it within seconds with its flappable yokes. As it is a double stand, instead of just one, you get to hang two stringed instruments.

13. On-Stage GS7355 Hang-It Triple Guitar Stand

This is the take on the triple stand by On-Stage. We can easily claim it's triple the efficiency and comfort. It's designed to provide a simple and compact solution for mobile players, just like a double guitar stand. To save your guitar from any scratches, the tubing has velveteen rubber. The legs are made of sturdy steel, which makes it comfortable for heavy instruments to hang. This gives the additional power to hang three guitars. It can be scaled from 36 to 42 inches in height, which makes it ideal for large guitars.


  •   Exceptionally sturdy and capable of supporting three heavy tools safely.
  •   Rubber tuning for Velveteen to shield your guitar from scratches.
Why We Liked It -
Both ultra-strong but also compact is this stand. To take on journeys or tours, the tripod stand can be folded. There are non-slip rubber caps at the ends, which may seem like a small addition, but it is very necessary to do the right job.

14. Hercules GS525B 5-Piece Guitar Rack

A simple guitar stand is not an ideal solution for studios, since you would need a lot of them. However a rack is perfect for storing several guitars in one location. In your home or studio, the Hercules Rack helps you to hang up to five guitars. It has specially formulated foam, like other Hercules stands, which protects all touch points, so your guitars remain scratch-free.

When you need to use several guitars, it is a great choice for the stage. It is possible to change the yolk to hold various guitar styles. This is an all-in-one-piece design, so when going, you have to assemble or break it down.


  •   Ideal if you have several instruments for stage use in your house, workshop, or even excellent.
  •   May carry a substantial amount of weight.
  •   Has foam engineered specifically to protect your equipment.
Why We Liked It - 
This is a quality specialist rack that's excellent for studios or stages. For all of your instruments again never buy separate stands.

15. Fender 5 Guitar Multi-Stand

Whenever you're on stage or in the studio, this stand will hold five guitars ready for you to use. It has a basic framework and the best part is that it folds quickly. The tubes are made of steel, which gives the overall structure plenty of power, enabling it to accommodate heavy guitars safely. Soft foam padding on your precious instruments means no cuts or nicks. It just weights 7.1 pounds, so you can just fold it and take it anywhere you want.


  •   Houses up to five guitars, including electric, acoustic, and bass.
  •   Unbelievably lightweight for how many guitars it can carry.
  •   Folds away for easy transportation.
Why We Liked It -
Want a style that is minimalistic? This stand will love you for keeping your set of guitars. Compared to purchasing several stands separately, this rack is an economical option. The finish is professional - similar racks are used in most studios.

16. CAHAYA Guitar Stand

Something easy, but fun, to house your guitar is now here. This stand has two Y-shaped arms where you rest your guitar, perpendicular to each other. It's a true beauty, made of rosewood of high quality. To provide you with the protection your guitar needs, it has anti-slip padding on the cradle. Put it in your house or studio anywhere and it looks simply beautiful. In less than a minute, you can assemble it and because it's lightweight, you can hold it easily. For most Fenders, this is fine, but is not recommended for heavy bass guitars.


  •   Lovely finish made with rosewood.
  •   Lightweight and comfortable to carry.
  •   Has padding for anti-slip.

Why We Liked It -

If you want anything fresh, this booth is an excellent alternative for you. You can't go wrong with its innovative, appealing style and longevity.


17. So There Handmade Wooden Guitar Stand

You need this handcrafted solid black walnut wood stand if you're looking for something ultra-stylish. It is a perfect alternative to tubing stands made of steel and plastic, using wood of the highest quality. The American made swing cradle is suitable for guitars with a nitro finish. With the other wooden furniture in your home or studio, it will go well. The height is 38 inches, which is an ample height for most guitars to be hung. The best part is that installing it with a screwdriver takes just a minute, so everyone can do it.


  •   Made from pretty, solid walnut wood.
  •   Suitable for guitars finished with nitro.
  •   Has 38 inches in height, which is suitable for most guitars.
  •   Easy to assemble.
Why We Liked It -
It is available in a wide variety of colors, such as cherry, walnut, black. Stands don't usually come with many color choices, but this stand gives you options if you want to add a splash of color.

Types of Stands For Guitars

1. A-Frame Stands

A-Frames are shaped like the letter A and have two legs, as the name indicates. These are used for a single guitar being carried. Usually, they have rubber tubing so that the stand does not slip away from the guitar's weight. The bottom of the stand supports the guitar's body, and often there is even neck support to strengthen the overall power. This form of stand provides even more protection for the guitar. An A-frame stand with neck support would provide the most protection for your instrument if you need to hold your guitar in a space where there's a lot of movement.


2. Tubular Stands

These are also known as tripod stands and have three legs that are tubular. The most popular choice on the market is tubular stands. For many beginners, they're a great option because they are so cheap to purchase. You may need them to be assembled, and they're a little less versatile than other stand models. Newer tubular stands, however have bendable yokes so that it is easy to hold or store the stand. These stands are stable enough to withstand heavy instruments, but the drawback to this is that more floor space is typically needed.


3. Wall Hanging Stands

Don't you want to be on the floor with your guitar? Instead, try a wall hanger. It's fixed with screws on the wall and has arms or yokes to support the guitar's headstock or spine. Usually, the base is made of wood, but you can also buy plastic options. The simplest and cheapest way to hang your guitar is to hang it. These are chosen by a lot of people over the regular stands because they look decorative. They're also space-efficient, so a wall mount option might be the best choice if you have limited floor space. Make sure the maximum weight that it can sustain is tested, and use high-quality screws. Typically these come with the package.


4. Premium Stands

The quality and portability make premium stands something you should seriously consider investing in, while not a form of guitar stand per se. For their premium stands, Hercules and Ultimate are both popular. With tripod stands, they share similarities, but have a support yoke or arm for the guitar's neck. The body is held by the legs. They are far more durable than standard stands, and can carry a longer instrument, which means that you can use this stand if you have a very long guitar, where others can pose a problem for you.


5. Multi Guitar Stands

More than one guitar can fit these stands, saving you a lot of floor space. These are identical to tubular stands and have the same components in nature. If you have a lot of guitars and are tight on the floor, they are a good solution.


6. Guitar Racks

It's fairly self-explanatory. These racks allow multiple guitars to be stored, usually up to ten. They don't take up a lot of space, and you can fold them together. For studios and bands on the move, they're the top pick. Racks typically keep guitars very close to each other but to provide security, they have the necessary padding.

To Materials

Steel, wood, or plastic are used to make guitar stands. Steel and timber are durable and can provide you with many years of use. Plastic, on the other hand, is not as powerful or healthy for the finishing of your guitar. Also, metal is not acceptable for most finishes. For example, guitars with a nitrocellulose finish should be stored on wooden stands because the finish can be damaged by metal or plastic. However if the material doesn't make contact with the body, you can still use these stands. Stands are usually classified as safe for nitro, so if you have this kind of finish on your guitar, keep an eye.

Pricing, Pricing

Normally, guitar stands are inexpensive. A good quality single stand or wall mount can be found for under $20. It can cost certain high-end labels a little more. Multi-stands and racks are more costly, but they're still a decent buy. Buying from a good brand name means that you spend a little more, but you get high quality and years of use in exchange. Hercules and On-Stage contain several well-known brands. Among guitarists all over the world, Stagline guitar stands are also popular.

Protection via Padding

Each stand has a certain amount of padding to protect the guitar's finish. This is key especially when you have an expensive tool. Some materials can harm the guitar's finish, so it's important that you know the material and whether all the touchpoints have padding. Usually, the padding is made of foam or rubber and should be relatively dense.

Dimension and Weight

Each stand has a weight limit and is acceptable for specific sizes of instruments. Some of them have a limited range of heights, while others work on larger instruments. Before buying, make sure you print out the dimensions. For most instruments, a stand with a maximum height over 40" is appropriate. Wall mount hangers that grab the headstock or neck should be measured to ensure that the headstock or neck of your guitar fits well into the mount you are thinking of purchasing.


Are Guitar Stands Bad For Your Guitar?

The simple response to that is that it relies on the type of guitar and the stand. Most stalls are benign. However some stands can not be best for the sort of guitar you have, depending on the content. Your guitar should be protected from damage since most stands are made for stability.

The only risk of harm is from the touch points on the guitar's body. For this reason, you'll see that these stands usually have soft foam or rubber padding to provide protection. Nevertheless it is important to check if the material of the stand is suitable for the guitar to be made. For nitro-finish guitars, this is especially relevant. These guitars can only be mounted on a wooden stand because the finish can be destroyed by other materials, including steel.

Guitar stands are a nice safe way for your guitar to be held. Instead of trying to position it on the floor or against the wall where someone might tip it over or step on it it makes it easier for you to place your guitar somewhere comfortable. Studios and stages have guitar stands as well so switching between guitars is easy. If you are a musician, you naturally love and want to protect your instrument. An simple solution is given by stands.


Can You Use a Guitar Stand For a Banjo?

Yeah, for a banjo, you can use a guitar stand. Not all stands are perfect for placing a banjo, however. As well as the standard tubular frames, you can use frame stands for banjos.

For a banjo, premium frames may also be fitting. By testing the weight limit and height range, you have to make sure that the stand you're having is sufficient for a banjo. In the product info, most products would address this.

Banjos require security and storage of the same kind as guitars. A suitable alternative is provided by these stands. A stand or a wall mount hanger can be used, although the former will be better suited because it can accommodate heavier tools.

How Much Do Guitar Stands Cost?

There are very inexpensive guitar stands, but the price also depends on the brand. Be prepared to spend a little extra if you're buying a rack or a multi-guitar stand. Single stands are not expensive at all, and the majority of good quality stands cost less than $50. For under $20, you can easily purchase one from a well-known company.

Much cheaper than stands, wall mount hangers for guitars frequently cost less than $10. These are generally built with a wooden foundation of high quality. If you're on a tight budget or have minimal floor space, a great alternative is wall mount hangers.
High-end goods cost a little more. Yet you get better consistency and stamina when you pay more.


Are These Guitar Stands Portable?

Yes, most of them are meant to be easy to store and transport. You can flip the arms or yokes or bend them so that your stand can comfortably fit into a frame. However, others like tubular stands, are less compact than others. In contrast, it is a lot easier to transport A frame stands and premier stands. There are also very compact multi-guitar stands and shelves. You can quickly flip and hold wide shelves, which can house five to ten instruments, anywhere.

For players who need them during practice or when they are on stage, this is significant. Be sure to find out how much it weighs when folded if you think you're going to have to cart your stand around with you a lot. Also, this will tell you whether you can quickly pack it and take it on your travels with you.
Weight is part of portability. To withstand the weight of your instrument, your stand should be very light but sturdy enough.


Do I Have To Assemble The Guitar Stand?

A little assembly is needed for some stands, but this is reasonably simple and will not take you more than a few minutes. These usually consist of one piece, so to begin with, there's not much assembly. You do need, however to repair wall hangers with screws. All you'll need to do with most stands is unfold them, and then they're ready to be used. This is what makes them so compact and convenient.