5 Best 18-Inch Subwoofers in 2020

Looking for the best 18-inch Subwoofer? If so then you know how important every great sound system is to a great subwoofer. It's the secret to giving you the deep bass that everyone craves when they dance at a party.

More than just excellent sound quality, a decent 18-inch subwoofer can give you more. It should be robust, heavy-duty, and easy to bear as well. There will also be the very best 18-inch subwoofer at an affordable price.

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1. Rockville PBG18 18" Passive 2000

Rockville is a great American company that often provides its audio equipment with good value-for-money. And this 18-inch subwoofer is a high end audio device for sure. It provides a whopping maximum power of 2,000 watts, supplying you with thumping, deep bass.

All the materials used are of a high quality, as you'd expect from Rockville. Proof of that is the non-resonant MDF cabinet. For easy carrying, the ergonomic handles have been made. The fact that it's pole-mountable means that for live shows it can be used. Thanks to a 4-inch KSV voice coil and a 100 ounce magnet, the deep bass is made.


  • + Mountable Pole
  • Maximum Power + 2,000-Watts
  • + Good Quality House
  • + Easy to wear
  • + Outstanding Deep Bass

Why We Liked It:- This is a premium 18-inch subwoofer that, thanks to its careful nature and quality construction, provides you with great deep bass.

2. Peavey PV118D Powered 18"

If there's something you know about audio equipment, then you'll know how awesome Peavey is. The PV series is known for its mixture of quality and affordability. A driven 18-inch subwoofer featuring a 3-inch voice coil and a 65-ounce magnet is the Peavey PV118D.

A contour circuit is built into it, which is why it provides such beautiful deep bass. Some driven 18-inch subwoofers can fail to resolve distortion, but with the Peavey PV118D, this is not an issue - the woofer servo can ensure that the party is not ruined by distortion.


+ Good value for cash
+ Free-Distortion
+ Thunderous, Profound Bass
+ Compression of DDT
+ Dependable

Why We Liked It:It's one of the best money-based 18-inch subwoofers because it gives you the reliability of Peavey for consistency and affordability, as well as that luscious, deep bass.

3. JBL EON618S Portable 18"

When searching for a luxury audio device, whether it is an 18-inch subwoofer or a car subwoofer, JBL is the company of choice. Sound quality, which is often exceptional when it comes to a JBL sound system, is the secret to their success. Thanks to JBL's premium transducers, this compact 18-inch subwoofer provides you with 1,000 watts of maximum strength.

It may be a surprise that such a strong subwoofer is so lightweight and easy to carry (offering such deep bass), but this makes it ideal for live performances or for parties. The Bluetooth connectivity ensures that you can conveniently connect it to your smartphone or video player.


  • + Compatibility with Bluetooth
  • Maximum Power + 1,000 Watts
  • + Broad Range of Frequency
  • + Self-driven
  • +Premium Transducers 

Why We Liked It:This is simply an 18-inch premium subwoofer that gives you a lot of peak power, as well as fantastic low frequencies and quality of sound that can only be obtained from JBL.

4. Seismic Audio Tremor_18-PW

The thunderous, deep bass it generates definitely triggers tremors - this Seismic 18-inch subwoofer has been aptly named. The maximum output is 1,000 watts, and the maximum output of the RMS is 500 watts, which is more than enough for live shows or for individuals who like their bass loud.

To keep it clean, this heavy-duty subwoofer has a complete metal grille on the front, as well as rubber feet. If you intend to transport the subwoofer, then you can appreciate the recessed handles that are very sturdy. Thanks to a 90-ounce magnet and a 3-inch speech coil, the sound quality is great.


  • + Duty Strong
  • + 1,000 Strength of Peaks
  • + Secure Feet of Rubber
  • + Handles Easy to Carry
  • + The Deep, Strong Bass

Why We Liked It:You can get excellent bass from the best 18-inch subwoofer, and that's what this subwoofer does, but it's also heavy-duty and great for live performances, too.

5. JBL JRX218S Portable 18

This is another outstanding 18-inch subwoofer that the incomparable JBL has created. It's the ideal addition to any sound system that seeks to provide enormous strength, top sound quality, and a booming, deep bass with a subwoofer.

Because of the 19mm MDF it's made from the enclosure is both sturdy and durable. This heavy-duty feature is also augmented by the steel handles. A perforated steel grille with an 18-gauge means you don't have to worry about breakage.

When it comes to a subwoofer, the sound quality is everything. This gives you incredible sound quality with a 3-inch voice-coil woofer and a maximum power of 1,400 watts, as well as 350 watts of continuous peak power.


  • + Highly Enduring
  • + Massive Power Limit
  • + Appealing Aesthetically
  • + Affordable Cost
  • + Great for live concerts

Why We Liked It:This offers you JBL sound quality and deep bass for such an incredible 18-inch subwoofer at a price point that is completely incomprehensible.

18 Inch Subwoofer Buyer’s Guide

You'll note some important differences between the various 18-inch subwoofers that are on the market. Then consult this buying guide, which will clarify the main features found on these subwoofers, and what they mean to make sure you choose the right 18-inch subwoofer for your needs.

Maximum Power/Continuous Power

Maximum power is just that: the absolute peak power that can be managed by the speaker, but only in brief bursts. There is no subwoofer that can only operate at its peak capacity. That's what the RMS number means, which is essential for the continuous peak power that the subwoofer provides to be worked out. To make sure that your new subwoofer can act as part of your sound system, check all numbers.

Enclosure Construction

An enclosure made of a robust, hard material will feature the best 18-inch subwoofers that will improve the heavy-duty design of the subwoofer. MDF is one of the finest materials for this reason (Medium-density Fiberboard). The thicker the stuff, then the subwoofer will be more durable and hard-wearing.

For the stability of the speaker, rubber feet are a major factor. As well as a metal grille (preferably made from steel), metal corners will also ensure that your 18-inch subwoofer is heavy duty and will not easily crack or be harmed.


The configuration of the handles and the weight of the device are the two principal attributes that contribute to portability. An ergonomic design would allow for much easier carrying, often with handles within deep recesses.

And then of course, the smaller the 18-inch subwoofer is the easier it will also be to bring, but you need to make sure the speaker isn't so light that when the bass pulses through it it will travel around.

Voice Coil

You seem to have a preference between a 3-inch voice coil or a 4-inch voice coil when it comes to the voice coil on an 18-inch subwoofer. The difference is small between the two, and only one aspect of the subwoofer should be considered to be this function. Because of the size gap in the voice coil, there's no need to simply pick one subwoofer over another.

Pole Mountable

If you're looking for an 18-inch live performance subwoofer, then check if it's pole-mountable, because that's going to come in handy.

What is the difference between an 18-inch, powered subwoofer and an 18-inch, passive subwoofer?

A powered subwoofer will have an amplifier inside it, also known as an active subwoofer, while a passive 18-inch subwoofer does not include an amplifier within the cabinet. Basically, this suggests that a powered subwoofer is suitable for individuals who have a sound system that does not have a third-party amplifier, while a passive subwoofer is only appropriate for individuals who use an amplifier-inclusive audio system.

Expert Tip

Don't forget that when it comes to a subwoofer, deep bass and full power are not all. If you're going to use the subwoofer for live shows, then you have to make sure it's not a problem to bring around.

Check that it has handles that are either ergonomically built or deep-recessed, so any time you take it into a venue, you don't have to fight. The lighter it is of course, so the faster it will be too.

Were you aware?
Raymon Dones is the man who, back in 1964, first patented the concept of a subwoofer. He then invented the Octavium subwoofer, which in the 60s and 70s became very popular with many great musicians, including The Grateful Dead.


On the market, there are some fantastic 18-inch subwoofers that will give you the deep bass that your current sound system lacks. The very best 18-inch subwoofers will be affordably priced, built from heavy-duty materials to boost reliability, give you a lot of peak power and full continuous power, and will feature an ergonomic design to enable portability.