10 Best Car Speakers for Bass in 2021

We have compiled this top 10 best bass car speakers in 2020 article for those of you who read our best subwoofer for cars article with a worried look on their faces in terms of their consumption and decibel levels, to give you some more level-headed choices.

We have looked at an armada of car speakers over the last year or so, from part speakers, to power-guzzling, low-frequency bass-booming subwoofers that take over your trunk.

There are plenty of us who like our loud bass, but not all of us are rallying to break a world record for the next sound pressure stage. If you strongly value the low end of your car audio and are dissatisfied with the capabilities of your car stock speakers, distorting them when you try to turn them up, then you may want to search for a model with a range of methods of bass enhancement and distortion countering in place.

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1. JBL GTO629

A very impressive pair of JBL 629's from their really commendable GTO series that has received a lot of acclaim is first up in today's reviews.

They are a 6.5 inch coaxial array and use a bass woofer twinned with a uni-pivot tweeter to provide a perfect crossover for premium 2-way classified audio.

The drivers are highly efficient and the woofer cones benefit from Plus One technology that helps to increase the cone's total surface area. This allows them a greater area to radiate, as we have discussed in previous posts, and offers a stronger bass response than you would usually get from other cones that measure the same dimensions.

They feature a volume control dual level tweeter that can be conveniently modified and actually customised to suit your individual listening preferences.

They are low impedance and operate at 3 ohms and have 12-decibel crossover circuits dedicated to the required delegation of frequencies.


  • + The 2-way Premium class.
  • + Fair cost.
  • + Uni-Pivot tweeter to direct audio to the ear of the listener.
  • + Fantastic distortion-free low end.

Why We Liked It:The entire GTO series offers moderately priced products that incorporate quality components from their higher-end models and use advanced technical methods to improve the clarity of the audio.

2. Pioneer TS-M800PRO

The TS-M800 is hot off from the PRO series of pioneers with its impressive production handling. They are robust and feature a mid/bass driver that in conjunction with the bullet tweeters integrated within the array, provides accurately balanced sound.

The drivers measure 8 inches and are made of high-grade, optimally blended pulp material that has more longevity than traditional paper cones provide. A lightweight corrugated, vibration-absorbing surrounding features the woofer, and the tweeter is expertly engineered to work at its best under high-frequency wave pressure.

Over-sized magnets activate them and together they serve audio that is powerfully noisy and has a presence above the engine and the moving outdoor environment. To allow them the freedom to work freely, they are anchored by high strength steel frames. With a peak RMS power of 180 each, they can manage a staggering peak power of about 1400 watts between the two of them.


  • + High production.
  • + Bass Optimized.
  • + Forcefully loud.
  • + Well-balanced stereo audio for the maximum spectrum.

Why We Liked It :In our time, we have looked at a few Pioneer models of these babies allow for louder volumes and boosted bass without breaking up, if your amplifier can handle it and they are really competitively priced. We really love their bright red 'bullet' tweeter centres, and with the grilles off, they look really cool.

3. Rockford Fosgate R165X3

Without rounding up a decent Rockford Fosgate offering for a swift ogle, we just could not write ourselves a car speaker critique.

They are 6.5 inches, which is the same size as we opened our reviews with the JBL GTO package, but in contrast, they offer a cheap way to get your hands on some well-mixed audio with an expanded frequency range and better intermediates than others, since they are a 3-way class set with a low budget.

The 3-way array is made up of dual mid-range drivers (one with a diameter of 6.5 inches and the other 2.5 inches) and a small half-inch tweeter that drives through the higher responses. They have much lower power handling (90 watts max), but many of us do not have the specifications for amplifiers to cope with higher outputs anyway, and less is enough with bass often to ensure optimum efficiency.

The woofers are polypropylene, a common material that has been chosen for its idyllic features. The tweeter is silk-domed and mounted on a pole. In a stamped steel basket, the collection is enveloped.


  • + Good money value.
  • + 3-way option in class.
  • Standard size + 6.5 inches, which needs no alterations.
  • + Lower consumption of electricity.

Why We Liked It :These coaxial bad boys provide audio of great quality, are designed to last and also have a very attractively low price tag.

4. NVX 6 1/2 inch Professional Grade

Next we have an NVX package, marketed as a professional upgrade that will certainly not disappoint your stock speakers. They are also a relatively low watt option, so they will fit with most car speaker amplifiers in the factory. They are very cheap, making them a perfect choice for a fast replacement.

In particular, considering other models in the price area, they appear to be very well built and have some great components.

They are a 2-way class package with a solid 6.5-inch vacuum moulded polypropylene woofer cone with an acoustic dampening surround of high quality. The woofer driver delivers punchy bass and the high energy 1-inch silk-dome tweeter takes control of the treble. They have a KSV voice coil built-in high-temperature which helps prevent over-heating.

The crossover is well-designed and measured, nothing sounds out of place or unfairly equalised, the mix seems fairly normal. They have great clarification that the bass does not break up and they have a peak power handling of 160 watts per pair together (RMS of around 80).


  • + Priced affordably.
  • + 80 RMS per couple.
  • + Pieces for Premium.
  • Size + 6.5 inches

Why We Liked It :They're an amazing 2-way class solution for low-budget audio lovers. They feature some nice refinements on a cheaper model that we usually don't see.

5. Rockville RM84PRO

 Now for a top-quality Rockvilles RM Pro series quad option that uses some very high-end technology advances.

The package consists of four distinct mid-range 8-inch speakers with woofer grilles and open mounting baskets. Using pressure-treated Kevlar-reinforced pulp, the cones are made, providing ideal properties for excellent response and durability, of course.

For those who want a bass-heavy equalisation, they perform extremely well and are perfect. Their wide surface areas tend to boost their performance and having a foursome hooked up ensures that the depth is amazing and something of the past breaks up at high volumes.

The cones are based on a suspension of treated cloth accordion that includes a Progressive Cones Spider (PCS). The surrounding area helps with dampening and has over-sized coils that can withstand high temperatures. They have a 300 watt power rating and are fairly priced.


  • + 4 x woofers for mid-range.
  • + Impactive, profound audio.
  • + Reinforced pulp cones with Kevlar.
  • + Excellent reaction.
  • + Terrific bass.
  • + 8-inch Wide Option.

Why We Liked It :They are an awesome foursome that fits well and offers bass for car-filling.

6. Pioneer TS-G6945R 400 Watts


For a look at another great option that has a more convenient power level than the TS-M800PRO at 1400 watts, return to Pioneer.

This package is a 400-watt set of speakers for your car in the 3-way class. They are relatively low priced and make for an exciting upgrade from the stock collection of your cars.

They feature a combination of large cone woofers of one 6 and one 9 inch injection-molded polypropylene that are firmly powered to produce punchy bass. They are suspended in a rubber-coated cloth surround that for better-defined bass, helps prevent sound wave cancellation, keeping audio free of distortion and muddiness.

These guys would need to be part of a larger system because they have a fantastic range of extensive low-frequency response, but a dedicated tweeter would be needed for higher frequencies.


  • + Max peak power of 400 watts.
  • + Billig choice.
  • + Bass punchy.
  • + Large cone surface for improved response

Why We Liked It :They are a much more practical package that will fit with lower power car amplifiers, have an affordable price tag, and provide those who like it loud with dual bass woofers for your set-up.

7. Pyle 6.5 Inch Mid Bass

Pyle is another business that manufactures some of the most common electronic audio items for your vehicle. In previous reviews, a few of their models have graced our presence and these 6.5 inch coaxial speakers have drawn our attention because of their incredible price. Given that they are priced at just over ten bucks, they can barely set you back. So with your minimal outlay, what do you get? An simple to instal regular 2-way class model with eye catching injected cones of bright industrial yellow polypropylene.

Once again the cones feature the standard entry-level rubber treated surround to help keep unnecessary reverberations at bay. A 1-inch high-temperature voice coil supports the 6.5-inch woofer to cope with up to 300 watts of peak power capably.


  • + Class 2-way.
  • + Excellent low-end product consistency.
  • + Friendly Shoe-string Budget.

Why We Liked It:They are a surprising example of high quality low-end speaker replacements for your vehicle that provide budget-minded shoppers with reasonably impressive outputs and bass with a decent amount of gain before breaking up.

8. BOSS Audio CH6530 Car Speakers

We have an oval option here that is 6 x 9 inches, a low-priced Chaos Exxtreme 3-way class model from BOSS audio.

They feature genuine piezoelectric tweeters, which are more heat resistant, with premium voice coils. The cones are an injected blend of metal and polyurethane that provides a smooth response. They have sufficient rubberized environments in order to dampen the distortion at low frequencies and are situated in a rather robust stamped basket frame.

They are built and manufactured very well, especially for a bargain package. They accommodate high outputs of up to 400 watts max per pair flawlessly with an impedance of 4 oms.


  • + Class 3-way.
  • + Frank with audio input.
  • + Excellent value.

Why We Liked It:The piezoelectric tweeters are free of high performance and fatigue, and with all the fab assets they have to offer, you can buy a pair for about the twenty dollar mark, which really makes them great value.

9. Rockville RM64SP CEA

Before we round up today's ratings, we are going to add another Rockville into the mix. First we have the RM64, this time from their famous SP factory line, which also features Kevlar-treated pulp cones to provide a rigid surface versatile enough to react quickly and accurately to field disturbances. The cones are kept inside a super SPL flat foam suspension of high compression that dampens and allows uninhibited piston motion.

They are a mid-bass, mid-range combo with an open basket configuration which measures 6.5 inches in diameter. They're super thin and easy to instal on car-doors. They feature top-class magnets and respond to full-range sound extremely well.

In the PRO series line, they have the same Linear Progressive Conex Spider boasted about and provide a professional high-output set of four bass ready car speakers. They have a peak handling capability of 480 watts.

The capacitors inside the crossover prevent the drivers from being alerted of harmful frequencies, giving them a longer than normal shelf life.


  • + Mid-bass response to mid-range frequency.
  • + Audio Deep.
  • + Bits of consistency.
  • + Protected circuitry that prevents damage to speakers

Why We Liked It :They are very well made, have a fantastic design that employs many assets from their higher end models and are priced in a convenient region at a reasonable price.

10. KICKER 43CSC674

Our final pick from the speaker kings at Kicker is to tie up this top-ten section of posts. They're another set of four, but two are circular this time, and two are oval to adapt this shape to several car brands with stock speakers.

They feature a heavy-duty motor-magnet structure that incorporates extended voice coils that are commonly found in more advanced high-end models. The magnets, which have performed exceptionally well are high-quality neodymium.

Once again the cones are treated with polypropylene and are seated in ribbed foam and polyester enclosed by a stamped steel frame. To keep them looking brand new, regardless of their time on the track, all components are UV treated.

The high-output tweeters weigh about half an inch and keep the audio crisp. They have a peak power of 300 watts per speaker together for a total of 600 watts per pair (RMS 200).


  • + Nice results for drivers.
  • + Strong elements of consistency.
  • + Magnets with neodymium.

Why We Liked It :They are one of today's pricier sets, but they are by no means unavailable. They feature drivers of superior quality to others in their class and provide your car speaker with a great upgrade, the bass is loud and has a lot of headroom.

Car Speakers for Bass Buying Guide

We split our analysis into two different bite-size details pieces, so hopefully it's not too much to take in. In general, one runs through attractive car speaker features and the other hones in a little more depth on bass output.

What to look for in Car Speakers

The biggest decision when purchasing a new set of speakers is whether to upgrade your amplifier with it or not. The requirements of your amplifier, namely the power rating and the available channels, really set the limit as to what set-up you would actually have. Item number one of the checklist is certainly to consider the specifications of your amplifier.

You need to know how many channels you have and what each one is capable of supplying and what impedance they have. Some amplifiers can easily swap outputs and impedances to provide a flexible solution to add along the way to a basic set-up.

First we're going to discuss the fairly obvious elephant in the room, the form and size of the speaker. Usually, most car speakers installed in factories are 6 or 6.5 inches and oval or circular or 6X9 inches. In most cases, these can be quickly replaced and mounted, but you will have to think about the mounting depth available inside the door etc. Therefore certain speaker sets need car modifications, which are a much larger undertaking and should be professionally assembled.

In today's top ten best car speakers post, we have reviewed a couple of larger 8-inch options since we concentrate on bass and a larger cone surface area means optimal bass handling.

In order to have a full-range sound, a good collection of car audio speakers would need to be at least 2-way graded, but a 3-way class set-up can provide a far more balanced overall sound and the mids appear to be better attended, compared to a standard 2-way woofer/tweeter combination.

Within your budget, you should be searching for a product that provides the best available quality components in the price zone. You want something well-manufactured with a strong solid structure, above all else, so that it is robust. To keep the work at full efficiency and eliminate the possibility of overheating, all high output tweeter models should have the required cooling methods in place.

What to look for in Car Speakers for Bass?

What to look for is subjective in a collection of car speakers for bass, so it really depends on exactly how you like your bass. If you're a real bass-head who wants to pump it in your hood as you roll up, then you're probably looking for something that's loud.

Ideally, you don't want to distort that, but there are many of us who want to feel their bass and are so used to overtaxing insufficient systems that a beta bass speaker's buzz is known and loved by them.

Audio enthusiasts who want to hear more definition between the various frequency regions will find that they want to set their eyes on something that manages the low ends better without the possibility of distortion and when you want to let loose a reasonable amount of volume accessible for days.

There are literally thousands of car installation solutions on the market and they are all incredibly competitive, squabbling for the crowning place. This is helpful to consumers because it means that even in the lower budget areas, we can find a good deal very often.

You may want to think about getting at least a 2.1 system with a dedicated woofer to help bear the brunt of the bass load if you want especially heavy bass. In addition to a bigger set-up, all of those we have reviewed today will create excellent left/right channels.


You need to know your specifications inside-out beforehand when shopping for a set of speakers for your car. You have to decide on a set that suits the channels, power, and impedance you have available.

The market for car audio electronics is full of inexpensive models and many of them are reasonably easy to assemble, although it is normally recommended to look for a specialist.

The world's best speakers are just going to be as good as the amplifier they are hooked up to. You can check out our 10 Best Car Amplifiers article for inspiration if you are considering a new amplifier for your car.

As we have explained, the concept of bass quality is very subjective when it comes to the best bass speakers, but we hope that our comprehensive buyer's guide will shed some light and point you in the right direction as to what you need.

Expert Tip

You're probably going to want to head on over to our 10 Best Subwoofers For Your Car article if you play a lot of music with sub-bass frequencies, for a nose at what's available to you.

Did you Know

Recently, the Focal Ultima Package was considered the world's most costly audiophile car device, after selling for $20,000. It uses a beryllium dome tweeter and has a dedicated subwoofer and woofer set up, first mounted in a modified GT-R.