10 Best Wireless Computer Speakers in 2021

Nothing beats a laptop's ease. How we work and play has been revolutionised by being able to take your laptop to a cafe or restaurant, or put your laptop on holiday. A major downside to a laptop's lightweight nature, however is that they often have tiny thin-sounding speakers that can interrupt your immersion in your favourite game, film or TV show.

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1. Creative Pebble 2.0 USB-Powered Desktop Speakers

 Since 1981, Creative has been producing some of the best affordable digital after-market entertainment items, but during the PC boom of the late 1990s, it is most fondly remembered for some of the best laptop speakers and sound cards. They also launched Innovative Pebble 2.0 to help users get the best experience on their laptops at home or abroad, while also making outstanding and accessible products for music and gaming today.

One of Imaginative Pebble's most enticing features is that it runs both its audio and its power from a single USB link. As many of the devices we use today are paring down their ports in favour of wireless Bluetooth connections, we think this is a brilliant, forward-thinking feature.

That means there's no problem if you don't have a 35mm (1/8") audio jack on your monitor or phone! Only plug into one of your available USB ports and listen to a beautiful stereo image of your favourite songs. Their speakers profit from their limited profile by being tuned at a reasonably close range for a far-field listening experience. Although being just a few feet away, this allows you to have an integrated stereo experience, which is great for late-night gaming sessions.

The back half is protected by a passive radiator that by vibrating sympathetically with the front speaker, pumps out extra sound. This is a fantastic piece of technology that improves mechanical performance and offers a lot more bass for these tiny speakers. In order to ensure that the sound reaches the ears before anything else, the tilted 45 degree elevated drivers are also useful.


  • +Single input to USB
  • Drivers and passive radiators +Far-field
  • Lifted driver +45 degrees

Why We Liked It - a small bundle of great sounding speakers. The passive radiators and elevated drivers of 45 degrees set these speakers apart.

2. Bose Companion 2 Series III Multimedia Speakers

Bose has become a household name, offering lightweight, efficient speakers with large sounds to compete with HiFi sound systems that are professionally set up. We are delighted by the results after having put their hand into making inexpensive but high-quality compact speakers appropriate for home use.

For Bose, this is not a new format, having gotten into the market for computer speakers as early as 1987. Bose has made many exciting changes to its design since then and these Bose Companion Series III models are still some of our favourites. It's no wonder this giant has a product on our list of best laptop speakers in the industry.

The Bose Companion 2 Series III Multimedia Speakers are a nominee for our least portable on our list, but with high quality, consistent sound at a decent volume, what it lacks in portability is compensated for. The TrueSpace stereo digital processing that appears to surround the listener with greater stereo width and bass response allows a vivid, punchy signal possible.

For someone finding something for gaming, this will be our top recommendation. The secondary 35mm (1/8 inch) jack helps you to lend the power of your Bose Companion 2 to more than just your laptop, with all that power in a small box.


  • + High quality and reputation for multimedia speakers
  • For sources other than your phone, +Secondary 1/8' jack
  • "The +1/8" headphone jack is extremely compatible with a number of inputs.
  • +TrueSpace optical stereo imaging

Why We Liked It - For sound quality, you can not beat the Bose brand, and these speakers deliver as expected. A fantastic stereo image is generated by Truespace stereo digital processing. On the list, these are the best sounding speakers.

3. Rokono BASS+ Mini Speaker

 Compared to our last two reviews, the Rokono Bass+ Mini Speaker is quite a contrast, making it our first entry on our list of best laptop speakers to focus almost exclusively on portability. It's our only battery-powered recommendation and it's really for the nomad at heart who in a tiny bundle needs plenty of hours of play. This speaker is perfect for on-the-go music listening.

It offers 10+ hours for your laptop or tablet with a 35mm (1/8") output jack powered by a lithium-ion battery. The Rokono Bass+ is elegant, well built, and easily transported, the ideal choice for someone who wants to take this little guy to the park and listen with their friends to their favourite songs. Opening up the centre allows for excellent mid and bass response with a capsule shape that collapses for transport.

The fact that they can be daisy-chained is one of the coolest features of the Rokono. You can chain these speakers together to get an even bigger sound from your Rokono on the go, whether you own two or more of these or have friends who do. Just pack it up in its included travel bag when you're all done with your Rokono, and you're ready to go. Although not suitable for immersive environments such as gaming, the portable speaker is the go-to Rokono Bass+.


  • + Elegant and lightweight
  • For its size, +Deep bass
  • + Rechargeable battery with a single charge for 10+ hours of play.
  • + Comes with a pack for travel
  • + Can be strung together

The rechargeable battery and chaining feature make this one of the best music and movie laptop speakers for travellers.

4. Logitech Compact Laptop Speakers

 Logitech has long developed trustworthy computer peripherals, including Creative. Logitech makes aftermarket computer mice, keyboards, headphones, and other accessories, less of a sound-focused company. No wonder they've made some of the best speakers for budget-minded people.

The Logitech Lightweight Laptop Speakers are much less portable than some of the other offerings, comparable to the Bose speakers. For someone on a tight budget, searching for a better sound experience, these speakers are great.

With 5 watts of power and a front-mounted reflex outlet, this low-price speaker system has a lot to love. For someone looking for an economical solution to their sound requirements, we recommend Logitech, as their simple and familiar style offers great music and gaming experiences.


  • + Highly affordable
  • They are versatile with +3.5mm input
  • +Reflex Port for bass response enhancement

Why We Liked It - More affordable than our other fully featured speakers, but it's still a great product for the Logitech Compact Speakers.

5. Moloroll Computer Speakers for Desktop

For those looking for something compact but still large enough and robust enough for home use, Moloroll Computer Speakers are a perfect middle ground. These will look perfect for framing your prized laptop, tablet, or desktop computer with a funky black rubber design with white trimming.

The Moloroll can be powered from either a USB on your computer or a wall plug with a USB powered, with a 1/8" 3mm input, the Moloroll can be powered from either a USB on your computer or a wall plug. This is quite convenient for someone who wants to use their laptop speaker system for more than just laptop use Its portable nature means you can set it up in any room in the house and plug any 35mm (1/8" inch).

If it has one big downside, it is that one of the speakers is not mounted on its volume control and is connected to the cord instead. Other than that, this is great for welcoming tourists or taking the speakers for the night with you to an Airbnb. Finally, the rubberized enclosure of the metal grill is both sleek and extremely robust, making it next to your high-end laptops and compatible tablets and phones at home.


  • +Affordable +

  • + Powered by USB, 1/8' 35mm input

  • +Compact and solid

The Moloroll is a stylish and well-designed speaker from our best list of laptop speakers. Why We Liked It We highly recommend them with some portability at a very affordable price.

6. Avantree AptX Low Latency Bluetooth Speaker


We are all familiar with how simple it is to instal a discrete stereo soundbar to get a better sound out of your home theatre setup. Avantree has taken the easy concept and put it with Bluetooth into a smaller footprint speaker. Though not a typical entry, one of the best laptop speakers is the Avantree AptX.

Now, normally, while watching your favourite movie or playing a video game, this is where we'd alert you about the latency possibilities that require you to respond to sound queues when using Bluetooth speakers, but not with the new 4.2 Bluetooth technology. Expect negligible latency levels when using the Torpedo Plus with an Avantree transmitter, so that you can enjoy your media the way it was supposed to be enjoyed.

Depending on your needs, the Torpedo Plus also has three modes that you can activate: surround sound mode, bass mode and balanced (stereo) mode. Two 5 watt speakers and a fairly large bass radiator to shake your space during tense moments in your favourite movies top off all these exciting features. Avantree provides a 3.5 mm auxiliary cord for plug and play communication if you are not interested with the Bluetooth pairing.


  • +Low latency Bluetooth 4.2

  • + Surround sound mode, bass mode and balanced audio mode (stereo)

  • +2 5 watt speakers and radiator bass

Why We Liked It - Extremely convenient is the mini soundbar. It makes it a perfect wire-free listening experience to use this in combination with an Avantree transmitter. For individuals looking for a wire-free listening experience, The Avantree is best.

7. Sanyun SW102 Computer Speakers

The Machine Speaker device SW102 from Sayun is made with portability in mind. Their mini-speakers powered by USB have some special style characteristics that we think you're going to love.

These are some of the most striking speakers on our list, featuring two stereo speakers with a wrap-around metal grill and ambient blue under-lighting. Although some would prefer to have the power and audio transmitted via a single USB, there are some advantages to separating the power source and audio input and adding flexibility to an already compact and easy-to-use sound device. This great collection of highly aesthetic 5-watt speakers comes with a 1-year warranty and a thirty-day money-back guarantee that guarantees their efficiency to the customer.


  • + Lightweight scale with special design wrap-around

  • + Blue trendy underlighting

  • + Can be charged by a 5v wall plug or device

  • +1-year warranty Warranty

Portable and portable, these USB mini-speakers are a fantastic option for anyone who is searching for computer speakers with great sound quality that are suitable for budget-friendly music and gaming.

8. ARVICKA Computer Speakers

The portable computer speakers powered by Arvicka's USB are high quality, simple to use and have a wonderful sound at a competitively low price. The Arvicka Computer Speakers will not disappoint with its compact nature and great tone, although not as lightweight as a capsule-designed speaker.

These speakers are a little more compact with a smaller size than the Moloroll cube design and can comfortably fit inside a laptop bag or backpack. The Arvicka Computer Speakers are our best alternative laptop speakers for someone who is dissatisfied with capsule designs but also looking for portability.

On these computer speakers, one of the most fascinating design choices is the underlined stands on which they sit. Although one might believe that they are purely decorative, this produces considerably better bass resonance by lifting the speaker cabinet off the ground.


  • +USB 3.5mm style jack

  • + 43 inches of USB cable, and 59 inches of Aux-in cable.

  • +Blue underlightening

  • +Cool concept of cube

Why We Liked It - These are some of our favourite laptop speakers on the list with the blue underlighting and the cube style.

9. TaoTronics Wired Computer Sound Bar


Our second soundbar on the list has some cool features that, if you need a soundbar for different applications, make it a great option. The TaoTronics Wired Computer Sound Bar definitely deserves a spot on this list, with its elegant design, powerful speakers, and small footprint.

A great contemporary feature on a laptop speaker is USB power. Still, for those of us who are low on ports, when other required peripherals take precedence, it is often not our best choice. For precisely this reason, TaoTronics has included a DC port in this device.

This allows the consumer to still get great output from their external laptop speaker, saving one of their USB ports for their favourite wired electronics, thus having their power directly from the wall.

The microphone functionality is another awesome feature of this mini soundbar, which makes it ideal not only for entertainment applications, but also for business applications. You can ensure that all parties involved can hear and be understood using this TaoTronics Sound Bar, ideal for conference calls over Skype and FaceTime.

Our favourite feature is its big volume knob located on the side, which we think is pretty stylish despite having no additional functional purpose. That sort of thing will get you on our list of the best speakers for laptops.


  • +Powered by USB

  • Capability of +Microphone

  • +Port of DC

  • +Big volume knob analog-style

Why We Liked It - This soundbar is differentiated by the microphone and DC port.

10. AmazonBasics Computer Speakers

In the market for no-frills home essentials delivered right to your door, AmazonBasics has been a gamechanger. We love the AmazongBasics product line for its perfect simplicity, with an emphasis on affordability. The AmazonBasis Computer Speaker could be for you if you're not looking for a lot of features and want something that will sound good with a fast and easy setup.

There's no mess around here, so that's why they're on our list of best laptop speakers. Driven with USB or AC, one volume knob, no drivers or setup needed. For better bass reaction and control, the speaker cabinets are well-ported in the back. Into the back, the 35mm cords are wired. It could not, literally, be easier to plug in your laptop or favourite media device and get a good sound delivered directly to your door at a good price. For someone seeking a portable speaker device, this is not our pick.


  • +Simple interface

  • +Powered by USB

  • +Simple tests

  • + No drivers or setup possible

If you are looking for something to hold on your desk to maximise your media enjoyment on your laptop computer, it can not be easier than these speakers. Why We Liked It

Laptop Speakers Buyers Guide

To USB or not to USB, That is the question

To get the audio from your device and into a new collection of speakers, there are three options: a 35 mm (1/8 inch) output jack, a USB port or a Bluetooth link. Each of these has its advantages and disadvantages. Let me take you through them and how our list of best laptop speakers applies to them:

35mm (1/8") headphones jack

These ports have been a staple for patching audio equipment together for the last 100 years, on our legacy devices, musical instruments, headphones, and speakers everywhere. We suggest having a speaker that accepts 35mm audio jack inputs if you have a computer that you want to use with your speakers that was made between the mid 20th century and 2017.

Now the reason we claim 2017 is because Apple launched the iPhone 7 in October 2016 without a 35mm output, and told several other manufacturers of phones, tablets and laptops to do the same. With a multitude of adaptors now needed to make your 35mm speakers work with current devices, if your system lacks the proper performance, it can be more difficult than its worth.

USB Port

Using a USB link, many of the speakers on our list power themselves, but some speakers will relay their audio directly from the USB cord that powers them. This is a convenient and clean way to use less cords to manage your audio experience, which leaves your desk looking clean.

We assume this is one of the easiest ways to send your audio to your laptop speakers, but it will cause a myriad of problems for someone with a tablet or phone trying to use those speakers. With the many adapters on the market for USB-C and Lightning compatibility, these issues can be solved. Only warn yourself that they can be costly. For individuals looking to use the speakers only with your laptop, this choice is better.

Bluetooth Connection

Bluetooth is a perfect choice for someone who wants a lightweight and versatile connection free of wires that can clutter your desk or make travel a pain when it comes to speakers. Now that doesn't mean that Bluetooth doesn't have a multitude of issues. If you want to watch movies or some form of video, lag will completely ruin your enjoyment.

Out-of-sync dialogue may have delicate and intimate scenes, special effects and sounds can arrive at various times. Video game players may be very frustrated that there is a pause in the sound queues they rely on for accuracy. The version of Bluetooth that it uses and the quality of the computer from which you are streaming depend on the quality of the speaker.

A Bluetooth device could be ideal for you if portability is paramount and the price is not a concern. If what you are looking for is well synced, precise audio and a decent price, explore the wired alternatives on our best list of laptop speakers.

Speakers: Proof that size matters

With contemporary designs using ports and radiators to extend low-end response and improve performance, buying the best speakers for your laptop has become much easier. Sound quality that used to be available only to people with HiFi systems is now available in 8-inch diameter speakers (drivers) or larger and smaller tweeters to provide you with high-end glass.

We can now experience deep and rich sonics with well-engineered, high-efficiency designs with these new designs. We have discussed three different designs in this article that we would like to go a little deeper about the pod, the desk (bookshelf speaker), and the mini soundbar.

Capsule speakers:

The best compact portable speakers on our list include capsule speakers. They focus on being the perfect choice for a person who wants to listen to music while out on a picnic, meaning they are pocket-sized. The compact design means that on our list of best laptop speakers, these will be our quietest, least clear speakers with the smallest amount of bass response.

This is made even more clear by your environment. When used outside as the sound has a long way to go before it makes its first reflection, these capsule speakers can lose considerable control. Collapsible resonance chambers are popular on these speakers, using lots of tricks to make the sound of your driver bigger than they are. All of these items help improve this design's sound quality. But keep in mind that for those on the go, these speakers are the best. For someone looking for a stationary speaker, they aren't recommended.

Desk Speakers:

A good old fashioned desk speaker is your best choice for good quality audio. This is a tried-and-tested way to experience good quality audio on your laptop at the correct price, closest to a conventional design. They happen to be the least portable choice as well. These speakers are often operated by a USB or DC port and are flexible and multi-use, but very simple, stationary speaker systems. These will typically house the biggest, most extensive speakers on this list, but maybe I suggest you look elsewhere if you are looking for a lot of features.

Mini Soundbar: Somewhere between our capsule speaker and a complete set of stereo desk speakers are mini soundbars. These systems, self-contained and often wireless, are typically much more costly than your typical capsule speaker, but have a higher quality of sound and a lot more features. Choose one with wired alternatives if lag is a problem for those looking for something with a high efficiency. These mini soundbars usually have 5' drivers, which, compared to desk style speakers, is a competitive size speaker.

Does Price Matter?

Hey, yes and no. It can be tempting to select computer speakers that come with a lower price tag, but being frugal can pay off. When looking at two sets of laptop speakers, they might have speakers and cabinets of the same size, but depending on the price, they may sound radically different.

Our recommendation for anyone who is not interested in a really high-quality sound looking for portability, you are more likely to get the best speaker that fits your cheap needs. It will disappoint people searching for speakers with very good sound quality to realise that the stationary existence of desk speakers and mini soundbars will not cut the price. To find the right speaker for them, anyone pursuing this experience should consider investing considerably more.

Opt for Simple

We suggest siding with a simple choice over complex ones when trying to find the correct speaker in the styles we've mentioned. Features such as Bluetooth or financial speaker subwoofers can seem like you're getting extra value for your money. Even these extra features are generally unreliable, causing lag or boomy bass that sounds unfocused. Finding anything with bareboned features would possibly suggest that for the value they put the most sound quality in.


There are several different choices for selecting the best laptop speakers, and we're not sure there's a real "best option." Try to find the best laptop speaker system to meet your needs instead. We know that you will find something on this list that works for you, if you need something super compact, something really high quality, or something flexible that sits in between these two choices. All excellent choices are Bluetooth, USB, and 3.5 mm (1/8 input), so hone in what qualities are most important to you and happy shopping!