9 Best DJ Software Apps

Something that any DJ starting out learns pretty quickly is that it's not as straightforward as it seems. To become a successful DJ, it really takes a lot of experience, but most importantly, you need to make sure you're using the best music production DJ tools you can find. It's easier said than done, though, because there are so many different programs on the market, and they all seem to do exactly the same thing.

We wanted to dig deeper to figure out how to compare and look at who they are for, what they can do and what their pros and cons are with the top ten DJ apps on the market. We began by listing the ten best reviews, which had the best reviews, and then we read all of them to find out both what the creators said about them, but mostly what the world's DJs think!

If it's hard for you to select your music production DJ app, then why not try any of them for free before you commit? All of them give a free trial period so you can better test the app out. This also gives you a chance to compare for yourself the various apps and see which one fits your needs best.

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We're going to start with PCDJ DEX 3 on this list. It's very good and scalable music production software.

To find out what PCDJ believes you should know about it here is a summary video you can watch:


In case you don’t have time to watch the video right now, here’s what they mention:

  •   Mix digital music files in 2 or 4 full-featured DJ desks
  •   Includes beat sync, auto-looping, key lock, fully automatic mixing, and support for 70+ DJ controllers
  •   Advanced file browser allows you to search songs, create playlists and use your iTunes music library easily
  •   Mix digital music videos seamlessly just like audio
  •   Apply various video effects and transitions
  •   Scratch, loop and record audio and video mixes
  •   Features to host karaoke shows, karaoke singer list, key detection and control. The next singer screen shows your next three singers in order

You can check out this video if you want to know more about how to use the various features:



  •   Good for karaoke
  •   Lots of different audio effects like filters, echo, reverb etc.
  •   Great for video mixing

Why We Liked It -

A brilliant, user-friendly app, this DJ mixing software is suitable for people who want to do a little bit of everything from daily gigs to karaoke nights and video mixing. Since it's very flexible, it's hard to go wrong with this software, and it's very nice that it's available with 4 full-featured DJ desks. This software will give you the freedom to monitor your music absolutely the way you want and it provides playback without latency.

If you have loads of digital music on iTunes, you'll be happy to know that your playlists are imported automatically so that you can start working instantly without having to manually import them. Another cool thing is that you can install it on up to three music production computers.


2. Ableton Live 10 Intro

What comes to mind if we say Ableton? Many people who have heard of it will say that it is a DAW, that is, a workstation with digital audio. This implies that it's not just a DJ program, but a program that's mainly used to digitally capture audio and create music. As a DAW, according to many music makers, both professionals and amateurs, Ableton is very well-renowned and one of the best on the market.

But if Ableton is a DAW and not a DJ, why are we adding it to our list? When you want to kill two birds with one stone, Ableton Live 10 is fine. Not all DJs/musicians like the concept of spending a lot of money on two separate applications, which you have to do traditionally if you both want to be able to record and make music on your computer as well as to DJ.

Ableton Live 10 allows you to do both, which is perfect if you're the kind of person who occasionally DJs and wants a software that works but spends a lot of time in your home studio as well. It doesn't really deliver anything as a DJ app that other software doesn't, but if you think you're going to be able to make music using more than 1500 sounds, 29 audio effects, and 3 instruments, it's instantly a lot more enticing for people with multiple interests. Using up to 16 loops, you can record audio and you can, of course, connect a MIDI control instrument such as a keyboard to it.

Head over to YouTube for some tips on how to use Ableton Live 10 for music production and watch this video where you can hear useful advice from a fellow DJ.



  •   Can be used both as a DAW and DJ software
  •   Up to 16 tracks
  •   More than 1500 sounds

Why We Liked It - 

If you're the kind of person who likes to do various things related to music and both like to DJ and record and produce music, and need a music production program that allows you to do just about everything, we would suggest buying Ableton Live 10. Ableton Live 10 is certainly the best DJ app for you if you don't want to waste money on having two distinct programs for your musical creations!


3. Serato DJ FX Pack

Now we're going to take a look at Serato DJ FX Pack, which is a piece of software built together with iZotope, a company that's good at what they're doing, which is sound technology. FX stands for 'results' and Serato can honestly brag about some pretty good music production effects!

Chaining, where you load multiple FXs into one device, is one way of using these audio effects. The audio travels through this chain of effects from left to right and this is a perfect way to make your music come to life and sound very good, plus the possibilities are close to infinite.
Serato DJ Pro makes it easy to add effects to your various remix decks and you can choose whether to use or individually customize the same audio effects for all the remix decks. Adding precise rhythm effects is simple and you can even manually tap the BPM (Beats per minute, meaning the tempo) so you get it exactly as you want it.

One nice thing about this software for music production is that it is easy to use the basic program and very, well, basic, which can be very good if you're just starting out as a DJ. There are expansion packs that you can download if you master the basic software and feel like you want to take it to the next level. Some of them are complimentary, and others cost money.

Remember the five Ableton Live 10 tips? A video about Serato was created by the same man, and this video is perfect for beginners. Now check it out!



  •   Build incredible FX chains
  •   Available expansion packs
  •   For incredible audio effects, built together with iZotope

Why We Liked It -

So who's going to buy this excellent DJ software? We think someone who is serious about their career/interest as a DJ should look into this program to explore whether it is for them. Before you commit to purchasing it you can try it for free for 14 days, which should be enough to make up your mind.


4. Mix Vibes CROSS DJ Package

Let's move on to a set of DJ tools that is the favorite for music production of many people. The Cross DJ Kit is the ideal program for individuals who without breaking the bank want to get a decent software and who are able to pass on advanced effects that they will never use anyway and could only complicate stuff.

CROSS DJ is a digital vinyl software kit and you can have it for Mac and PC, but also for operating systems for iOS and Android, which is awesome because it means that DJing from a tablet or even a smartphone is actually possible!

Performance and simplicity are two terms that define this software program for music production well and it is simple to use and reliable.
A review/walkthrough is here that will help you learn more about this software:



  •   Fundamental and affordable
  •   Quick to make use of
  •   Available for Mac and PC, iOS and Android operating systems       such as
  •   Vinyl Digital

Why We Liked It -

This CROSS DJ kit is an excellent alternative if you're just starting out as a DJ! It is easy and user-friendly and in no time you will be able to get started. If they are sick and tired of programs with lots of different audio effects that you never use anyway, even DJ's who have been working for a while will benefit from this app.


5. Virtual Dj Broadcaster Dsa

You might like Virtual DJ Broadcaster Dsa for your musical creations if you just want something very easy to use on your machine without purchasing any expensive hardware. It provides a capacity of 99 decks and you can change the tempo and pitch of your music and scratch to make it extra DJ-like with the mouse cursor (sounds like DJ turntables!). It also provides smooth transitions in your playlist between the tracks. The software also features immediate identification of BPM.

The only thing you need to make sure before you buy is that since you can't download it you can use CDs for your laptop.


  •   Cheap
  •   For your DJ laptop
  •   99 deck capacity
  •   Good for beginners

Why We Liked It -

This software program will be recommended to children and young people who have a dream of being a DJ and want to try it out for music production, or even adults who are hosting a party or a wedding and want to be able to do more than just put a playlist on Spotify.


6. MAGIX Digital DJ 2

Number 6 is a decent program for aspiring DJs who want a Mac and PC app that is reasonably easy to use as long as you're willing to spend some time studying it in the beginning. It's not super quick, it takes some effort to get into it, and so it's probably better for someone who knows they're going to use it from time to time, so you don't spend a lot of time studying it never using it again.

This software makes it easy to use songs that you saved on your machine from your music library on iTunes or music, just drag them to the right deck to assist with your musical creations. This app will do it without any external hardware, no matter whether you want to simply play the music, remix it or scratch it.


  •   Affordable
  •   For Mac and PC
  •   Basic DJ software

Why We Liked It -

For anyone looking for a fairly easy DJ app that will let them try the noble art of digital DJing at a few parties or weddings, this software is a good option.


7. Image Line FL Studio 12

Next up is an amazing application that's so much more than just music production DJ apps. It is a digital audio workstation that can be used to create and mix music, but can also be used for live performance, offering tons of different features such as pitch correction, pitch shifting, time-stretching, harmonization, and much more.

One thing we really like about this piece of software is that it provides updates for life, so it's very good value for cash. It's a software that's really easy to use and get started with and provides plenty of possibilities to make music in various ways.


  •   DJ program and DAW both
  •   Produce, archive and mix music
  •   Quick to make use of
  •  Outstanding for beginners with huge dreams

Why We Liked It -

This software is perfect for someone who wants to make music and DJ and needs a program that does it all. This program is great.


8. MAGIX Music Maker

Are you a novice who wants to get started as a DJ, but wants to be able to record and produce music as well? Do you want a software that is simple to use and specifically built, with no DJ experience, for people like you? So the DJ app for you is Magix Music Producer! It's like a hybrid between a budget-based digital audio interface (DAW) and DJ software, and it will encourage you to do whatever you want!

It comes with a lot of cool sounds, 8000 to be precise, and a broad range of virtual instruments and loops are available. It's a very cool program that is really easy to get started with and does it all.

There is a free version that you can start your music production with if you want to check this software out properly before you purchase it which will give you a feeling of what it's all about and might make you want to buy the full version.

Here is a video to let you know a couple of things about the free version:



  •   DAW and DJ software
  •   Great for beginners
  •   8000 sounds
  •   Free version available

Why We Liked It -

For beginners who need something basic and user-friendly to start with, this is the perfect performance tool. It's the perfect combination of DAW and DJ apps, and all your music projects will be a great help.

9. eJay DJ Mix Station

Finally, we're going to finish with a piece of software that doesn't need any extra hardware, you can only use your PC or laptop software, and you're good to go! If you're having or going to a party and you want to try what it's like to be a DJ, this is the kind of program you can buy, but you don't want to buy some actual DJ equipment or expensive software that's going to cost a lot of money.

In order to have fun with your music, it has everything you need and you can even record your own samples to personalize it even more. And to make it perfect, you should of course add scratching audio effects.


  •   Good for total beginners
  •   Cheap
  •   Fun to play around with

Why We Liked It -

Although this software will never be used by any experienced DJ, there are many beginners and kids who would do it. It gives you a nice introduction to what a DJ is like and if you just want to try it out, it's a good place to start. The fact that you don't need any hardware other than your PC or laptop makes it incredibly inexpensive, but it's worth remembering that, relative to other services, it's a budget choice that isn't really successful - that's the bottom line. 


DJ Software Buyers Guide


It's not always easy to find the right DJ mixing software for you but as it can really make or break a show, it is worth all the effort.

We really hope you've managed to find a program from our list that takes you as a DJ to the next stage.

You may want to answer a couple of questions, such as which DJ software is good for beginners and what you should think about when selecting your software.

So we're going to answer some of the most popular DJ mixing software questions!

What to Look for When Buying DJ Software?

One nice thing about most DJ software output tool programs is that before you have to pay for it you can test it out for a couple of weeks. The easiest way to find out if a specific app is right for you is this. You need to remember what stage you are actually on when deciding which apps to start testing out. Do you need something that is simple for a beginner to start with or are you sophisticated and searching for as many audio effects as possible?

For most people, price is also important, so choose your DJ program where you feel like you're getting good value for money. Generally speaking, you get what you pay for so if you can afford it, opt for something decent that you're not going to have to update anytime soon.

Best DJ Software for Beginners?

We believe that Magix Music Creator, number 8 on our list, is a great choice for beginners as it is built to be extremely user-friendly.

It's also cool that it's part DAW (digital audio interface) and part DJ app, so if you want to, you can also record audio.

Best Virtual DJ Software?

On our chart, check out number 3, Serato DJ Pro. It's a great, scalable software program that has it all, including some impressive effects on sounds!

Easy to Use DJ Software

We would recommend Serato, which is number 3 on our list, or number 4, which is Cross, if you want to find software that is easy to use. All are user-friendly and don't have too many odd sound effects that you're not going to use anyway, but they still give you everything you need to DJ.

What DJ Software for Windows?

Most of the program is available for both Windows and Mac and it doesn't really make a huge difference whether you use Windows or Mac.

What DJ Software for Mac?

Most of the program is available for both Windows and Mac and it doesn't really make a huge difference whether you use Windows or Mac.

Expert Tip:

Before you buy a software app, see if they offer a free trial!

Did you know?

There’s a difference between DAW (digital audio interface) and DJ software, so make sure you get the right kind of software or one that can do both!