Celemony Melodyne 4 Review

If you want to offer more of a professional touch to your home-recorded vocals, then software such as Melodyne by Celemony is a useful tool to have on hand.

In order to help refine any problem you might find, the full studio version is extremely well produced. It is important to have the entry-level version. Although it might not offer users full access to some of the more complex features, it will certainly keep your vocals on point.

Although it could be used for any track, where this program shines is vocal editing. Melodyne goes a little further than most basic applications for autotuning, and the effects are much less synthetic.

This is the software's fourth version. It began life as a standalone, but in combination with your go-to DAW, it will now also act as a plug-in. It is broadly compatible and gives you a lot of control over your editing, despite being a minimal edition of high-end apps.

This user-friendly app helps you to examine note-by-note tracks in depth. The ARA lets you have several sub-tracks with various vocal takes, and to get the full potential of your vocals, you can pick the best sections of each. The main track is created by the selected pieces. In order to show you what comes from where, it's color-coded.

The time, pitch, rhythm, and dynamics can be modified, vibrato adjusted, or even the melody itself. If you ever find yourself getting development afterthoughts, this is a great feature. If you wish that the singer had kept the high note a little longer, you have no problem; you can stretch the note without dragging the singer back for rerecording.

You can alter the pitch as well as the time. A higher pitch has a quicker frequency, so the pitch can get greater or lower if a track is accelerated or slowed down.

Melodyne is going to let you change your speed and retain the original pitch, or vice versa. This is what offers a real reason for it.

It might not always be on time for those with a great natural rhythm. For a cheaper home-studio set-up, this can be compounded, as low latency is not fully lag-free. With timing correction, you can fix any lag problems. Singers with perfect pitch may even have a few poor notes in the mix to work out.

Aside from correctional skills, Melodyne is a nice tool for vocal editing. You may want to be able to control time and use it as a sample to create a vocal edit. Then from the initial input, you can sculpt it into something unrecognizable.

With detailed visuals, you can manually correct pitch and time or make use of its automation features and allow it to do the job for you. By modifying the intonation or transposing the key, this can be a small scale. You can recommend a key to stick to, or you can change it wildly, so it corrects the pitch to remain on the scale.

After the singer has left the building, you can play with the dynamics of the piece, change the vibrato, or add it in. A new melody can be given to it and the vocal capture can be fully mutated. It will unleash your imagination, encouraging you to play until you're pleased with a variety of new melodies.

The capabilities vary between subtle and serious. You may also sing the ostinato input and end up with something different rhythmically.

Celemony Melodyne 4


Melodyne Essential is appropriately called because it is indeed, important; it makes vocal optimization a doddle and with its automation it saves you hours of work, ensuring you get a polished piece.

There are very precise built-in algorithms, and you have a good selection of parameters to control. Time, phrasing, and rhythms are in complete charge of you. By choosing a particular key beforehand, you can change pitch post-production or even during the take.

There are very in-depth correctional capabilities. In depth, you can see the waveforms and change the melody note by note.

In fragments, the volume of the recording is available. After it is recorded, you can play with the dynamics of the recording and even incorporate vibrato effects. It is generally reasonable, simple to use and reasonably priced.


  •   Great correctional tool.
  •   Piece together the optimal vocal take.
  •   Automatic pitch correction facility.
  •   Change time, phrasing, rhythm dynamics and melodies.
  •   Widely compatible.
  •   Accurate algorithms.
  •   User-friendly navigation.


- Some people will choose to look for the complete studio version if their budget allows for its cutting-edge features.

Why We Like It -

A powerful piece of kit to add to your set-up is Melodyne. This helps you to get the best of your vocal interpretations in an easy-to-use format. It can make the tiniest of changes or alter what you have recorded drastically.