10 Best Subwoofers for Cars in 2021

The most significant feature of any car stereo system for many individuals is the bass. Epic proportions are favoured by some, and some might go for volume over all else. We have compiled a list of the 10 best subwoofers for vehicles, whatever your sub-woofing needs are.

To find the best available on the present market, we have sifted through the most common car subwoofer purchases. Below, those alien-like specifications have been converted into something that makes a lot more sense. No matter how much you like air pumping, trunk thumping, or sonic bass boom, we have you covered.

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1. Alpine SWR-12D2 Type-Rz

This Alpine pick is a bare subwoofer; for it you'll need to source or build an enclosure. It measures 12 inches in diameter and will seriously rattle your trip, despite the idyllic package. Searching for larger subs? Test these 18" subwoofers out."

The cone consists of a pulp that has been treated for extra stiffness and durability with Kevlar. With trademarked Santoprene, the surrounding is formed. It sits in a progressive aluminium frame mount of the cone spider cast. The dual 2-ohm voice coils are over-sized, high temperature, and high quality altogether.

This subwoofer has an outstanding low-frequency response of between 24 and 200 kHz, making it suitable for generating massive bass pulsations. This could be the perfect car subwoofer for you if you love bass. Its power handling is from 300 to 1000 watts RMS power - 500 per coil. Its maximum output goes up to 3000 watts. It's 84.7 decibel sensitive,

Its mounting depth is 6-3/8 inches and 10-7/8 inches in cut-out diameter.

Most clients have chosen to pair reflex system design enclosures with this car audio subwoofer over solid sealed enclosure products, but both report satisfaction.


  • + RMS capacity of 1000 watts.
  • + Solid and stable device construction.
  • + Bass beastly.
  • + Dual and 2 ohm voice coil.
  • + peak power of 3000 watts.

Why We Liked It:This subwoofer is a perfect pick as our Editor's choice, suitable for extreme bass-heads. The duel voice could be great and 2 ohms are great features. For sound quality, we recommend a reflex case, as it's pretty hardcore.


This listing is for a full kit that consists of a sound system for an MTX loaded car subwoofer.

The development made this a simple installation and took care of the math and logistics to find the idyllic housing enclosure for the Terminator subwoofers so that they can travel with even less guzzling fuel.

They manage RMS power of 500 watts, at 2000-watt peaks totaling 1000 RMS power. For improved durability and extremely light weight, they have polypropylene dust caps. In order to compensate for heat build-up, they also provide a mechanical cooling processor (Spider Plateau Venting) which refreshes the air intake around the coil.


  • Peak + 2000 watts.
  • + Integrated cooling.
  • + Dual 12"

Why We Liked I:The cooling system is perfect for this subwoofer, since it ensures that it will never overheat. If you're concerned about getting too hot for your subwoofer, this is the best subwoofer for your car.

3. JBL CT-Bass Pro12

The JBL CT-Bass Pro12 is already housed in a customised companion enclosure that has been optimised to provide the clearest bass sounds in terms of quality. A reflex type enclosure with a proprietary Slipstream port to minimise turbulence and prevent compromised audio quality is included in this subwoofer.

This 12-inch subwoofer features a polypropylene cone that offers resonance dampening with a rubber surround. The dual-stacked magnets that are over-sized raise magnetic flux. The movements of the cones are regulated by the proprietary GT Bass Progressive Spider, which enables elevated listening for excursions.

When used for long periods at high volumes, subwoofer coils are susceptible to heat accumulation. With a vented pole piece, which enhances the power handling at low power compression, JBL has attempted to combat this.

This subwoofer has a 150 Watt RMS/450peak built-in amplifier and remote controls to change the bass accordingly. This is going to produce fantastic sound.


  • + Built-in solution for cooling
  • + Patented amplifier.
  • + 450 watts of peak RMS.
  • + Polypropylene cone - surrounding rubber.

Why We Liked I:With a polypropylene cone rubber surround and all those watts, this is one of the best subwoofers for automobiles. At a high performance, this rubber surround subwoofer provides distortion-free bass. The housing has been systematically optimised - the audio of your car will sound amazing.

4. MTX Audio 5512-44 5500

Here's another 12' bass speaker from MTX audio. Only the car audio subwoofer itself is ready for custom installation this time. It's a dual 4-ohm woofer and features the Spider plateau venting from MTX to keep the driver cool at noisy levels and essentially noise-free. The ventilation helps keep warm air out of the voice coil.

This subwoofer harbours an inverted apex surround which is narrower than their usual roll surround, allowing a greater surface area for the heart. This causes even more air to be displaced by the subwoofer. Their integrated heat-sink t-yoke is within the framework of the engine. This subwoofer absorbs and radiates heat from the voice coil from the back-plate, providing an effective method of thermal management. This car subwoofer also has compression terminals that are easy to attach for simplified installation.


  • + 4 Ohm dual.
  • + Thermal control and venting spider plateau.
  • + RMS capacity of 400W.

Why We Liked It :The main elements of device design (including voice coils and 4 ohm) ensure excellent bass frequency responses for both high and low frequencies are provided.

5. Kicker 8-Inch 300W

Kicker goes above and beyond to manufacture some outstanding speakers proficiently, built with high quality components that provide the masses with an affordable option.

This subwoofer produces a perfect subwoofer extension or replacement. For enclosed enclosure subs or vented enclosures, the 8-inch size means it's sufficiently flexible. This subwoofer reaches 300 watts RMS and a peak watt capacity of 600 in terms of watts.

This subwoofer, with a 4-ohm dual voice coil and a magnet structure, has a fantastic build. This makes it effortless to manage and control electricity. This subwoofer is a perfect way to give you the sound you want on long journeys by car.


  • + 600 watts peak.
  • + Highly responsive.
  • + Super durable.
  • + 300 watts RMS.
  • + Dual voice coil.

Why We Liked It:This is a great subwoofer for the money, combined with nice sealed enclosure set-ups.

6. Pioneer TS-SW2502S4

Next up is a Pioneer 10 inch shallow subwoofer mount. It utilises a mica-injected resin cone structure that gives the same external dimension to a larger cone and gasket surface.

For accurate reproduction of quaking bass, this shallow mount subwoofer was produced using Pioneer's flexible MICA injection-molded resin. It has a frequency range of 20-125 kHz and all in all, it's a pretty powerful speaker, particularly considering its top-mount depth is just 3-1/8".

This subwoofer offers excellent value for money, as well as the chance for you to get creative with your own home buildings.


  • + Cost-effective.
  • + Cone for resin.
  • + 3-1/8" Top Mount Depth.

Why We Liked It:At the low end, this Pioneer shallow mount car subwoofer is competitively priced, but we feel that this one is heavy, sturdy, and well built and will provide heavy bass sound that is rattle-free.

7. Kenwood KSC-SW11 Compact

This item is probably more up your street if you are not trying to set some SPL records and are, sensibly, after a decent bass boost for your car. Kenwood's KSC-SW11 is a space saving solution that is fantastically compact. Its low profile is an impressive one. It is possible to position it under seats or in small spaces. It is available in a powerful, well-built, robust subwoofer enclosure and is powered by its own built-in amplifier. At 75Watts of RMS power with a maximum of 150 Watts, the Kenwood KSC-SW11 works. Remote bass level control also comes with it. It is easy to instal; the system just needs to be connected to the car battery, grounded and cabled to the head unit.

This one is an outstanding subwoofer for cars. This provides one of the smallest driven bass boxes to go. Despite their tiny size, the power subs pack a punch. Some individuals also opt for 2 because they have such small footprints and are easy to cover - making the ideal stereo system for the vehicle. Now for a high-end couple of 12's, or 10-inch, they don't move a lot of air and are probably not much of a match, but they broaden the low register and offer a good boost to bass sounds. As this subwoofer car is by Kenwood, it can last a lifetime in terms of longevity.


  • + Footprint compact.
  • + All in one subwoofer system for car audio.
  • + High-quality house.
  • + Car battery attachment, grounding and wiring to head units

Why We Liked It :For those with limited space, Kenwood's KSC-SW11 is the perfect car stereo. It's also for those who are not searching for anything that needs mounting overboard, and when it wobbles the windows it sucks their batteries out. It's perfect for someone on their travel playlist who appreciates a bit of bass.

8. Dual Electronics BP1204

High-performance and studio-level efficiency are this set of subwoofers for vehicles. They are 12 inches in diameter a have a whopping 1,100 watts peak power between them both. At a level of around 4 ohm impedance, each is 600 watts of RMS power.

Thanks to its advanced tuning port, which includes 2.5 voice coils and cones, brushed with aluminium, these car subwoofers have improved performance capabilities.

For unrivalled optimization and unparalleled performance, the computer-aided system has been engineered. The subwoofer enclosure is high-grade MDF with additional intensity and has a sound streamlining carpet. They also have ventilated circuit power, all of which can be seen through the sleek curved Plexiglas. This offers a 'surreal experience of viewing'.


  • + Dual 12" subwoofers for band pass.
  • + Carpeted enclosure for subwoofer with reinforced construction
  • + Built-in crossover for ease of setup.
  • + 600 watts, and peak output at 1100 watts.

Why We Liked It :For accurate bass response, these are the best car subwoofers. The built-in crossover ensures that existing speaker systems would be easy to add to. These guys look as amazing as they sound.

9. Pioneer TS-WX1010A

This is another decent subwoofer for your vehicle.

This is a Class D performance amplifier, capable of a peak power of 300 watts and 1,100 watts. In particular, in small enclosures, it has high-sensitivity woofers that function best - this is what makes these subwoofers so ideal for your vehicle.

It has a 0 to 12 dB dB variable bass boost (40Hz to 100 Hz). This gives greater control of the sound. Using the bass remote knob or the input gain regulator, you can change the input gain. You'll find this on the enclosure's side panel.

This subwoofer's architecture is outstanding. The trapezoid form is highly rigid, increasing installation flexibility. You may mount them in the cabin, in the back, front, or under the seats, speaking of versatility. It doesn't matter where as this subwoofer is durable enough for it to be mounted anywhere you want.


  • + The D class.
  • + Strong control of the sound.
  • + 300 watts and a peak power of 1,100 W.

Why We Liked It :Make sure that this Pioneer subwoofer gives you the best sound in your vehicle. It offers some average mega bass sounds. It's not going to set you back too far. We think it will provide excellent car audio by sticking to the suggested subwoofer enclosure suggestion. It is truly one of the best subwoofer vehicles to purchase online.

10. Kicker DCWR122

This 12-inch dual subwoofer enclosure from Kicker, a company which is taking the subwoofer industry by storm, is last on our list, but not least.

With a tuned port, the enclosure itself is a front-facing reflex style. It was designed and tuned for the factory. The building is of high standard. The enclosure's tuning offers an even stronger bass response. It's MDF carpeted for high density. For optimum use the size has been specially calibrated and it's a re-manufactured product that benefits from a host of enhancements.

It houses 2 x 12-inch subwoofers at an OHMS impedance of 2 ohms, each capable of 1,000 Watts, totalling a tremendous 2,000 Watt peak RMS. It has sturdy brass terminals and makes installation simple.


  • Peak + 2,000 Watts.
  • + All in one choice.
  • + Simple installation.

Why We Liked It:"It's an inexpensive dual subwoofer option that provides easy installation. There's no need for personalization or measurements. It effectively provides out of the box perfect savage bass pulsations.

Car Subwoofer Buying Guide

We will take a moment to go through some of the main details relevant to subwoofer purchases before we conclude our reviews, in an attempt to wheedle out what is important to know before you buy.

What is a Subwoofer?

A subwoofer is a speaker that generates very low frequency, containing one or more woofers, also called a once-housed loudspeaker. They are designed specifically to handle bass sounds and sub-bass frequencies. They are used in many set-ups including desktop computer speakers, home cinemas, home studio speaker set-ups, concerts, festivals, and raves.

While standard speaker sets will cover a wide range of audio quality, with the addition of a subwoofer handling the lower, thumping ranges, any system will have an immediately noticeable difference.

They are engineered to withstand the low-end sound pressure level (SPL) of low-end sounds played at high decibels and were initially developed to save conventional speakers from lower, louder, damaging frequency pressures.

They transfer huge air volumes and need a lot of power sometimes. It's very easy to produce high volume bass over a limited bandwidth and to buy several cheap car subwoofers to do just that. It's a little trickier to produce studio-level sub-bass and needs more efficient amplification, a bigger bass driver, or many small ones.

Subwoofers all work in a very similar way, but the designs and requirements vary and the pros and cons can often be hard to pick apart.

How Do Subwoofers Work?

Subwoofers are most generally, electromagnetically powered. They contain a rigid cone driven by a single magnetic field-centered voice coil.

Attached to the back of the speaker cone is a single voice coil. When the current runs into it it shifts. Push and pull on the driver cone that moves like a piston in and out, generating waves as it's in motion.


They're usually round, as with the majority of speakers. For funnelling directional sound where you want it, this is an ideal type. It also creates a clearer sound that some businesses produced in the early 2000s, much less distorted than other shapes.

Initially, other shape choices for car use were discussed because, essentially, a car is not well suited for traditional loudspeakers. In reality, a good loudspeaker needs a reasonable amount of space to operate to the best of its capabilities. Bass cabinets (bass bins) that contain concert loudspeakers are often larger than a car's trunk.

The amount of displacement is what reproduces noisy low frequencies and the displacement is not as impactive as it might be without space.

In restricted mounting space circumstances, non-circular shapes allow for larger cone areas, but at the expense of sound quality. The louder you go, the more distorted the sound will be.

The space in which they are and its natural acoustics are another key consideration for subwoofers. You will possibly infer that an auditorium or theatre is not ideal for a speaker for a vehicle.

Sizes: 10-Inch Subwoofers Vs 12-inch


The selection of sizes for standard commercial use goes from 8-inch subwoofers to 21-inch subwoofers. When it comes to using in cars audio, by far the most common is the 10-inch or 12, with outer measurements respectively in inches. The best subwoofers for cars are not necessarily the strongest. There will only be small variations in the various sizes of the real audio outputs. This is typically more dependent on electricity, but you can, of course, increase the performance when you increase the size of the bass speakers themselves.

When choosing the size of your speaker set-up, one main consideration to bear in mind is to ensure that your car's boot is big enough for any power subs you wish to add. You have to note, enclosures can take up extra space as well.

Type Of Enclosures

Some subwoofers you purchase are already installed in an enclosure; others are just the subwoofer, which you can add or replace previous woofers to your own build.

Actually, the enclosure style may have more influence on the subwoofer's output than the difference in diameter size. In general, speaker enclosures (all types) need to be able to distinguish the forward projects of sound waves from those at the rear effectively because otherwise the two cancel each other out. They're going to be out of phase and generate a horrible response from the bass. For low-end frequencies, this is particularly true. So the correct enclosure for subwoofers is all the more relevant.

Usually, a subwoofer's drive is concealed within a tuned box that can echo easily inside a bandpass cabinet. In traditional home set-ups, this is what we see. A reflex design over a closed box design is followed by the majority of powered car subwoofers.

Ported enclosures, vented boxes or even reflex ports are often referred to as bass reflex enclosures. Ported enclosures use a hole with a tube or pipe section; the two operate like a pipe organ in harmony. They can be louder than an enclosed enclosure if they are designed with correct volume measurements.

In this Youtube video, the math for those interested is clarified.

https:/www.youtube.com/watch/watch? V=VDHhCsNoSpc NoSpc

The equation is built on the parameters of Thiele/Small. It takes Hoffman's Iron Rule into consideration as well. The basics of the equation take into account the estimated area of the driver's diaphragm, the mass of the parts and the suspension compliance of the driver. It also includes mechanical resistance, inductance of the voice, air volume, and much more.

Passive Vs Active?

A subwoofer driver that is driven by an external amplifier is present in passive subwoofers. Usually, they have passive internal crossovers. The successful ones have a built-in dedicated subwoofer amplifier.

What is the RMS Power Rating?

RMS stands for Root, and Mean Square is a voltage or current statistical calculation. With driven car subwoofers, the RMS power level provides an indication of the maximum possible continuous power measure that the speaker can accommodate.

How to Install A Subwoofer In A Car?

If you've purchased a bare subwoofer or one already enclosed depends on how you should mount your subwoofer. They are relatively straightforward as installations go. There are vast quantities of instructional videos available online due to the success of the SPL wars.

https:/www.youtube.com/watch/watch? V=TzPbEaKmQyggEaKmQygg v=

You should look for a specialist if you are still uncertain. Worldwide, there are millions of garages or mechanics, all able to put in all the ties and make sure it is neat and running.


There is much more involved in finding the right subwoofer for your car than maybe first gleaned, as you have probably concluded yourself. Choose something already enclosed if you're trying to make sense of the logistics behind your own kind of enclosures. Look for any suggestions if you are constructing your own. Fortunately, the success of the SPL wars today has led to the 'suping' of a whole subculture of extreme vehicles. This means that there is a wealth of material available online on the subject. You can learn from the errors of others and benefit from their experience of trial and error. To provide your car with a sufficient bass boost, there are some awesome low-cost car accessories out there.

It's important to note that as far as audio quality is concerned, less is often better. The next critical thing to consider is that the secret is really the enclosure. The most expensive speaker in the wrong enclosure, from some of the best car subwoofer brands, would sound bad and vice versa. Size and money are not considerations that when it comes to tone, weigh in too much here. We hope we've provided you with enough food to think about and a few great choices to consider for purchase.

Expert Tip

Since the human ear uses sub-bass tracks and amplifiers to only perceive a certain range of frequencies, loud volumes may have irreparable effects on your ears. We should alert you of the risks of listening in an enclosed area, such as your vehicle. As well as low-frequency hearing loss, you are at risk of tinnitus altogether. Over the course of your life, the sensitive hairs in your ears die when they are exposed to individual frequencies. Longevity is decreased by overexposure. Ultimately, if you listen to a lot of basses, you will lose your lower range of hearing faster than other individuals begin to.

Did You Know?

Subwoofers are part of the long history of speaker amplifications, and some of the largest were originally created in the 60/70's to add extra tension for jump scares in movie theatres.