Best Soundbars 2021 Under $100

Looking for the best soundbar under the $100 mark? If so then when watching a flat-screen television or playing games on one, you know how a soundbar will enhance your experience. A sound bar really enhances the sound, provides much stronger bass, and gives you an impression of surround sound as well.

At a price that won't break the bank, the best soundbar under $100 will do all of this. They will also be easy to set up and provide you with wireless connectivity, as well as a wired alternative. It can also be a handy extra for a built-in microphone.
Then check this list of the four best, as well as the buyer's guide that follows, to make sure you select the best soundbar under $100 and let you know about all the key features you should be searching for when investing in a soundbar under $100.

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1. Yamaha ATS1080-R Sound Bar 2021 Review

Yamaha is a name that for a reason, we all know. At reasonable rates, it often offers outstanding items, and this soundbar below $100 is definitely no exception. It has an aesthetically pleasing, streamlined style that is not going to take up much room in front of your flat screen at all.

Since it uses Clear Voice Technology, it is great for watching movies, which means you can hear all the dialogue perfectly clearly. It is simple to set up. And it can also be fastened to a wall. To get brilliant bass, there's also no need to invest in a separate subwoofer, as this sound bar has a subwoofer built into it.


+ Subwoofer in-built
+ Simple Technology for Speech
+ Mountable Wall
+ Bluetooth connectivity for music listening
+ Easy to configure

Why We Liked It-about It's the best soundbar you can get under $100, because it's a soundbar of premium quality, with a built-in subwoofer and Clear Voice Technology, and it comes at a low price

2. EWEMOSI Sound Bar Review 2021

This sound bar includes Bluetooth 4.2 compatibility, and you get between 6 and 8 hours of playtime when it is used wirelessly. It can also be used while also being connected to the mains. It also has a built-in microphone, so that it can be used to make phone calls when connected to your smartphone or via your device for video calls.

The sound is great and can be described as "cinematic quality." This is due to the 5V 1.8 speakers that are built into this soundbar, which is also incredibly cheap and must be considered under $100 in the category of the best soundbar.


Microphone in-built
+ Cinematic, sound stereo
+ Wireless playtime of up to 8 hours
+ 4.2 compatibility for Bluetooth
+ Low cost

The sound is the best thing about this soundbar, it's very great and will help you enjoy your favourite movies even more. Why We Liked It

3. SAKOBS Soundbar 2021 Review

With a great deal of thinking, SAKOBS built this sound bar. It sits at an angle of 15 degrees, which means that the echo, as you find with other sound bars, will be aimed at your ears rather than at your knees. And this sound bar definitely gives you the sound you want to hear, as it has four full-range speakers within it, and it has a dual-bass port as well which means you get fantastic surround sound.

It has an easy-to-use remote control that, as well as 16-level volume adjustment, can be used to change the three different equaliser modes. This best soundbar under $100 not only sounds amazing, but it looks great, too.


Angle of 15-degrees
+ Slim, trendy layout
+ Remote Access Control
+ Three modes of equaliser
+ Four speakers in full range and two subwoofers

Why We Liked It - When it comes to a sound bar, you want to be assured of excellent sound that also has strong bass, and the four full-range speakers and dual-bass port definitely guarantee surround sound quality.

4. TOPVISION Soundbar 2021 Review

It is possible to use this soundbar in three different ways. Like a standard sidebar, you can lay it flat before your TV and it can also be mounted on the wall, but the third alternative is to use it as a speaker tower, preferably in combination with a second one.

It is 39 inches in height, and 60 watts of power are offered. But this soundbar is more than just power and bass, it also provides voice clarity that is also crystal clear, since the overall harmonic distortion is less than 1%, which is very good, which makes this a top pick as the best soundbar under $100.


  • Power +60-watts
  • + Three methods for installation
  • + Gross harmonic distortion of less than 1 percent
  • The scale + 39-inches
  • + Remote Control included

Why We Liked It - This soundbar stands out due to the revolutionary nature that enables the soundbar to be mounted in three different methods.

Soundbar Under $100 Buyers Guide

If you're looking for the best soundbar under $100, then you need to make sure to look out for some crucial features so that you spend your well-earned dollars in a truly great soundbar. The following buyer guide describing the main characteristics will assist you to make an educated decision.


The number, size, strength, and style of speakers you will find in a soundbar are a selection. The size of the soundbar itself will depend on the number of speakers within the soundbar. You will find two speakers in some of the sound bars, and in others, you will find four.

The more speakers you have the more dynamic range you get and the better surround sound replicates the sound bar. The speakers are ideally full-length, so that you can get a broader range of sound and better projection. The power output varies between the sound bar and the sound bar.

If you're looking for a huge volume, then you'll need to get the best soundbar under $100 for at least 60 watts. If you want a subwoofer to be built into it or for it to be separate is the other thing to consider when selecting the best sound bar.

When used in combination with a subwoofer, a soundbar is only successful, as this is where the all-important bass sounds will come from. You need to scout around for a separate subwoofer by choosing a sound bar with a subwoofer built into it, and it can also save you money.


Bluetooth technology is going to have a lot of soundbars. This means you can wirelessly hook up the soundbar to any computer. However, if you want to wirelessly use the soundbar, it will need to be charged, and that means you should also check the amount of battery life that you get from a full charge.

The sound bar should also allow a wired link, and you will need to check if this can be done via AUX, coaxial, or HDMI, depending on your needs.


In a way that makes it both look good while still being successful, a soundbar should be built. Some sound bars have a tilted design to direct the sound into the ears of the listener. Another factor of the nature of the soundbar that needs to be addressed is whether or not it is wall-mountable.

If you've got your TV on the wall, you'll want to select a sound bar that can also be mounted on the wall. Soundbars are also available, which can be used as a tower. If you buy two of these sound bars, this is a perfect choice, as you will then get excellent and incredibly strong surround sound.

You will want to buy a soundbar for under $500 if you have a broad budget.

What is Clear Voice Technology and what are its advantages?

Yamaha has developed this technology to compensate for background noise when viewing your television. For instance, because of the crowd, you may struggle to hear the commentator clearly during a basketball game.

Basically, it increases the range of vocal frequencies and their harmonics, which ensures the voices can become more intelligible. Similar equipment is provided by other producers in their soundbars, and it is a fantastic feature for listening to film dialogue.

Tip for Experts
Don't forget that a soundbar is going to become a piece of furniture, since it's going to sit in front of your TV, so be sure to pick a soundbar that looks fantastic with a sleek, stylish design.

Were you aware?
Back in 1998, the very first sound bar entered the market and was developed by the American company, Altec Lansing.


Thanks to multiple full-range speakers, the best soundbar under $100 will not only deliver surround sound, but it will also have a subwoofer, a microphone, Bluetooth enabled, and a sleek, slim design that looks fantastic.