8 Best Budget Soundbars in 2021

Join us for an enlightening look at some of the more thriving items that lurk in the low-cost regions that deliver enough value for money to be considered for our best soundbar list budget.

We have previously sung the praises of the idea of the soundbar speaker. Not only because of its resourceful use of space and the configuration of its progressive driver unit, but also because of its compact existence.

The industry is continually developing and creating an array of soundbar alternatives that vary drastically in cost.

There is a good explanation for the difference, with some fairly new surround sound technologies, such as Atmos, coming to the scene in recent years.

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1. EWEMOSI Sound Bar

A disappointingly strong Bluetooth alternative offering balanced stereo audio is the EWEMOSI soundbar.

This soundbar has a sturdy design and solid construction with two speakers of 1.8 inches. They respond precisely to a medium-high range of frequencies, despite their small size, and provide a good description. They are assisted by bass diaphragms that deal with the low end, dealing with the bass effectively.

A HD chip, equipped with the company's intelligent Bass software, processes the delegation, which helps to keep distortion nominal. They've got plenty of volume. The feature for noise reduction also helps to ensure that the audio is clear.

This sound bar has both a TF card and a mini-jack auxiliary link, as well as Bluetooth. It's compatible with a variety of flexible audio formats. The battery lasts at a high volume for four to six hours of continuous play. For convenient service, it has a remote control.

A built-in microphone is also available to enable hands-free calling, powered by noise cancellation technology for a clearer signal.


  • + Budget Bluetooth soundbar.
  • + Bass optimization.
  • + Built-in microphone.

Why We Liked It - With good audio, this is an inexpensive choice that provides a few mod-cons, making it a valuable buy.

2. SAKOBS Soundbar

SAKOBS is another great and inexpensive alternative that provides superior sound. It may be almost twice the price of our first offering, but when it comes to audio reproduction, the sound quality is higher.

It has a style that is aesthetically pleasing and is not just for looks. Its rounded triangular shape is conducive to good dispersion of directional audio. It has a 15-degree elevation angle, giving it a more roomy presence.

Four high-quality speakers are housed inside with a full-range response that benefits from the dual bass port configuration of the enclosure. This strengthens the low end and eliminates the possibility of distortion by addressing wave cancellation.

Again this is assisted by an audio processing codec that preserves efficiency and precision of frequency response, providing rich audio landscapes with excellent definition and excellent quality of sound.

The circuitry also makes three separate sound modes of preset equalisation suited to music, TV, and films that can be switched between using the remote controller, making this a good choice for home theatre.

It provides RCA or optical input as well as a standard auxiliary input alongside the built-in Bluetooth connectivity.


  • + 15-degree angle of elevation.
  • + 4 speakers with a connector for dual bass.
  • + Connections range.
  • + EQ Aboard

Why We Liked It- Well made, this soundbar. The speakers are extremely capable and the quality of the audio and sound is excellent. We love the modes of equalisation that distinguish it from the contest.

3. TOPVISION Soundbar

An revolutionary, detachable concept features the TOPVISION soundbar, giving it a little more flexibility than some of its rivals.

This is a robust rectangular style with clearly durable grilles. As a conventional left and right channel placement, the entire soundbar can be split in half for different use, or they can lay down as one soundbar.

Well-engineered are the internal elements. Four quality speaker drivers with a built-in wireless subwoofer are included. To keep it high-impact and distortion-free, it also includes a bass reflex tube in each half.

On-board digital signal processing once again enables users, like the previously reviewed soundbar, to control three preset sound modes.

It is fitted with a number of optical, coaxial, RCA, and 3.5mm AUX input options. It comes with a remote control power adapter, a wall-mounting package, and a secure signal that benefits from Bluetooth version 5.0.


  • + Creative style.
  • + The array in depth.
  • + EQ Preset.
  • + Subwoofer Wireless.

The TOPVISION is another very commendable low-cost Bluetooth sound bar that offers a powerful wireless subwoofer signal with rich high-quality audio.

4. Yamaha ATS1080-R Sound Bar

Next as Yamaha, we have an amazing streamlined soundbar from the professional engineers, featuring an integrated subwoofer and superb audio.

At the upper end of the low-budget market, these soundbars retail but are still accessibly priced. With the inclusion of some impressive trickle-down technology from the higher-end of Yamaha's production lines, they deliver much better output.

With understated visual appeal, these soundbars have a sleek and simplistic style. An advanced dual subwoofer and dual high-capacity tweeters are within their tiny confines. They work in unison to cover a wide spectrum of responses and have great dynamics for stereo audio.

Yamaha's Simple Voice processing, which focuses on the accuracy of the mid-range crossover area, supports them to ensure that dialogue has the optimum definition, which is extremely useful for TV use.

For easy streaming, these soundbars support DTS Virtual:X to work with a realistic surround sound experience and provide a secure wireless link. They're also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant software.

You'll find it easy to instal and operate through an HDMI arc, optical, or analogue link if you want this soundbar, and it comes with a remote.


  • + Profile Thin.
  • + Processing Clear Voice and DTS Virtual:X.
  • + Fantastic quality audio.
  • + Compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Why We Liked It - One of the best is the Yamaha soundbar; it is really well-built, intelligently engineered and can work in a surround set-up. We love the duel subwoofer, and that Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are compatible with it.

5. MEGACRA TV Sound Bar

Another similarly matched device is the 40-inch MEGACRA that offers one of the best possible listening experiences. For the best possible audience projection, the configuration of the soundbar is angled.

Four full-range speakers with two dedicated tweeters feature in these sound bars. To keep the low-end handling optimum, they also have dual bass reflex ports. There's a strong description to the audio, and the bass has an outstanding presence.

Three equalisation modes are supported by the signal processing chip, enabling users to switch their focus between music, movies, or dialogue definition optimised settings for TV broadcasts, making this an excellent home theatre option. In the kitchen, in your bedroom, or in your living room, you should listen.

For wireless streaming, the Bluetooth link is secure. It is also equipped with a 3.5 mm AUX, RCA, and wired optical inputs.

It is well-manufactured and comes with a power adapter, cables, and remote control.


  • + Angled construction of soundbars.
  • + With a bass reflex set-up, four full-range speakers and dual tweeters.
  • + Nice DSP that provides power of EQ.

Why We Liked It-These soundbars have caught our attention in the past, and are an impressive choice. The audio has excellent definition and punchy bass, and the three modes of listening offered by each are very different. For a home theatre, this is one of the best sound bars.

6. VIZIO SB2920-C6 29-Inch 2.0 Channel Sound Bar

With balanced dynamics, this newly updated 2.0 system soundbar from VIZIO offers good audio and sound quality.

It's a rectangular shaped, well-made, sleek enclosure with smooth rounded corners and a denser grille.

It is fitted with two hard-working full-range speaker units that include a beautiful stereo that packs a punch. They have top-quality components and are electronically designed to help fill your room with DTS TruSurround and TruVolume and maintain comfortable volume consistency throughout listening. It's awesome for your living room.

The wireless subwoofer means that at the touch of a button, you can use it in a wired or wireless way with Bluetooth. As well as a USB link, it has optical and coaxial inputs, making it one of the best sound bars on our list.


  • + 2.0 Soundbar surround.
  • + Compliant with TruSurround and TruVolume.
  • + Enclosure that is robust.

Why We Liked It - With a 2.1 surround sound set-up, this can be hooked up to a separate subwoofer, making it one of the best sound bars on the market.

7. LKE Soundbar Wired and Wireless



This low-cost option from LKE offers an alternative bare-bones soundbar that focuses on basic features, but still provides balanced reproduction of audio. Without breaking the bank, this is.

It is a lightweight, sturdy bar that features an angled structure to project audio to the listener. The legs are thin, which optimises the audio as well, making sure that the sound is not absorbed into the surface on which it lies, which can muffle the clarity.

For stereo audio, it features dual full-range speakers with left and right channel placement. The description is decent and there is a surprising amount of space for the volume.

In terms of input, this sound bar doesn't have quite as much to sell, but it provides RCA or a 3.5mm link. This is in addition to the Bluetooth wireless connectivity and a TF card reader.

Via a USB connection, which offers eight hours of streaming between charges, you can recharge the battery.
  • + Balanced, full-range audio.
  • + Powered Battery.
  • + Cheap and cheerful solution.

Why We Liked It - This is a Bluetooth-ready bargain soundbar choice that is suitable for smaller budgets and the best for installation in a bedroom environment. However if you wish, you can mount this soundbar and subwoofer in your living room.

8. TaoTronics Soundbar

Our final spot goes to a TaoTronics set-up. This soundbar is affordably priced and has a minimalist design for heavy duty.

For a budget soundbar, with a dual front grille and an incline separated by an LED display panel, this is exceptionally well made. Below the monitor, the soundbar's on-board 'capacitive touch controls can be found, although it can also be controlled via its remote.

There are four high-output drivers (two full-range and two bass diaphragms) in the TaoTronics that cover a large frequency response to ensure great depth and presence for your bass. Your dialogue is also communicated clearly.

Bluetooth maintains a continuous stream and comes with an adapter to provide wired inputs for RCA, optical, and coaxial.


  • + Great design.
  • + Impressive audio definition.
  • + Adaptable inputs.

Why We Liked It - With items priced about the hundred dollar mark, the audio is on-par, so this sound bar has a lot of value to give and may be the best for you.

Budget Soundbar Buyers Guide

What to Look For in a Budget Soundbar?

When you shop with a small budget, knowing the importance of the specs you are reading becomes all the more important. It's not difficult to shortlist your choices into the best sound bars with a little know-how.


A consideration to remember should be the reliability of each of the best soundbars. Low-priced models can never be made from materials that are as tough as higher-end variants, but a reasonable level of value should be given. You don't want to have to substitute for it too much.


The building itself plays a significant role. Lower manufacturing costs can often mean shoddy craftsmanship, which is why opting for a brand kept in high regard, such as a smart soundbar from Dolby Atmos, is often wiser.

Audio quality

The primary function of a sound bar speaker is to listen to audio, which means that the most important aspect of the best sound bars should be the audio quality. Other features can be viewed as something of a benefit, such as call-handling and Alexa compatibility.

The consistency of the audio comes down to two main ingredients: the components of the speaker unit and digital signal processing. No matter how big one of these is, without the other, it can't work to its maximum potential.

Smaller speakers have a bit of a bad rep, as we discussed in our intro, and while they sometimes fall short when compared to anything larger, this is not always the case.

They can work really well if a speaker has a good design that combats the size. After all a small collection of earbuds is just a miniature speaker, and there are plenty of amazing ones on the market.

Bass may be an issue with a soundbar, but many have bass reflex ports in order to assist their handling of low frequency or something similar. Ideally, for the bass, you should have a dedicated subwoofer.

For a budget item, you can never keep standards too high, however, luckily enough the relentless growth of an emerging industry such as audio electronics gives the cutting-edge technology rapid price reductions. So if you shop sensibly, with a good subwoofer, you're sure to find the right sound bar for you.


Finally, it is important to note that streaming can be less reliable than a direct signal path, although Bluetooth brings a lot of versatility with it. Newer models are more capable and higher-priced goods have higher speed bandwidths with some exclusivity.


Even if you plan to use your bar wirelessly, you can find that you will need to plug in your TV for the best results with a cheap sound bar. Ensure that all the correct inputs you need, such as HDMI inputs, or an HDMI arc, are available in the best sound bar you purchase.

Many televisions themselves are fitted with a variety of connections, so you do not find yourself too mismatched, although some models are more versatile than others. To foil your efforts, you don't want incompatibility, so make sure if your TV uses an HDMI arc, so do your soundbars or subwoofer.


Soundbars are a smart way to save space in your home and build a clutter-free feel. In the last decade, advances in speakers have enabled the technology to shrink but remain comparable to its predecessors in the loudspeaker style. Some very admirable portable options are available now. If you want anything special, you can even get a small smart soundbar - but a smart soundbar would cost a little bit more.

You can put back a good few hundred dollars on certain higher-quality versions, but technical developments are continually trickling down to the lower end of the market.

Of course, in terms of efficiency, you can never expect high-end and low-end items to be relatively parallel, but we are sure that we have rustled up a couple of bargain options to cover your home theatre and audio needs.

We hope you can choose one for your home with our reviews and our bite-size, broken-down guide on what to look for in the best soundbars or subwoofer.

Expert Tip

Based on your television size, you should choose the length. To keep the aesthetics looking fine, it is prudent to opt for something that is the same length.

Did you Know

We recently looked at some of the finest soundbar and subwoofer combinations that include 2.1 and higher surround sound systems, as well as some Dolby Atmos soundbars that if your budget is less of a concern, may be worth a nose.