10 Best Bass Speakers in 2021

If the bass in your mix is essentially all you care about, then you're in luck because we're looking at the 10 best bass speakers in 2020 this week. We will study a handful of options in their respective fields that make solid bass choices.

In addition to your more run of the mill conventional woofer for home system integration, we have selected a variety of different speaker styles including Bluetooth ready, P.A replacements, car-woofers, and even travel options.

We included some subwoofers to peruse for those of you who listen to sub-bass music genres, too. You need 2 key qualities catered for in order to achieve great bass, a powerful broad woofer for a low-frequency response, a suitable enclosure designed to dampen excessive resonance and maintain an air intake.

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1. Polk Audio PSW10

First of all, Polk Audio has a superb 10-inch sub that offers a reasonably priced power option that can be easily incorporated into any device.

It features an idyllic enclosure equipped with a driven port to more easily expel air. It has been finely engineered to accommodate all low-end frequencies efficiently and relieves some of their heavier, low-end workloads from your primary speaker woofers.

Constructed from robust materials, the resonance-free dynamic balance drivers are internally braced and dampened to help counter any standing-wave resonances that might cause distortion.

In addition to this unusual configuration, Polk's state-of-the-art Klippel distortion analyzer also benefits from optimising the motion of the motor systems, enabling the subwoofer cone to travel unimpeded.

The alignment of the suspension and voice coil has also been tweaked to guarantee maximum efficiency even at maximised volume levels. In reality, during troughs and peaks, they maintain perfect volume levels.

Although it is a 50-watt speaker, it has advanced engineering and its own built-in amplifier that essentially doubles the dynamic power in a true bass-boosting way to 100 watts.

For those who just love to feel the air moving, it has flexible I/O choices and a toggle switch for hooking up to an external subwoofer.


  • + Subwoofer 10".
  • + Easy to attach terminals filled with springs.
  • Consumption of + 50 watts with its own in-built amp.

Why We Liked It:-t is a great example of how affordable audio electronics that do not disappoint can be given by Polk.

2. Sony GTKXB7BC

If you are looking for a Bluetooth speaker with ample volume to start a group, and a bass with a lot of presence, look no further than this Sony Extra Bass model. As it links directly to your TV or PC with relative ease, it can also be incorporated into your home, but can also be used as a stand-alone solution.

This bass-heavy Bluetooth speaker features dual mid-range bass woofers and is an impressive Bluetooth 2-way class mode, which should be considered at its higher cost. With the woofers above and below each other, it can be used in an upright position or laid on its side playing left and right in the stereo.

To stop wave cancellation and offer efficient clean bass, the Extra Bass technology optimises the low-end clarity and effectively dampens unnecessary resonance.

It features up-to-date Bluetooth compatibility, courtesy of its USB port, as well as direct plug and play capabilities. In Party Chain mode, you can even sync more of these bad boys together and use one as a "Party Host" and the rest of them.

They are decorated with LED lighting that creates a multitude of coordinated multi-color patterns to the rhythm of the track they are playing.


  • + Additional optimization for Bass.
  • + Secure wireless streaming with Bluetooth and NFC.
  • + Directed illuminators.

Why We Liked It :As these guys are not too shabby because Bluetooth options go, they have a much larger than average size compared to many Bluetooth options, the LEDs are also a good touch.

3. Edifier R1280T

The R1280T package from the remarkable reference series of Edifiers is almost a staple speaker example in our eyes and has secured a place in many of our reviews over the past year or so.

This is because in an effective speaker model inside and out, they are an amalgamation of all the desirable characteristics and are bundled with a price that fits just short of the 100 dollar mark-a glass ceiling for others.

They have driven bookshelf speakers and their high quality modules, professional calibrated enclosure and bass upgrades make them a great standalone pair.

They have wooden cabinets that dampen naturally and are a very well-constructed powered speaker package, made with materials of high quality that usually sell for around 50 percent more.

Thanks to their precision-engineered bass reflex port, they have commendable bass without distortion and have a lot of space until the break-up.

Their combination drivers are hard-working, consisting of a 4-inch bass cone, efficiently combined with a thin 13-mm silk dome tweeter. For a seamless blend, they have a very powerful DSP crossover that designates electrical signals to the required allocated drivers. The highs are differentiated and the mids are very smooth and precise, transparent and the bass has an incredible depth to it.

The active speaker houses user-friendly controls that include adjustments for equalisation. Through the treble and bass presence in the mix, these tone controls enable users to form their sound incrementally. They are positioned easily, but instead it comes with a handy remote control to use.

As they are fitted with dual RCA inputs, they can be connected to more than one system simultaneously.


  • + Expertly designed ported reflexive enclosure.
  • + Inputs dual.
  • + Price-tag available.

Why We Liked It:They have flexible links, a well-thought-out philosophy of design, and are designed in a robust way. The drivers can be micro-adjusted to conduct the EQ adequately and the bass has a great overall presence.

4. BUGANI Bluetooth Speakers

To get your summer party underway, if you're looking for the best bass speakers, then those from Bugani are an excellent choice. As well as being shock-absorbent, they are immune to water, dust, mud, snow, and whatever else you throw at them.

They're not only durable, but they also sound great, especially when it comes to low-end bass notes. Within them are two tweeters and two woofers, creating the complex sound of 40w.

They have been engineered to ensure that whether you are indoors or outdoors, you get superior sound. As they are lightweight and have a handle, portability is also one of their strongest features.


  • + Highly Enduring
  • + Unbelievable Bass
  • Portable +
  • + Complex Tone Sound
  • + Compatibility with Bluetooth 5.0

Why We Liked It :They're the best bass speakers for those looking for portable as well as very robust lightweight, Bluetooth speakers.

5. Eminence Legend BP102

One of the industry's most popular legacy models for replacement (or upgrade) inside a bass amplifier is the following page. "The high-performance 10" cone speaker is beautifully built, which is more than suitable for any OEM or DIY bass project.

As the majority of Eminences high-end pro audio electronics, it is expertly constructed from quality assured materials, high-grade copper voice coils paper cones, ferrite magnets, and handmade beginning to finish.

The driver features a highly robust pressed steel basket and excellent suspension to maintain high production performance. It also has a surrounding cloth edge to help dampen it between movements.

It operates at a power of up to 400 watts at 8 ohms and is intended for use in professional applications for bass guitars (such as an amplifier for performance use, but also works well as a mid in a PA or a 3-way bass cabinet.)


  • + Ideal substitute or speaker for DIY bass.
  • + Suitable for 10 cabs, 3x/4x/8x.
  • + Elevated results.
  • + Punchy reaction to bass.

Why We Liked It :They make for a great upgrade and Eminence manufactures some of the world's finest loudspeakers with over 5 decades of experience behind them.

6. AOMAIS Life 30W

Next, we have a more reserved power alternative, a fabulous 30 watt Bluetooth speaker, which for its super bass functionality we have included in today's top ten.

It has a rather attractive style that includes natural materials such as cloth and bamboo. It is a powerful small speaker with dual drivers in the 2-way class and an integrated bass radiator.

With its three different EQ modes, it offers a flexible listening experience. The numerous setups make it ideal to listen to a variety of genres and to delegate fixed frequencies to manage audio workloads efficiently.

Essentially, its super bass feature acts as a bass boost, making the lows audibly clearer. A table has a lithium-ion battery of great quality that offers 10 hours of life and can also act as a charging dock for other appliances.

The version of Bluetooth is 4.2, extremely reliable and can transmit signals from 66 feet away. It easily syncs to the devices available, and you can play two of the speakers together for a 60-watt option.


  • + Feature of super bass and 3-EQ modes.
  • + Up to 66 feet of latest Bluetooth.
  • + Integrated improvement of the bass radiator.

Why We Liked It :It has been engineered to maximise its bass capabilities and is reasonably priced, for extra decibel levels, we like the option of hooking 2 together and the battery life is very decent.

7. Alpatronix AX440

If you have a little more cash to splash, and the Photive M90 with its dedicated subwoofer has been enticing you, then the Alpatronix AX440 may just be able to sway you to part with some of it.

It's a little on the expensive side, but if you are prepared to keep your eyes open, you can sell with deals for as low a half price. It has 2 high-end precision combination drivers and 2 rear-firing subwoofers that operate hand in hand with the main drivers for a 30-watt model to provide a deliciously rich audio-landscape with unexpected levels.

The cones are a durable composite, the magnets inside are high-grade ferrite, and it is pretty tough to beat the overall build quality. It features a sleek, rounded, prism-shaped triangular design that stands at an ideal angle for wider dispersion and guides the sound.

It is accredited to be very waterproof, making it suitable for a range of outdoor applications. It is lightweight and compact and comes with a helpful travel case to store it during transit.

Bluetooth is 4.1 and it works from a distance of 30 feet, has a very reliable communication and is easy to connect with nearby devices. The onboard controls are user-friendly and centrally located.

The rechargeable lithium-ion battery has a streaming time of more than 10 hours between full charge and can also be used to charge other devices as a docking station, although it is not compatible with original Apple lightning cables.


  • + Model for high end Bluetooth.
  • + Premium audio.
  • + Pairing easily.
  • + Decent life for the battery.

Why We Liked It :It offers full-range sound, stutter-free Bluetooth streaming, and tenfold low-end amplification through subwoofers.

8. DOSS Waterproof IPX6

Now, for anything with an extraordinarily enticing low price. It is a Bluetooth wireless 20 watt travel option, designed with the same advantages as higher-end versions.

There are dual precision drivers in this wireless speaker, which have been tuned to an optimum wave-guide. The cones are made of a special composite of pulp that retains rigidity during the output and eventually lasts longer than a standard paper cone.

Like other dosing options that we have tested previously, it is very firmly designed. The depth allows for greater resonance and the bass is remarkable because it has an industrial-like brick shape.

It is IPX-6 approved, very waterproof and therefore suitable for outdoor use. It features a safe handle to make it easy to bring around and is up-to-date and very reliable with Bluetooth compatibility, operating with transmissions as far-afield as 30 feet.


  • + Strong building.
  • + Impermeable.
  • + Transportable.
  • + With low wattage.
  • + Low cost.

Why We Liked It :It is quite robustly designed and offers a lot of valuable properties, which is particularly impressive given that it is our lowest cost Bluetooth travel choice. Thanks to its processing capabilities and excellent architecture, it has some fantastic upgrades and the bass capabilities really shine through.

9. NYNE Bass

This little fella from NYNE is another portable Bluetooth speaker model that has room-filling bass capabilities. In one small, economical box, it effectively provides a 2.1 stereo surround sound option.

We really like this one's thoughtful concept idea, it has a concealed carry handle that makes it easily portable without detracting from its sleek look. Instead of vibrating the surface on which it is mounted, it has its own feet that allows the audio disperse smoother, and the enclosure itself is rounded to further aid the audio dispersion. In outdoor conditions, this means it performs better, which is a critical criterion in a travel speaker.

The drivers have mechanics that are well-manufactured and the components are of great quality. It generates great booming bass with a resounding presence largely because it integrates a dedicated built-in powered woofer once again that handles the lows with a fast and natural response, giving a flawless output.

It has Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and connects from a competitive distance of 33 feet, can stream directly when fully charged for about 10 hours, and acts as a charging station for USB devices, like some of the others we have tested. It also features an integrated mic, making it ideal for voice calls and commands that are hands-free.


  • + Subwoofer Dedicated (2.1 sound).
  • + Dispersion big.
  • + Ideal for use outside

Why We Liked It:-It's a reasonably priced big bass speaker model, it's been beautifully built, we love the attention to detail, it's evident that the functionality was really creatively thought about.

10. Pioneer TS-M800PRO

For today's post, we're closing our review segment with another speaker we have a soft spot for. Our best pick for cars is the TS-M800 from the celebrated PRO series by Pioneers, and here's why.

It has a robust build and high-output handling that is impeccable. They feature a hybrid array of mid/bass/bullet tweeters that is stimulated by over-sized magnets. The main cones measure 8, which is a sufficiently large surface area for the bass to have enough effect.

They are composed of a blended pulp of high quality that is very long-lasting, durable and rigid, but retains the versatility required for a decent response. This is then placed in a corrugated surrounding area, the fold of which is absorbed after the electrical signal has passed to counter vibrations.

Not only are the red bullet tweeters visually attractive, aesthetically speaking (with the grilles removed), but they function at extremely high outputs and have been produced using advanced cooling techniques. They have excellent suspension and a solid stamped steel construction that allows them to operate at such rapid speeds.

The audio generated is precisely balanced by a perfect nigh-on crossover and has powerful volumes. If your amplifier is able to supply it it can handle outputs of up to 1400 watts between them with a peak RMS power of 180 each.


  • + Option for very high performance.
  • + Coils that are over-sized.
  • + Bass response optimised.
  • + Strong, well-balanced sound

Why We Liked It :Without break-up, they offer flawless bass, they have some high-end engineering inside and they have an affordable price.

Bass Speakers Buyers Guide

Today, we have looked at a real eclectic mix of model styles, so you may find our guide to be a little more general.

What To Look For in Bass Speakers?

Bass cabs, speakers, amplifiers, and bins are historically known for their larger statures since a certain amount of room is required by the bass. The bass speaker is usually much smaller than anything used for live output in smaller home systems.

Many steps need to be in place to produce an optimum sound to obtain great-sounding low-end frequencies from a smaller cabinet. All have an important part to play in the enclosure, driver capabilities, frequency response, cone surface area, and crossover circuitry.

If you're looking for a bass speaker that doesn't rattle and mids that aren't muddy, then you're likely to find you're in luck.

The rapidly advancing nature of the audio industry ensures that the bass efficiency methodology is continuously being enhanced as businesses continue to go the extra mile for their customers.

You are probably familiar with our trickle-down-tech talk from our vast library of articles related to speakers, but the evidence is really in the pudding, the abilities of current models vary greatly from models created only ten years ago.

You would ideally want at least one dedicated woofer to relieve your left and rights of some of their more punishing low-end duties if you are looking to get the best bass out of a home setup.

Some of you might even want to include in your surround system a dedicated subwoofer that further streamlines the workload and ultimately makes the system more efficient.


Today, we have looked at such a mix of model styles that it may have seemed a bit of a menagerie, but we believe it has highlighted the optimum conditions across a variety of speaker categories for the best bass, to give a clearer image to buyers.

You need to think about its intended use, carefully consider your budget and consumption, know your amplifier if it is not an operated/battery powered model, and then understand the requirements, as our guide clarifies.

With all this in mind, opt for bass optimised models and note that the enclosure is really important regardless of the driver dimensions as far as bass frequencies are concerned.

As always, we hope your future purchases will be supported by our vital review and the dirt-dishing information given in today's post. You would ideally want at least one dedicated woofer to relieve your left and rights of some of their more demanding low-end duties to get the best bass out of a home setup.

Some of you might even want to include in your surround system a dedicated subwoofer that further streamlines the workload and ultimately makes the system more efficient.

Expert Tip

If you want to learn more about bass management and how to measure the calibration of your enclosure in a DIY mod-build or simply browse for a good subwoofer for your car, you can find our 10 best subwoofers worth reading for your car.

Did you Know

While more watts normally mean more sound, the efficiency of the speaker really plays a much greater role in the speaker itself's capabilities, a high-performance speaker can outperform a low-end set at the same power output on a lower wattage environment.