Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2.6 Software Synthesizer Review

We're offering an in-depth description today of what the synthesizer of the Omnisphere2 Software provides. When it made its way into the market, the 2.5 program was quite well received. To appeal to a broader range of synthesizers available, the 2.6 updates have been rewritten and have improved on previous libraries and FX.

We can't list all the compatible synths because we'd be here all day, but let's just say that compatibility with all the major manufacturers, including Moog, Korg, Roland, Yamaha, Novation, and Dave Smith instruments, has extended this synthesizer.

For those of you who noticed that the original app was not functioning with your keys, this is fantastic news. Omnisphere was the first groundbreaking synthesizer program to incorporate hardware use into its features for those who don't know, extending its ability into limitless realms.

The gui itself has been redesigned; it can be re-sized now. The mini browser is still usable and can be extended into a complete browser. This latest version brings to the table over 14,000 sounds sampled and has oscillations-galore. For easy navigation and retrieval, the patches are well organized. It is possible to tweak each to your taste.

The app, with such a huge library, has some great user-friendly elements to make things simple. It will automatically call-up similar sounds with its Sound Match feature when you select a patch you like. For a list of choices, you can type search words such as 'bells,' 'choir' or 'wind'.

Four layers of effects per patch exist. For your combination effects, they have a duplicated Mod Matrix. You can play with any of the 57 FX on-board units and concurrently use up to 16. With 8 LFOs and 12 envelopes, there are over 500 wave oscillations to sculpt with, and there are also eight individual arpeggiators. You can import your own samples or select from the armada of patches to use the oscillator with.

The FM/ring modulator and other filters have been updated; there are over 100 New Wavetables and State Variable Filters, and with the ORB circular motion interface, there are a lot of shapes to choose from. This helps you to see the changing variations. You may borrow effects from one patch and add them with ease to another.

Additional Psychoacoustic sounds and a brand-spanking-new granular synthesis engine were created with the 2.6 program. This breaks down the sound into grains built-up into acoustic events. In order to make some of the most complex sounds in the world, it also helps you to change the amplitude and frequency on a comprehensive scale.

They also redesigned the modes of pattern. There are new tuning and scaling features for the device. Using step divisors, pitch slides, you can change samples, and you can even alter chord voicing or step-by-step melodic inversions.

You can adjust the tone and timbre to your taste, form the waves, minimize or crush them, and move them to a polyphonic degree, on top of the effects.

The Sound Lock feature can be used when you search the features. As well as new futuristic patches from the EDM portion of the library, there are over 1000 additional classic analog synth emulations.

On the go, you can patch the layer and dual filtering features, allowing for 34+ algorithms that can be used in series or parallel.

Omnisphere 2


Omnisphere is a comprehensive software suite that transforms a controller for an infinite library of synth sounds into your hardware synthesizer. It's a sophisticated tool that allows for fine-tweaking on an intricate level. Over an infinite range of waveform parameters, you get full command. To simplify its nigh-on infinite variables, it has been created.

It interfaces in a user-friendly way, with some excellent features to help simplify its complex capabilities, and the vast library is easy to flip through.

To build something completely new and unheard of, you can stick to preset oscillations and arpeggiators, or play with the granular synth and 57 FX racks. Your DAW results can also be used on their own. For general public usage, the granular synth application is cutting-edge and usually unheard of. This is an expensive initiative, but a solid investment.


  •   Broader usability now.
  •   Hundreds of patches and new patterns.
  •   Engine for own effects.
  •   Mad library.
  •   500 distinct oscillations.
  •   8 different arpeggiators.
  •   Feature Sound Match.
  •   Patching stack mode for complex sounds.
  •   Synthesis of granular.
  •   Doubled matrix for modulation.
  •   Browsing with Sound Lock.
  •   compatible with your PC and Mac.
  •   Fits with all significant DAWs.


You can find you're wasting hours exploring the variety of features. Some of them can never be used by you at all.

Why We Like It

The bar has been lifted by Omnisphere2. It is an unbeatable piece of software that gives users access to world-class adjustments for wave oscillation and patented effects racks that take their vast 'infinity and beyond' patch library. To help minimize the workflow, it is very well-programmed, with simpler functions that keep its complexities fool-proof.