10 Best 6.5 Speakers in 2021

Do you need a decent 6.5-inch speaker that you'll love with outstanding sound quality and bass? We're going to review the 10 best 6.5 speakers in this article and hone in on what sets them apart. The majority of our range today are choices for your car, but we also have a maritime package and a patio set included.

The diameter of many regular car speakers would be about 6 to 6.5 inches. Without changes, this size means you will be able to replace the stock set. They are appropriate for practical use and do not take up too much room either, which is one of a 6.5-inch speaker's greatest advantages. Not searching for a regular speaker? Try these Big Bass Car Speakers.

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1. OSD Audio AP650

First of all, because of their all weather versatility, a commendable pair of 6.5 inch beauties make them a great two-way indoor/outdoor choice. They are of a solid build and are available in a traditional black or white finish.

The frequency response is reasonably large on the OSD Audio, ranging from 37Hz to 20KHz. For better bass response, the enclosure is ported, but with outdoor use in mind, the circuitry and internal components are fully sealed and properly secured.

The driver is excellent and the power handling varies from 10-150 watts. With compact dimensions, they are lightweight and come with matching mounting brackets which swivel 180 degrees.

For weather-proofed speakers, they are fairly priced, but of course, you would either have to have an amplifier or device to hook them up to or you'll need to buy one.


  • + The high-end bits.
  • + Climateproof.
  • + Power of up to 150 watts.

Why We Liked It:These are perfect speakers for installing garden parties outdoors. They are extremely well made and are of excellent value for money.

2. Rockford Fosgate R165X3

A package of four, 3-way coaxial stereo speakers for installation in your car is our second speaker product that we are reviewing. They are well-built and compliant with CEA-2031, their powerful drivers have a maximum power of 90 watts per speaker, each of the route's mean square power is 45 watts.

To effectively deal with high-frequency audio, they feature a small half-inch silk dome Piezoelectric tweeter. Having separate types of speakers allocated for various frequency ranges offers a more natural sound representation, high-frequency sounds without a dedicated tweeter would always be tinny.

For car door speakers, this package allows a reasonably good upgraded replacement with their additional tweeters, 6.5 inches is an ideal dimension.

They are less than 10lbs in weight and easy to mount. They have a depth of 2-3/16 inches for mounting.


  • 180 Watts +.
  • + Constructed well.
  • + Four orators.

Why We Liked It:With their frequency allocated cones, these 3-way speakers mimic a traditional loudspeaker setup that gives audio a less plastic sound, no boxiness, no muffling or distortion.

3. Kicker 43DSC6504

These 6.5" pairs from Kicker are another choice this time a 2-way coaxial set to mount in your ride." For a package that is so well made, they are surprisingly inexpensive.

In our opinion, some of the reviews are a little unfair, Kicker makes some pretty good low-cost speakers, and we are inclined to believe that some of the dissatisfaction with these guys is from bass-heads, looking to deck their cars out in tribute to the wars of the SPL.

If you're not searching for giant booming subwoofers to pack your trunk, these are an expertly crafted pair.

We feel that they put out a total of 240 watts powerfully loud, with a great powered bass response for a 6.5 and that the configuration and the mounting and enclosure techniques eventually decide the low-end handling. They come with the splice connectors required for easy mounting.

The great consistency of the components and they are adept at clearer high-end frequencies. Despite their attractive price-tag, they make for an outstanding car speaker upgrade and meet most standards.


  • + Pair affordable.
  • + Strong sound with maximum range.
  • + Wonderful volume.

Why We Liked It :We think the bass response is rich and resonant and the trebles are distinct and crisp, they pack a real punch for a pair weighing less than 5lbs.

4. JBL GTO629

Here we have a wonderful high-fidelity GTO series premium pair from JBLs, a great audio upgrade for your vehicle. Their wide carbon-injected cones displace even more air in their class than other 6.5-inch speakers, creating more bass in essence.

They feature proprietary tweeters from UniPivot, so you can direct the sound where you want it to. They share adjustment of dual level volume, which helps to compensate for less than idyllic placement.

The high-quality and well-manufactured components used are capable of directing the highs and lows to their respective dedicated speakers.

They have a mounting cutout diameter of 5-1/16 inches and a mounting depth of 2 inches and are simple to build. They come in easily below the $100 mark, weigh just under $6lbs and have a very low impedance.


  • + Sixty RMS.
  • + Tweeters Dedicated.
  • + Pieces for Premium.
  • + Value for cash.

Why We Liked It:One of their most creative lines is the JBL GTO series. They offer pristine high-fidelity sound available in typical factory sizes, are durable and make an excellent substitute for this pair, pleasing both car and audio enthusiasts.

5. Pioneer TSA1676R

Pioneer knows a thing or two when it comes to speakers, having worked with consumer electronics for the better part of almost a decade. As a radio and speaker repair shop, the Tokyo-based company began existence and today they produce some of the best-sellers on the current available market.

For a high-class, 3-way package, this pair of 6.5-inch speakers have an incredible maximum output power of 320 watts and are extremely low-priced. They are hot off the next generation TS-A series of Pioneers that have been perfected and re-designed for maximum audio. As well as a sleek new facelift, they have improved bass, a more dynamic range, and better power-handling.

They feature a new concept of multi-layer Mica Matrix cone surrounded by lightweight polymer elastic. The rigid design of the cones provides a much broader dispersion of audio. The functionality of tweeters has been radically improved. Overall, they provide deep bass with lush stereo sound and mids and highs with high fidelity natural sounds.

Thanks to well-thought-out features such as their heat-resistant voice coils, they effectively cope with high input power along with the vented cooling baskets integrated from their high-end PRS Spider designs.


  • + Proprietary high-end design characteristics.
  • + Watts 320.
  • + speakers 3-way.
  • + Diverse variety.

Why We Liked It :With some pretty high end design characteristics, they are an incredibly valuable package.

6. BOSS Audio CH6530

Another exemplary pair of 3-way class car speakers is up next, served up by Boss Audio Systems at a super-low price, fresh from their Chaos series line.

They feature a piezoelectric tweeter containing an active part that has been positively charged, and Piezo speakers are far less prone to overloading. These high-frequency drivers are better able to cope and do not need a crossover.

They have low impedance, robust poly injected cones in a rubber setting, providing highly sensitive output. A full-range sound dynamic is generated by the 3-way nature that is virtually unbeatable at this price level.

Other design features include a high temp voice coil that, combined with the heat-resistant Piezo, ensures that these 6.5 inch bad boys can handle up to 300 watts at a peak of 150 each with their eye-catching black and red aesthetics. If you know what you are doing and need a depth of 2.1 inches, they are relatively easy to instal.


  • + Enduring.
  • + Class 3-way.
  • + Maximum Sound Spectrum.
  • + Elevated watts.
  • + Low cost.

Why We Liked It :They are an impressive pair of high-end design elements speakers that have been replicated somehow for a fraction of the cost of most other brands, they also have a reputable name and 3 year warranty and come with free grilles. The spectrum of sound is dynamic and free from distortion.

7. Alpine SPS-610

This SPS package of 2 coaxial speakers is another decent choice for kitting out your car with mid-range wattage and pretty impressive 2-way class specifications. Each pack has a punch of 80 Watts RMS, each with a combined peak power of 240.

A cheaper choice for those with a more restrictive budget for some of the Alpines' best-selling speakers in the SPR range. They benefit from the experience and skills of the Alpines and share their high-end lines with some design features. You could try these speakers below 100 as well.

They create full-bodied sound with mids and highs of dual processing and the bass is a little more understated than some sets, but with good depth, very rich. The drivers have excellent power handling and sufficient cooling is provided by the basket design for optimum high-frequency response.

They are easy to mount and have fairly nominal impedance, weighing less than 5lbs, which is particularly important for older cars that may have outdated circuitry.


  • + Class 2-way.
  • + 240 watts of peak energy.
  • + Priced affordably.

Why We Liked It :They manage an ample amount of peak power and are well built for alpine audio speakers.

8. Kenwood KFC-1695PS

Of course, without coming across a fantastic 6.5 'Kenwood offering, we couldn't sift through too many top car speakers.

They are a high-performance, 2, 3-way class, coaxial speakers series. With a peak of 320 respectively, each effectively copes with 150 watts. They feature a flush mount style from Kenwoods and are exceptionally well designed.

They are inexpensive and the configuration consists of a paper cone of 2-1/2", a paper cone tweeter of 1-9/16" and a ceramic super tweeter of 1/2"." With great clarity, they serve up a brighter tone, the bass has a presence but is not overbearing with this set-up of the pair.

They have a flexible and very low impedance frequency response covering 75-20,000Hz.


  • + Brand appreciated.
  • + Power High.
  • + Sound Crystal (super tweeter).
  • Classified + 3-way.
  • + Low tag for price.

Why We Liked It:They are an inexpensive top-class choice, covering a good range, the bass is not too heavy and they are a simple installation.

9. Sony 4 XS-MP1611

If you happen to be browsing speakers looking for an upgrade for your boat, then Sony will probably be the one for you with the following bid. It's a trendy collection of 4, 6.5-inch, dual cone Marine speakers. They are IPX5 rated as adequately water resistant for marine use (UV-ray and salt-waterproof). Sony has decades of experience and some amazing low-cost items are made by Sony, and this is no exception.

They are lightweight but have a robust nature and feature quality parts. The dual drivers work surprisingly and cope with a reasonable feedback. They have RMS power of 65 watts, 130 per 4-pack and 140 watts of full power (280 watts per 4-pack).

With fair clarity, they create strong resonant sounds. With very low impedance, they have excellent circuitry and can be mounted front or rear with relative ease at the comfort of a few regular spade wires. They need a 4-15/16 inch cutout, they come in classic black or white, and they have a removable grille, but it's just plastic, disappointingly.


  • + Impedance poor.
  • + Four-pack.
  • + Dual Taper.
  • + Waterproofing by IPX5.

Why We Liked It :They are a fairly priced foursome in which your pontoon is ideal for pimping up.

10. Infinity Kappa 62.11

This rugged pair of 6.5' coaxial speakers is our final analysis for this post. They are known as 2-way and exceptionally high fidelity. They have an ultra low impedance that compensates for the consistency of the wiring elsewhere.

Via its soft dome edge woven fabric tweeter, the high frequencies are handled smoothly. They are a glass fibre substance injected with carbon that copes well under peak pressures. On this the power handling peaks at a whopping 450 watts (225 each). Each one has an RMS power of 75 watts, totaling 150 watts.

In terms of fidelity, they make for a strikingly noticeable upgrade to factory built car speakers. Despite the 2-way class, the tone, in general, is very full range. They feature patented Plus One cone technology that allows them to have more cones for unrivalled dispersion than any other speaker in their class.

With their elegant chrome inserts on the grille, they have modern aesthetics; they have no noticeable mounting screws.


  • + High handling of power.
  • + The premium part material used.
  • + Extremely robust construction.
  • + Strong faithfulness.
  • + Plus One Engineering Cone.

Why We Liked It:They are a solid package, with excellent efficiency, the price of these is slightly higher than the rest we have tested, but the components are of superior quality, so you get what you pay for ultimately.

6.5” Speaker Buyers Guide

What to look for in 6.5 speakers?

What you need to look for is entirely down to the sort of speaker you need on the surface, but some will be actively driven and thus a separate device, some will be used as an extension to a speaker amplifier. They are the same dimension and operate in similar ways.

Based on your FAQs across the 6.5-inch speaker domain, we have checked a cross-section of various types of audio solutions. Relax as we have a range of speaker-related articles packed with reviews and each with an insightful buyer guide for your benefit if you were searching for budget bookshelf speakers or monitors with speakers enclosed with the given dimensions.

Once you know what kind of speaker you are looking for, you want to think about whether you need any unique features, such as outdoor weatherproofing, for example.

Speakers are equipped with a cone and an electromagnetic coil which, when a current is applied, generates a magnetic field. This field draws and repels the electromagnet away from a permanent magnet that is strongly fixed and has a piston effect on the cone that disperses the air around it and generates audio waves. Higher sounds have higher frequency waves, meaning that this can produce a lot of heat when a speaker plays a high pitch it is pushed in and out very quickly.

For certain frequencies, different types of cone materials are better, for instance, silk or paper or silicone is very good for high-frequency sound, heavier bass needs something denser but still reverberates. The materials can vary greatly and can be composite in nature, and some high-end speakers do use cutting-edge Kevlar designs.

You will need a driver set up with at least 2-way class speakers if you want a full-range sound, one to cover the upper end and one for the lower registers.

If you have a traditional loudspeaker set-up with a woofer, speaker and tweeter listed as 3-way, you'll find the depth and overall sound is even better. Having anything dedicated to different ends ensures that it is possible to produce the components used in the driver from better suited materials. For example, a specified tweeter would have design aspects explicitly calibrated to cope with high temperatures that come with nowhere to go as a consequence of excessive kinetic energy.

Power use and what wattage you are aiming for is another thing to remember.

You would like that, too these 6x8 speakers

Best budget 6.5 speakers?

The BOSS Audio package is the candidate who obviously gets the crown for the best budget 6.5-inch speaker, they are our lowest priced pair and they are a 3-way class, offering well-balanced, diverse audio spectrum. Some premium optimizations are featured and come from a trusted brand.

Most durable 6.5 speakers?

We would say that the Infinity Kappa pair is considerably well made for the most robust, and their proprietary Plus one cone technology implies that they handle and work extremely well. If their price tag is out of your control, the Kenwood collection will be the most robust cheap choice. They are a little more subtle than you would like to be 3-way through the bass.

Best overall 6.5 car speaker?

Again the sound is unbeatable without paying at least twice the price for the Boss Audio pair, and even at that stage of the market, we normally don't see 3-way versions that can handle the same wattage that these babies can handle.

Best sounding 6.5 speakers?

Overall, we believe the Pioneer pair has the best sound, they are a great full range 3-way class package and they handle 320 watts. Their Mica Matrix cone multi-layer is hypersensitive and super responsive. In the affordably priced package, the series had many refinements and introduced features from their higher end lines. Fidelity is dramatically different, and we really like new cosmetics.


The selection of speakers for which you want to go is related to the role you expect of them. We have tried to sort each one categorically in our buyers' guide as to what they are best for. Hopefully this will help you in your quest for an acceptable 6.5-inch speaker for you along with the lashings of details.

Be truthful about what you really need from your speakers, many individuals overbuy in terms of power and many individuals crave a subwoofer on a sound system that they are likely to seldom use in fact.

It is always a smart idea to go with a reputable brand to get a valuable discount instead of a cheap knock-off if you are shopping on a lower budget.

A 3-way class designed to cover a great frequency response, low impedance, a mount size that will not be impeded in your vehicle, fair wattage and cooling methods incorporated in the design are the main factors desirable in a decent collection of car speakers.

Expert Tip

If you're a serious bass-head looking for some 10 'beasts that you really want to boost the bass of your car, then to see what's on offer, you might want to head over to our Top 10 Best Budget Subwoofers for Cars post. 6.5 inches is not the size of a car speaker that usually needs any modding.

Did You Know?

The Focal Ultima Kit utilises a beryllium dome tweeter and has a woofer and dedicated subwoofer setup for the most luxurious automotive audiophile device in the world. It sells for $20,000 and was expertly built, the first of which was purchased for a tweaked GT-R.