Treblab HD7 Speaker 2021 Review

With active individuals in mind, Treblab has generated a great reputation for earbuds and headphones that offer high-quality sound alongside brilliant design. They've also launched a range of speakers, but how do these compare to the high standards of their headphones? To find out how it matches up, we've checked and tested the Treblab HD7 Speaker.

The smallest of their speaker line is the Treblab HD7 Speaker, and the cheapest - coming in at just over $ 50. Compared to similar models and brands, this price is mid-range for this sort of Bluetooth speaker, and a little on the expensive side.

The Treblab Speaker's most unique selling point is that it's sturdy, water-resistant, and is a good choice for an active lifestyle.


With a circular shape that allows sound to be forced out from all directions, the Treblab HD7 is designed to provide nearly 360 degrees of sound. On either end of the cylinder, which is strengthened to take the weight and balance perfectly, the speaker will rest. Alternatively, the HD7 speaker has a flat section on which you can rest, which is also where the charging port is mounted.

The standard configuration of Bluetooth speakers is to emit sound from one or two sides, which typically results in a triangular or square shape. One of the only speakers to have a circular shape is the Treblab HD7.

The exterior materials are water-resistant, and a durable, tightly woven material is the speaker covering. This keeps out water and dust and allows sound to move through, making it robust for this speaker. Since the Treblab HD7 does not come with a carry case, for proper safety, it needs to have a rugged exterior.

Our verdict: Treblab HD7 for the outdoors and meetings is a no-frills, rugged speaker.

Sound Quality

Treblab HD7's sound quality is fairly good and plays pop music, radio and podcasts well. The speaker has two speakers, on opposite sides of the product, embedded in the design. This smart positioning facilitates 360 sound and ensures no one is left out of the band.

The speaker has an excellent overall performance, but the bass notes are not especially strong. The volume reaches a very high level, and you can hear the sound quality diminishing as it reaches the maximum noise level. Many individuals, however, will use the speaker for indoor or outdoor parties and will not have to use the full volume.

This speaker is built for use at gatherings indoors or outdoors and is suitable for these activities. To compliment your BBQ, or be the life and soul of the crowd, the speaker allows you to play background music!

Our Verdict: For parties or events, this speaker provides excellent sound quality and delivers exactly what you would expect for the size of the speaker.


The HD7 speaker comes with four basic controls that make it possible for you to easily operate your speaker and sound. Just a on and off switch, which is also used for connecting to Bluetooth. Additionally, a play or pause button and an up and down volume control. Such buttons are rubberized and raised on the spine of the speaker, so they are transparent and simple to use. The choice to make calls with a built-in microphone is also present, so you could use this speaker during meetings.

Battery Life

By merely using the charging cable and portal on the flat section of the speaker, this speaker is easy to charge. The speaker has up to 25 hours of play time, so you're not going to be cut off halfway through your party. Like many audio devices, when the battery is running low and requires a charge, it will also inform you.

Our Verdict: Within a few hours, the speaker charges easily, and has a great battery life.

Additional Features

There are some extra features that complement this speaker's rugged nature. The outer covering material is not only tightly woven, but it is water-resistant as well. This ensures whether it's splashed by water or gets a little rained on, your speaker won't be harmed. Furthermore, on the spine, the speaker also has a loop structure, where you can attach a short lanyard that is included in the package.

This allows the speaker to be carried or attached to other objects. For the same reasons, you can also use the small carabiner that is offered. There is also a small screw hole in the spine, which can be used to connect a tripod or selfie stick to it.

The only downside, which for most consumers is not a deal-breaker, is that the speaker does not come with a carry case for the fabric. To shield the speaker from other things in your bag, or while you are on the go a carry case may be helpful. The sturdy fabric covering, however should be robust to withstand any slight bumps.


Overall, in the speaker market, the Treblab HD7 is a great speaker, but not especially special. It is one of the few speakers with a circular shape for Bluetooth, which enhances sound from all angles. To make sure that the sound is uniformly dispersed, the two speakers are proportionally located.

For indoor or outdoor events, like a BBQ or beach day, we suggest this speaker for use. At standard volume, the speakers have decent sound quality and can provide excellent background music for your occasion.

The tough exterior of the device is the components of this speaker that make it a Treblab style. The material covering the speaker is dense, feels a little rough to the touch and without sacrificing on sound, protects the speaker from damage. The speaker is also water-resistant, making it desirable to those who lead an active lifestyle and don't want their technology to be too precious.

As a fantastic all-round Bluetooth speaker, we suggest Treblab HD7 for concussion. The speaker offers good sound, with 360 degrees of output, and is easy to attach and monitor. Great for small reunions.