10 Best Gaming Speakers in 2021

We will be highlighting 10 of the best gaming speakers in 2020 in this post. To give you a clear idea of just what exactly your cash will get you, we have picked those we believe represent the best on the market, at their respective retail rates.

If you're shopping for a set of speakers appropriate for gaming, you'll probably want a high-performance pair to cope effectively with rapid machine-fire or jump-scares. The tone, whether its background music or dramatically used for suspense, is an important part of many games and just as much effort always goes into the soundtrack as it does into the programming and visuals. Hardcore gaming fans are still looking for a more realistic experience and matching the glorious graphics with high quality audio is a must.

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1. Bose Companion 2 series III

First of all the 3rd edition of the Bose companion 2 series is a moderately priced pair of multimedia speakers. Despite their compact design, they have a notably deeper low end than a typical set of PC speakers, which is primarily attributable to their hearty construction and the fact that they benefit from Bose engineering. The enclosure features a ported cabinet architecture that, if you want low-end audio clarity from a smaller unit, is essentially a requirement.

Thanks to its extremely advanced TrueSpace digital signal processing, which helps to expand the dispersion field to provide rich, clear sound at a startling volume range, the sound seems amazingly spacious.

They are easy to set up and the speaker to speaker wire is built in. They connect to your Mac or PC directly, they operate with most major operating systems, and you can even connect an extra computer through its auxiliary input. Users have volume control and a gaming headset connection is featured.


  • + Cabinet Ported.
  • + Well manufactured.
  • + Priced affordably.

Why We Liked It -:They are a low-priced 2.0 option that has some excellent features that sound very balanced to prevent distortion and feedback at maximised volumes.

2. Logitech Z623

You might be shocked at just what you can get your hands on for just a tiny bit more money. This Lush 2.1 device from Logitech was developed by top manufacturers of computer accessories who benefit from learning the ins and outs of peripherals for PCs.

The system consists of 2 left/right satellite speakers and a powerful dedicated subwoofer that handles 400 watts of peak power. They are accredited by THX and have high-quality, completely immersive sound that brings life to games.

They are easy to set up, have a built-in private listening headphone jack and have basic entertainment connections placed on a panel. Simple bass and volume changes are also provided by the integrated controls.


  • + 2.1 set-up of the device.
  • + Power of 400 watts.
  • + Wonderful value for money.

Why We Liked It:A 2.1 device is an excellent configuration for your home computer, the subwoofer is 130 watts well built, which is extremely strong to add superb depth to your audio setup. Logitech also knows their stuff and caters to all budgets, which are just short of the hundred dollar mark, accessibly priced.

3. Razer Leviathan: Dolby 5.1

Razer is another manufacturer that explicitly caters to a machine clicking client base. We have already reviewed some of the items in other articles and they really know their clientele well.

They make some excellent PC accessories and unique laptops for gaming, which are beautifully built and very high performance, so it stands to reason that their speaker designs were just as well thought out.

The Leviathan is a sound bar and subsystem set-up that saves space. The soundbar features 2 full-range drivers as well as dual tweeters and offers delectable Dolby 5.1 surround sound along with the dedicated downward firing subwoofer.

The cones are well-constructed composites and particularly high performance is achieved by the tweeters. They are suitable for a variety of multimedia uses and also feature 3 easy-to-switch preset equaliser settings for either gaming, movies or music tuned to sound profiles. They also benefit from the modern conveniences of directly streaming music with NFC networking and Bluetooth 4.0 capabilities.


  • + 5.1 sound surround.
  • + Concept of portable sound bars.
  • + Preset Settings for equalisation.

Why We Liked It:-It is the perfect solution for a smaller space and better delegates responses to each part of the frequency spectrum, effectively offering a more normal balanced tone. They're going to set you back almost twice as much as those that we've been looking at but the bass is epic.

4. Logitech Z313

If the price tags were a little rich for your tastes, their entry-level model, the Z313, is another great choice from Logitech. In order to better manage the low end and avoid distortion for a more pristine sound, they also include the 2.1 setups with satellite speakers and a dedicated subwoofer.

With smaller cones and a lightweight downward-firing subwoofer, which is suitably housed in a ported enclosure configuration for maximum bass response, they are slightly smaller.

They are not near as powerful as their 400-watt superiors, but they provide a well-balanced sound that fills the room. They have an understated 25-watt peak, but the bass still thumps pretty good. For easy access and audio modification, they have a handy control pod.

The woofer can be tucked away, which is a bonus, and set up in around 2 minutes, since they are deceptively noisy for their dimensions.


  • + 2.1 device surround.
  • + Subwoofer Devoted.
  • + Low cost.

Why We Liked It:For those who have a slightly smaller budget with their eyes on a Logitech 2.1 setup, they are an inexpensive speaker choice.

5. ENHANCE LED with subwoofer

We will now take a look at a shoestring budget alternative that we feel is blowing away most of its competitors. It is another 2.0 stereo option, but it actually has a built-in budget subwoofer that effectively matches a 2.1 device and is included in its dual drivers.

They have a 20 m full-range drive and a 60 mm bass radiator that works to provide a large frequency response with a great crossover. To fit their tiny price, they have a small footprint and are as lightweight as they are compact, making them suitable for desktop setups. To counter external reverberation, they have a smooth rubberized base built into their housing.

They peak at 20 watts per pair with low power, but pack a punch of high efficiency. Enhance gaming manufactures some of the most prestigious peripheral gaming lines and dominates much of the market. This collection is an entry-level model that aims to provide those who want bolder, simpler audio that anyone can afford with an accessibly priced solution.

They are operated by buses, have in-line volume control and feature striking red LED rims and highlights.


  • + Subwoofer built in (dual drivers).
  • + Low cost.
  • + Low wattage.
  • + Pretty cool LED's

Why We Liked It :They have the advanced features of premium Enhances goods that are effectively reduced at a lower wattage to minimise their retail to a fairly unsurpassable amount.

6. Genius SW-G2.1 2000


This awesome, newly updated 2.1 system model from Genius is another gaming package built by top gaming peripheral suppliers. With a monstrously robust and edgy look that integrates blue pulsating LED lit satellite centres, they are highly durable.

Some premium parts built with game-play audio in mind house the stylish casings. They are ergonomically dimensioned to provide a compact device with as much power as possible. They are able to provide your gaming experience with amazing surround sound.

They come with a broader range of connections for input and output, making them a very versatile choice. The drivers work impeccably well and are of good quality. The full range of sound is well balanced and they are ideal for a variety of interactive sounds, though they are built for pristine game audio. They are widely compatible with notebooks, pads, tablets, PS3/4 Box 360/ONE WII and much more.

They pack 45watts of peak power per pair, which is 20 percent more efficient than the previous model.


  • + 2.1 scheme (subwoofer).
  • + Several links.
  • + Adjustable controls for sound and bass.
  • + Ultra Rigid cabinet with MDF wood.

Why We Liked It:They are really well built, super flexible and have a rich deep bass that looks incredibly good.

7. Razer Nommo Chroma

From their famous Chroma activated line back to Razer for an alternative model. Due to their expertly optimised drivers, they offer incredibly clean and natural sounding audio. They are just 3 inches and made of custom weaved fro glass fibre offering excellent rigidity. High performance is required by their engineering and composition. For a more realistic gaming experience, they have a super large sound field with spatial precision. With mid to high frequencies, the deal is extremely fine, giving the sound more detail.

For increased bass frequency response and overall richer audio, they feature rear-firing bass ports. With the bass knob, the bass can be changed incrementally, it has automatic gain control that enables users to shape their low end fro soil shaking rubles and quakes to an understated hum. Ideal for late night gaming sessions.

They are bus-powered, compatible with Mac and PC, and have the benefit of Razer Synapse unified configuration between your computer and its peripherals for next level performance.


  • + Bass ports for rear shooting.
  • + Priced competitively.
  • +Positional

Why We Liked It:They are only around 9 inches tall, but the skinny stands mean they take up very little of your gaming space. We love the cannon like nature of these little guys. The skill of Chroma makes them a sleek audio-visual addition to any cave of men.

8. Logitech Z200

The z200 is another great multimedia option for many of Logitech's speaker systems. They are a very low-priced pair, with a dual set-up for the speakers, each with one passive and one active driver. For excellent stereo sound with admirably audible clarity, they pump out about 10 watts of peak power each.

The two drivers work in tandem to produce balanced room-filling sound covering a large frequency spectrum.

With multiple computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets, you can use them and you can also play audio simultaneously from multiple devices.

For total ease of use the controls are conveniently placed and are of a 'fingertip touch' design type. The pair also features, if necessary, a convenient headphone jack for private listening.


  • + Tones rich.
  • + Inexpensive, cheerful option.
  • + Bass Customizable.
  • + Configuration of dual driver.

Why We Liked It:They build an amazing stock replacement pair that gives you a much-needed upgrade for about 20 bucks, making them incredible value for money.

9. Creative Labs 51MF1610AA002 GigaWorks T20

This 2.0 device package from none other than the peripheral pioneers hard at work for Innovative Labs is another shining instance of affordable high-quality computer speakers. With their consistency GigaWorks T20 series, they are a fabulous newly updated model.

With their patented BasXPort technology, the engineers have improved the lower end response, which is what helps the pair to cope deftly with deep, high impact lows without the assistance of a dedicated subwoofer.

For your headphone listening needs, they feature a front-mounted volume bass and treble controls alongside an auxiliary input. With their curves, they are very well thought out to look at and easy to use.


  • + Upgraded recently.
  • + Tech from BasXport.
  • + The bank won't be broken.

Why We Liked It:Each speaker produces a deceptively powerful sound with a power of just 28 watts, which we believe is amazingly good.

10. Gogroove BassPULSE 2.1

GoGroove's BassPulse 2.1 device is a fitting product to finish our reviews with. With its blue LED glow lights, it is a very competitively priced, outstanding model with striking aesthetics.

For optimum audio projection and their bright lights pulse and flare to the audio, the speakers are angled ever so slightly when the bass equalisation is above 80 percent.

A meaty 101 mm dedicated side-firing subwoofer has been combined with the 40 mm driver left and right satellites, which together provide rumbling bass and well-defined mid and highs for a well-rounded, balanced stereo sound.

They are operated by bus, the 5Wx2 neodymium satellites add the 10W sub to that, and we see these guys peaking at 40 watts. They are very well built and have a good overall frequency response to have quality circuitry.

They are set up in seconds, feature simple access to front-loaded volume controls and provide top-notch bass with amazing room-filling audio.


  •  + 40watts.
  • + Subwoofer side-firing.
  • + Price affordable.
  • + Magnificent looks.

Why We Liked It:They are visually an extraordinary package and they sound fantastic, the bass has a great presence and the other 2.1 systems ring in just a smidgen below the asking price.

Gaming Speakers Buyers Guide

What to look for in Gaming Speakers?

You will probably have your eyes on something smaller and lower-powered when you are looking for a gaming speaker than anyone shopping for a home theatre environment. To satisfy your bass requirements, you will likely want a 2.0 or 2.1 device.

If you want enough mouse and keyboard space to play in comfort without your speakers actually cramping your style, something more portable makes a desk less cluttered, which is a no-brainer.

A sound-bar system is one space-saving solution, since it uses an otherwise unused space below the display screen and often covers the wires.

It can sound disappointing to a lower powered pair, but they eventually release more power from your computer, ensuring that your hardware focuses its power on processing your software for the best convenient FPS.

The gaming experience is enhanced by connecting audio to 3D visuals for that immersive POV, as we have briefly described for many. The more realistic, the better, but the world's best sound effects will sound flat and fake or tinny or distorted on a collection of speakers of low quality. So quality is important for gaming needs.

The quality level you can get your mitts on of course, is ultimately going to be constrained by your budget.

Luckily, the speaker industry is a very competitive one, and you can usually get an amazing pair for about the hundred dollar mark these days.

Game sound effects can also be very challenging for the drivers of your speakers, much like movies that use lower end frequencies for excitement (and to scare you) and higher end frequencies for suspense, information, and voices. It is desirable to assign the mid and high workloads for better productivity with dual drivers, but most important of all is the crossover circuitry to sort the frequencies to their dedicated drivers and mix the points between which their responses cross each other.

Bass in a small containment is often subject to a lot of unwanted vibration that creates buzz and distortion, so with any good set of speakers, the subwoofer enclosure needs to be vented or ported in some way.

Gaming style preferences are really down to the player, for their loyalty and clarity, we review several speakers, but there are others who want to feel the air shift, as it adds a tactile feeling to the immersion of the game.

If you like strong noise-free bass, if the distortion adds to the chaos, go for a higher watt woofer to look for the best enclosure designs.

What is a gaming speaker?

 A gaming speaker is a speaker that has been tailored to meet the circumstances that a heavy gaming session brings. Usually, they are smaller and would have many tailored features on board to master frequency response, free of high-performance distortion, but without your computer needing too much processing power.

Many top audio electric manufacturers design and produce excellent speaker models, some of them at the end of the day just won't cut the mustard when compared directly to those that have been engineered by companies that are strictly gaming focused.

Why do I need gaming speakers?

The honest response is that not many gamers choose multiplayer RPG headsets so that they can use team-speaking features, but it's always a bonus if you like playing solo with a good collection of gaming speakers.

In reality, for the ability to hear better, crucial if you need to be able to pick out the distinct gunshots in the distance, many people use headphones. Fortunately, we have seen some top-notch surround systems 2.1 and higher in recent years, which offer the same spatial audio clarity, without a heavy investment, in some of the speaker models that are produced especially by professional gaming peripheral manufacturers.

Once again, gaming speakers are a must if you want to get friends over to watch your talents first hand or to take turns at game play.

It's incredible how a decent upgrade can do wonders, and if you play a lot of consoles with dedicated surround speakers, compared to your built-in TV speakers, it can be very mind-blowing.

What is the best computer gaming speaker?

We will divide our best gaming speakers into 3 key categories as we have explored some very different choices. Our first is the best value for cash, for which the Logitech Z200 entry-level model with the lowest retail price is our strong contender.

We find ourselves leaning towards the Razer leviathan 5.1 sound-bar, the best in terms of sound quality, but it's on the more expensive side.

The Bose range is a decent 2.1 set that is extremely well made and priced right down the centre of the other two, the companion series has been incredibly well received and they definitely make for a better model. The GoGroove BasPulse2.1 package is eye-catchingly versatile and only a tad cheaper if you want something with an edgier aesthetic.


We looked for a good selection of affordably priced speakers, all ticking different criteria boxes that we found important for the use of gaming. 2.0 systems appear to be the most frugal alternative, ensuring that they have appropriate measures in place to cope with the bass frequencies if their enticing price tags draw you in.

In order to help avoid unnecessary buzz and distortion at maximum volumes, enclosures can eventually be ported or vented in some way. This is important because many RPGs use noisy and sudden low-end sounds to add to the immersion intensity.

A 2.1 system with a dedicated low-end driver (woofer or subwoofer) is likely to be much better suited for bass and therefore more effective to handle.

There are some great items on the market to choose from as you would probably have seen from today's gaming speaker reviews, it really comes down to the space you have available to your allocated budget, power preferences, and connectivity requirements.

Expert Tip

When considering the strength of a subwoofer, often less is enough, a lightweight and low watt option in most rooms would be perfectly fine enough if they are well built with suitable enclosures to optimise bass clarity.

Did You Know?

Any console gamers will want to check our bookshelf speaker reviews, as opting for a larger home system configuration can often really help bring games to life. A 5.1 or 7.1 scheme will boost in terms of 360-degree tone.