Celestion Vintage 30 Replacement Guitar Speaker Review 2021

A 60-watt replacement guitar amplifier speaker with a pressed steel body, a round copper voice coil and a ceramic magnet is the Celestion Vintage 30. It has both a nominal impedance of 16 ohms and a sensitivity of 100dB.

Celestion Vintage 30


One of the world's very first speaker patents was filed by Celestion back in 1924. Celestion has grown into one of the world's largest manufacturers of loudspeakers over the century since that patent was filed. Celestion's ability to evolve and adapt to emerging technologies, as well as discovering new ways to cater to its market, is the reason for its remarkable success. And not only is that market wide in size, but it is also made up of some of the finest performers in the history of rock n 'roll.

Celestion speakers are the industry norm, and Vox, Marshall, and several other guitar amplifiers can find them inside. The speakers of Celestion are recognised for their distinctive sound, which has become closely related to classic British rock n 'roll. The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Celestion speakers were all used by The Who. But fans of these excellent guitar speakers are not just British rock stars; Celestion also created those iconic guitar solos that Jimi Hendrix and Slash performed to massive, adoring crowds.

The Celestion Vintage 30 is part of the popular guitar speaker collection offered by Celestion. Despite the name, this speaker is a relatively new addition to the Celestion family, which was first created in 1986, years after the Celestion sound was made popular around the world by the British Invasion bands. This speaker was built to suit a guitarist rocking harder than those musicians of the 60s, as it was a heavy metal that was all the rage in the late 80s.

The Celestion team decided to create a guitar speaker that could accommodate the massive amount of power and overdrive with which the 1980s guitarists were popular for playing. It couldn't be cut anymore by the older Celestion speakers, but being such a creative business, Celestion realised this early on and set out to create this beauty of a guitar speaker.

"It features a 1.75" diameter round copper voice coil, a 50-ounce ceramic H magnet, and a pressed steel chassis. All these components combine easily to create a perfect mix of complex overtones, precise peaks, warm lows, and rich mids.

To be believed, the sound has to be heard. There's a fair chance you'll have heard it before, though as Slash and Peter Frampton have used the Vintage 30 along with many other iconic guitarists who have been playing their trade for the last 30 years.

As this is a replacement guitar speaker, there is some important mounting details that should be known to potential customers, so you can be sure that it can be incorporated into your amplifier. It has an 11.1" cut-out diameter, as well as a 12.2" diameter.

It has four mounting slots, and each dimension of the mounting slot is 0.31.' Per PCD mounting slot is 11.7". The Celestion Vintage 30's total depth is 5.3' and the entire speaker unit weights approximately 10.4lbs.

Over the years, as rock n 'roll has evolved, so has Celestion, innovating at the same pace as artists, enabling the two to remain in a symbiotic partnership. Celestion needs rock and roll guitarists just as much as Celestion needs rock and roll guitarists. Without each other, both could not survive.

The voice of rock n 'roll is Celestion speakers, as it knows what rock n' rollers want. For rock guitarists who respect sound, this speaker is ideal. If it's good enough for Slash, then it's good enough in our opinion, for any guitarist.


  • + You know you're having the most iconic, most popular, and most appreciated guitar speaker in the world as a Celestion speaker. Celestion speakers have been used for a purpose on countless videos.
  • + It provides a power upgrade for the stock speakers of several amplifiers at 60 watts of power.
  • + For anyone looking for a replacement speaker for their amplifier, it is inexpensive, making it a great value-for-money choice.
  • + The consistency of the sound is matchless. It delivers consistency, as well as a sumptuous tone, throughout the entire soundscape.


  • - Because this is a replacement speaker, your amplifier would need to be installed inside. The efficiency of the speaker is worth the job, however.