10 Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $100

In this post, for under $100, we will look at what we think are the 10 best Bluetooth speakers. More and more of us find ourselves relying on our digital devices in our new technological era. Some are even guilty of never putting one down!

It is safe to say that as modern conveniences become more popular in everyday life, many of them offer integrated Bluetooth capabilities, which can only be a positive thing to have a decent collection of Bluetooth speakers.

There is literally an armada of audio products out there with options for Bluetooth integration as well as a wide range of dedicated devices specifically designed exclusively for Bluetooth amplification.

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1. JBL Flip 4

The Flip 4 is a lightweight, cylindrical, compact Bluetooth speaker from the next generation series of JBL Harmans.

JBL is a reputable manufacturer of audio products that constantly keeps up to date with technical evolution.

It is powered by a 3000mAh lithium ion rechargeable battery that provides continuous usage for approximately 12 hours.

It produces a remarkably strong sound in stereo due to its understated stature. For less distortion risk with low frequency sounds, it has a built-in JBL Bass radiator and you can wirelessly connect 2 smartphones or tablets to switch between them easily. For extra volume and thicker audio, it can also be conveniently connected to multiple JBL speakers.

It is made from fully waterproof materials, so it is an excellent option for on-the-go or outdoor audio enjoyment.


  • + Impermeable.
  • + Battery-rechargeable service.
  • + Compact, portable and lightweight.

Why We Liked It:Come rain or shine, it can be used and its waterproof design makes it ideal for a broader variety of uses.

2. Sony XB10

The Sony XB10 makes for a sleek entry at a reasonable price. It's decidedly lightweight, and we certainly don't need to remind you twice that when it comes to audio, Sony knows a thing or two.

This model features EXTRA BASS properties, which effectively means that it has an amazing passive built-in radiator that works smoothly with the internal speaker instead of its small size to raise the low frequencies.

This one won't fail to impress, as affordable Bluetooth speakers go. It can be auto-linked for the full range, rich stereo sound, to a secondary Sony speaker. If the weather chooses to move, it is built with water-resistant pieces for safe outdoor listening. The long-lasting battery life of this outdoor speaker is (16 hours)

It is possible to communicate through Bluetooth technology or Near Field Communication protocols.


  • + Thin, lightweight design (pocket-sized).
  • + Water resistant, listening without worries.

Why We Liked It :For optimum portability, we like their little round shape and the NFC connection is a bonus. Through this speaker, you can also talk to Google and Siri.

3. JBL Flip 3

In the award-winning flip sequence, the Flip 3 from JBL is the previous iteration we looked at in the first of our reviews. Currently, it has the same dimensions and specifications as the first one. It features the same built-in noise and echo cancelling technology, suitable for speakerphone conferencing, for crystal clear sound. It is made from waterproof materials and has a battery of 3000 mAh that lasts about 10 hours at a time.

The only difference is that it was considered to have sections unsuitable for kids and was immediately slapped with a warning of a choking hazard.

We have decided to include it in our reviews because it is because their budget is of concern as individuals deliberately shop in low-cost regions. The Flip 3 model is still available for purchase and it is more than 30% cheaper than the Flip 4 model, offering almost the same room-filling sound and can be multi-linked to other JBL speakers, etc.

For those who are convinced it will never make its way into little mouths, it is a cheaper option.


  • + Low cost.
  • + Strong response on bass.
  • + Lithium ion rechargeable battery.

Why We Liked It :They are excellent Bass Bluetooth speakers that are cleverly interconnected to optimise volume capabilities and are available to fit your style in a variety of different colours.

4. Bose SoundLink

This is another Bose ruggedly designed water-resistant choice, it is well built with non-slip silicone and it provides bold sound with a broad speaker grill.

The company has worked closely with developers to create an app that allows the link and switching as easy as using the drag and drop interface instead of rifling through your Bluetooth menu. This one has put a lot of thought into it. The app helps users to configure their settings as well.

It holds up to 8 hours of stereo and party mode charging through voice prompts, and you can directly use Siri and Google.


  • + Enabled Bluetooth and NFC.
  • + Comes with a simple control app.
  • + Two modes (stereo & party).
  • + Recharging Micro USB.

Why We Liked It :The included software makes a neat addition, simplifying and conveniently managing the synchronisation of devices from your computer.

5. Ultimate Ears Boom 2

This one came from Logitech hurtling into the market and created a pretty big sensation, earning Gizmodo and Wired acclaim.

It offers a 360-degree sound that gives a far more immersive experience. Again it is a waterproof design that with modern Bluetooth speakers, is increasingly becoming the new standard. The volume buttons are easy to use (+ - style).

It provides a very surprising sound on its own but you can insanely hook over 150 of these bad boys together for ultimate social events using its PartyUp feature.

For even better access to your favourite songs, it has Siri and Google voice recognition.


  • + Bluetooth NFC voice commands etc.
  • + Shockproof and waterproof.
  • + Link 150+ for large parties together.

Why We Liked It:It is a smart product that is reasonably priced and well built from decent materials, both durable and shock-proof and waterproof.

6. Photive M90

With its very sturdy structural design, this next model is extremely durable and offers a wider speaker area than similarly priced Bluetooth speaker options.

It retails for about the $50 mark and to be fully honest, what they have managed to pack in at this low budget stage is very impressive.

The Photive M90 features an integrated subwoofer and offers 20 watts of power that is reasonably darn respectable for something inexpensive and compact in nature.

With a robust, newly refurbished rubber strap handle, a rugged aluminium grill, and chunky on-board control buttons, it has an easily portable industrial carry-case-like style.

With its sub, it offers full-range sound with built-in bass matching technology for great bass streaming and is shockproof and water resistant.


  • + Carry makes it super compact.
  • + Cost-effective.
  • + Evidence of shock
  • + Evidence of water.

Why We Liked It:It reminds us of a minimalist retro boom box with its industrial look. To provide a more flawless bass response, we like that it has a dedicated subwoofer.

7. DOSS SoundBox

For a product that provides high performance sound quality, the Doss sound box is surprisingly cheap.

It is small and lightweight, no bigger than a brick of a building.

Doss is a competitive brand that produces some impressive cutting-edge audio technology that is inexpensive. They are a renowned manufacturer with a few decades of experience that they have poured into their SoundBox series products under their belts. For greater clarity and fidelity with less than 1 percent harmonic distortion, they feature high-performance combination drivers with enhanced bass.

It is 12 watts, and with peak volumes that are surprising from its deceptively small scale, it provides an amazing 360-degree sonic definition.

It has a long-lasting battery (12 continuous hours) and a top-mounted touch-sensitive control panel for easier usability.


  • + Reloadable.
  • + Transportable.
  • + Slot with micro SD.
  • + 4th Bluetooth.

Why We Liked It :This one provides remarkably capable sound, it is easy to manipulate the touch sensitive controls and the price is just amazingly low considering the premium features.

8. Anker Soundcore Flare

The second flare offers 360-degree sound quality, powered by two state-of-the-art neodymium drivers that are set back to back and dual passive radiators to create a completely immersive audio that has excellent bass handling in the space.

It features proprietary BassUp technology, which is essentially a type of personalised onboard DSP that enables real-time analysis to boost bass frequencies to avoid unwanted distortion, making it a smart cookie.

100 percent water resistant materials tailored into a hardcore impermeable wonder are used in its rugged construction.

It comes with access to their proprietary app that allows for control of equalisation and also has EQ settings stored for a variety of genres. Your sound preference can be tailored and saved for you.

Echo Dot and other Amazon speakers can be connected to it. On top of that it has LEDs that illuminate the underside and are powered to beat the music in time. It has 5 colour themes and lighting patterns that can also be personalised via the app.


  • + Impermeable.
  • + Dual drive for improved bass handling with passive radiators and on-board DSP analysis .
  • + LED illumination display.
  • + Compliant with Alexa.

Why We Liked It:It's another pretty impressive Bluetooth app with an enticing price tag. The LEDs are a nice touch in the evenings for a bit of added atmosphere.

9. Klipsch Groove

Inexplicably, the Klipsch Groove manages to project a massive sound from a modest box. In order to benefit from innovations, Klipsch audio products outperform most of their rivals that the company has over 70 years of production under their belts.

This Bluetooth recharging USB speaker has an admirable battery life of 8 hours and fills a space independent of its palm-sized shape. To cope with low pulsations that are combined with its 3-inch high excursion motor, it features dual, side firing passive bass radiators. They work together to create a simple and un-muffled sound that is crisp.

It offers audio that is life-like and interactive with high fidelity. It has top mounted controls that are user-friendly or can be accessed directly from the Bluetooth devices themselves.

It is well built, durable and splash proof/water resistant in its construction. Included is the battery.


  • + Battery life of 8 hours.
  • + Resistant against splashes.
  • + Crisp, un-muffled, consistent sounds.
  • + Dual radiators for the bass.

Why We Liked It -:We like the setup of multi-drivers that covers wider frequencies and creates a rich sound that is not tinny.

10. JBL Clip 2

The Clip 2 is one of the smallest Bluetooth speakers we are reviewing, now it might not pack as much punch as some of the larger or stronger items mentioned, but it should not underestimate its prowess. It has a clip on, ultra-rugged and well made, fob-watch-like style. It is fully waterproof and will withstand unphased full immersion!

It facilitates quick personal wireless streaming on the go, is super lightweight, and leaves hands free for all else with the clip on nature. For handling speakerphone calls, it has an integrated cable and microphone. It has a decent battery life via USB and easy charging. To suit you, they come in a variety of colours. It also has a reasonably decent range of sound and does not buzz at high levels of volume.


  • + Sized palm
  • + To clip on.
  • + Unexpected money worth.
  • +Waterproofed by .

Why We Liked It:- It's a convenient Bluetooth speaker perfect for it can clip to your belt on nearby stuff on the go or working on sites. It's buzz-free and it has a strong battery life.

$100 Bluetooth Speakers Buyers Guide

 Wireless networking has driven product development into cutting-edge realms, making Bluetooth speakers new wonders. It's a market that's actually over-saturated with goods, so you're not going to find it difficult to come by. It can be harder to navigate when the market is literally littered with options, particularly if you are shopping online, so here are some of the top questions we have answered for your knowledge.

What to look for in Bluetooth Speakers Under $100?

What you can look for depends entirely on your specific requirements. Preferences can vary from one person to the next, but there are some useful, but not necessary criteria besides the obviously obvious availability of Bluetooth connectivity. Second, the ability to attach several devices at once is extremely beneficial. This gives users the ability to switch between transmission devices at their command seamlessly. You'll want to make sure that it has the latest on-board Bluetooth technology to appeal more effectively to new gadgets.

If you fly a lot, then a convenient solution for audio amplification on the go is battery-powered Bluetooth speakers. Fortunately, most speakers specifically built for Bluetooth use are rechargeable by nature, so this should not be too difficult to cover.

Of course, if you're going to take your speaker out and about with you, you're going to want to make sure you choose a model with quality production, robust compound, nuts and a good overall design idea.

Many Bluetooth speakers have water-resistant properties to fight rain and accidental spills, some of which also have full-submersion protection features to improve the portability of their devices.

With respect to sound quality, other aspects to remember are whether it has dedicated drivers for the various ends of the frequency spectrum. It will eventually buzz and distort if it is not prepared to deal with bass. Likewise, if it has a dedicated tweeter, the high frequency response would be higher.

Can you get good quality Bluetooth speakers for under $100?

You will be shocked at what $100 will get you on the market these days, new technical innovations and mass manufacturing both play an important role in overall reducing production costs.

Bluetooth-enabled high-end speakers will still have better sound quality than a budget option, but there are plenty around that will not disappoint.

A small size and versatile design that enables listening to devices aloud with a richer sound than the internal speakers of the devices are capable of is the most beneficial convenience that Bluetooth model speakers offer. Usually, they have properties that are better for travelling audio needs or relaxing outdoors.

Usually, the true audiophiles out there will not kick back and listen outside or on the go through their blue tooth headsets, as they will actually own a high-end set of speakers for their own leisurely pleasure.

Best waterproof Bluetooth speakers under $100

In this post, most of our tested Bluetooth speakers have water-resistant properties, making it a really tough call. Some of the waterproof devices are rated as IPX5 and others have IPX7-certified designs, so they are arguably more waterproof than the rest. We would say that choosing the best waterproof Bluetooth from those at the top of their game in this price region is undeniably narrowed down to the Flip 4 from JBL or the Sony XB10 is another choice, but it is not quite as loud as the JBL and you need to buy 2 for stereo sound.

Note that the JBL speakers can be multi-linked if you want louder volume levels and you can get 2 to begin with for a budget of $100 dollars.

Best value Bluetooth speakers under $100

Without a shadow of a doubt the best value out of all of our reviews is the Doss which unexpectedly manages to pack a great punch in comparison to some of the other products listed and it comes in at a price of around 25 bucks which is unreal, of course, it is often subject to fluctuation but it undercuts all the rest. IT is so low priced and simply put beats all expectations, making it undoubtedly another great front-runner for best Bluetooth speaker.

The best  sound value in direct relation to the money spent from our reviews today,  our clear favorite is the Photive M90. It has 20watts of power a dedicated subwoofer that really packs a punch. It doesn't have some of the more mod cons of the others with their hip inclusive apps nor does it feature any LED frills or fluff but it Is incredibly rugged and well made, with an impressive sound and great battery life.


It shouldn't be too hard as long as you recognise the specs of what you are reading shopping around for your dream pair of Bluetooth speakers. There is an enormous wealth of options at low prices. Many have been keen to hop on the band waggon and expand the compatibility of networking since Bluetooth development.

If the answer is the latter, you obviously want to look for a suitably waterproofed model that is lightweight and portable but also durable enough to withstand accidental dropping, there is only one major factor to weigh in on your decision, which is whether you will use them for indoor or outdoor use. It's down to how many hours you want to use it and how much amount you really need until this main question is answered. As long as you choose a good model that has been well developed with unbiased feedback, you will be golden.

To find the best match for your requirements, you need to weigh all the factors that are important to you and your needs at a personal level. Within the lower price regions, goods do not vary a lot, so you can find your option could also simply boil down to aesthetics when all is said and finished.

Expert Tip

Above all, if you are searching for audio quality and do not need the portability or waterproof conveniences that most Bluetooth speakers have for on-the-go audio... May we suggest you head on to our article on the 10 best powered speakers. It takes an in-depth look at some bookshelf/monitor speakers that are remarkably small and portable, but offer a greater range of sound quality and some of which have the all-important Bluetooth capabilities you are looking for.

Did You Know?

The majority of us listen to 128kbps bit rate MP3 audio files, which sound virtually no different on wired or un-wired speakers, but at higher bit rates, the variations easily become more apparent. The freedom of their Bluetooth speakers would be appreciated by most casual listeners.