Top 10 Best Upright Pianos

There's nothing that beats very good piano playing. However, how do you find the best upright piano?

It's not an easy mission, but we will support you every step of the way. In three separate ways, we can do this. We're going to introduce you to ten excellent pianos you can choose from, we're going to connect to video clips so you can learn more about them, and we're going to answer the piano buyers' most popular questions.

In different price ranges, we have looked at several different pianos and selected instruments, so our list really includes something for everyone, from the beginner to the more experienced player. Both digital and acoustic pianos have been included, so no matter what kind of piano you're looking for, we have it covered!

We hope you can find this list helpful and find a piano for many years to come that will bring you joy!

Let's look at the various pianos! Read carefully through the list and watch the YouTube videos we've linked to, and write it down along with what you like about it every time you see a piano that you may want to buy. That way, you will easily be able to compare your favorites.

View the Best Upright Pianos in 2020

1. Yamaha Arius YDP162R

Yamaha's Arius YDP 162, which is a very good digital upright piano with graded hammer-weighted action, is the first piano on our list. This implies that it feels just like playing a normal acoustic piano when you press a piano key, and the harder you hit, the better it sounds and the other way around.

The keys have synthetic ivory, which makes the keys less slippery and makes it easier to play with a strong grip. As Yamaha calls it, the surface often absorbs finger moisture, or hand sweat, as normal people would say, so if that's anything you're suffering from, it might really be life-saving!

To make it look like an upright piano, the player piano is fairly high. It has a 2-track song recorder built-in so that you can practice one hand at a time but still get it to sound good, or so that when you write something you can record.


Strangely, what does this piano sound like? So we thought! Here is a video from YouTube where this piano is played so you can see (and hear!) what it's all about!



  •   Digitally
  •   128-note polyphony with polyphony
  •   Looks like a piano with acoustics
  •   Two-track recorder
  •   Synthetic ivory keys to assist with your grip!

Why We Liked It -

This piano is fine, as it is very comfortable to play, for people who also need practice pianos. This piano can certainly be considered by beginners and intermediate players, and even professionals who might mostly use an acoustic piano but want to be able to turn the volume down once in a while would like this one. 

2. The ONE Smart Piano

Is playing the piano your lifelong dream that just feels too far off? Perhaps when you were younger, you wish you had taken lessons and felt like it was too late to start taking lessons as an adult. The One for you may be the one! It's a clever piano that will show you how to play! You attach it to your tablet or smartphone via USB and get access to an app that has over 4000 different songs of sheet music!

But how does it benefit you if you're either not playing the piano or reading music? You will be supported by the piano! In the app, there are multiple learning modes and games so you can learn new pieces at your own pace, and blue led lights show you which piano key to play next. There are also over 100 videos and guides to give you far less money to get your lesson experience!

Sheet music can often cost more than $10 for a single album, so this is an awesome deal if you think about it! And one-to-one lessons with a piano teacher are often expensive.

The piano itself comes in black or white and is built from wood with three pedals, so it looks fantastic! It also has over 128 instrument sounds to choose from and piano keys that are weighted, making playing as comfortable as an acoustic piano.

If you're a beginner and wish you could just purchase a piano and start playing the piano right away, this is the piano for you!


Want to see how it's working out? From the standpoint of a novice, here is a fantastic analysis.


  •   More than 4000 songs with sheet music
  •   Over 100 tutorials and lessons
  •   In excess of 128 voices
  •   Great for novices
  •   Available in white or black

Why We Liked It -

For beginners, this piano is definitely great, because they can actually learn to play with it. We also imagine that this will be a nice instrument for teachers of piano to have in their studio. Fun and games are a perfect way to learn, so the app is a very good addition to daily lessons.


3. Casio Privia PX-160

Another digital piano, the Casio Privia PX-160, is next. This is a very elementary piano. It's slim and quick to use, and if you really want an acoustic piano, but you need to find a digital one due to the lack of space, this is a nice alternative. Moving around in your apartment or taking with you when you move or have a concert somewhere is light-weight and simple.

It has 18 different sounds, so you can change your music a bit and it has nice speakers.

This piano is available in black, but also in champagne, which is a glamorous and special gold-like color, really something to show off to your guests! This piano can easily be linked to a table or computer via MIDI USB if you like recording and composing.

This piano comes with a 3-year warranty from the manufacturer, which we believe reflects the faith of Casio that it will be a high-quality player. It includes a power supply, a sustain pedal and a music rest, but you'll have to purchase the piano stand and stool separately unless you purchase a package.


If you want to learn more about this marvellous piano, here is a very good video review!



  •   Piano Digital
  •   3-year warranty from manufacturer
  •   18 noises
  •   MIDI USB
  •   Light-weight and slim

Why We Liked It -

For beginners, we would suggest this piano, as it is pretty simple. If you're just going to use it as a standard piano and don't need a lot of extra features, this is a decent choice for high quality. This piano may also be liked by musicians who play another instrument but need to have a piano at home for accompaniment or the occasional practice of singing or similar items.


4. Casio PX860 BK

Number four is another Casio piano, the PX860. It's full size and has hammer action keys and touch response, much like the previous piano, so it will sound like playing an acoustic piano when you play, or at least that's the concept. It has three different degrees of sensitivity, so you can get the perfect feeling.

This piano also comes with a 3-year warranty from the maker, which is good to know if something is wrong with it.

What's great about this piano is the sound it can produce. It captures the sound of a 9-foot concert piano that a digital piano can do fantastically. The piano is a very good replacement for an acoustic piano and has three pedals. It even has a lid you can raise, just like a real piano, if you want a clearer, fuller note!


Here's Casio's own details commercial so you can hear what they have to say about it! The guy from Casio plays a little, too, so you can hear it.



  •   Hammer action keys
  •   Amazing sound
  •   Digital
  •   Three pedals
  •   Lid

Why We Liked It - 

This piano is an improvement from standard digital pianos and will accommodate experienced players in the intermediate stage. The sound is great, and you can choose to keep your lid open, just like a very good 'real' piano. It has three pedals as well, which is perfect and helps you to play any music just as you want it.


5. Korg B1SP 88 Weighted Key Digital Piano

This could be a good choice if you only want a piano that works like a charm and doesn't have too many extras that you'll never use anyway. It has 88 keys, and with hammer action, they are weighted, so it really feels like playing a real piano. It has a fantastic sampled sound, so any time you click a piano key, you'll actually hear a real piano that's been sampled. It can be split into two similar parts for piano lessons, which is fantastic.

With this piano, you can use headphones and it has three pedals. It is available in black and white and comes with a warranty of 5 years, which is excellent. Korg is a well-known upright piano manufacturer that manufactures loads of musical instruments and equipment, so it's a trustworthy brand that offers high quality items.

With this piano, one particularly good thing is that a piano bench is included, which is handy because when you play, you don't want to only use an ordinary kitchen chair.


Here's a video that tells you all about this piano, everything you need to know about it!



  •   Weighted keys by hammer action
  •   Quick to make use of
  •   BASIC
  •   88 Keys
  •   Inclusive piano bench
  •   Five-year guarantee

Why We Liked It -

This piano is perfect for beginners or maybe players who only play once in a while and just want something that works well but needs nothing special. It has weighted keys for hammer action, so it's pretty good to play. The best thing is probably that a 5-year guarantee comes with it, which is unusually sweet.


6. Yamaha YDP143B Arius

You can try this one out if you want to find a digital piano with excellent polyphony! It has a 192-note polyphony, so even the most sophisticated piano music can be played without losing any notes! It has graded hammer action and it feels very good to play, and it sounds like a real piano, and the tone is complete and sweet!

One of the coolest things about this piano is that you can attach it to an app that allows you to click a button to access your favorite features. One feature included is that classic piano songs that you can learn to play are pre-loaded.

There are two different colors of Yamaha's upright piano, either black walnut or rosewood, and both look very stylish. For people living in apartments, this is a perfect piano, since it doesn't take up much room, it's much lighter than an acoustic piano, and it looks stylish!


  •   Well-looking
  •   Digitally
  •   Multiple independent voices
  •   Walnut or rosewood black
  •   USB
  •   Monitor it with an app that stores your preferred configurations

Why We Liked It -

The pianist who knows that he or she can make full use of his ability is best for this piano. If you like things about piano technicians and would love to be able to save and change the settings of the piano in an app, then this is your piano! It sounds really good as well, so this piano choice might easily fall in love with beginners, intermediate players and advanced players!



Have you heard of the Flychord before? Huh? No? We hadn't thought so. But you can be sure that in the future you can learn more about them! In the piano world, Flychord is a piano company that is really new but already makes very good pianos. This one is a digital piano with everything you need, 88 graded hammer weighted action keys, MIDI and synthetic ivory keys that give you a strong grip when you play. It sounds very good and has a polyphony of 128 notes and a warranty of 1 year, which is good.

It comes with 40 different voices and 50 preset types, which will inspire you both to practice more and to write pianos. Often playing with the usual piano sound may be boring and switching to strings or anything else can really make the whole experience of playing the piano a lot more festive and make it feel less like a chore.

It's a very good way to get your children to play. "Maybe you can say "What's the weirdest sound you can play your homework with?" instead of saying "Okay, you have to practice so your piano teacher doesn't get disappointed. ”. That's a nice way to demonstrate your passion for playing the piano, rather than simply expressing that you see it as something they need to do.


  •   Digitally
  •   88 Keys
  •   Graded weighted keys for hammer
  •   128-note polyphony with polyphony
  •  The MIDI
  •   For a strong grip, fake ivory
  •   40 Voices
  •   Fifty models
  •   Great piano at the beginning

 Why We Liked It -

For beginners, both children and adults, this piano is perfect. It has 40 different voices and 50 styles, so you can improvise and make music that is enjoyable. This piano choice should also be tested out by intermediate players.


8. Schiller Special Edition

Looking for a vertical acoustic piano with anything extra? There's nothing like playing an incredible acoustic piano after all, no digital piano can top that in the world!

The answer may very well be this! This Schiller acoustic upright piano is a piano Limited Edition that is white and comes with a matching seat. With gold details, it looks incredible and is not only a great musical instrument, but also an awesome interior design detail. It has strings at concert level and is top-quality.

Schiller is an American brand of upright piano and has been in the industry since 1890, so they know what they are doing. Maybe that's why this piano comes with a 10-year guarantee! This is a perfect acoustic upright piano for you if you have looked into buying a used piano but feel uncertain and don't know if you have enough experience to find a successful one on your own, it's a guaranteed success!


Here is a video that will encourage you to hear this piano being played. You'll note that the piano in the video is brown and not white, but apart from the colour, it's the same instrument!



  •   Upright piano acoustic
  •   10-year warranty warranty
  •   Astonishing consistency
  •   White color
  •   Inclusive white stool
  •   Great piano at the beginning

Why We Liked It -

This choice of piano is good for everybody. You will love this quality piano, no matter whether you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced. This is great as long as you're up for the dedication of having a very strong and large piano! 


9. Yamaha Arius YDP-181

This is a perfect piano if you're a novice and want a piano that makes your piano journey easier. It has everything you need and more, and even though it's fantastic for beginners, after a couple of years, you won't have to update. It has 88 keys, so it's full-sized, and the keys have graded hammer weighted action so that, even though it's digital, it sounds like playing a real piano.

A 2-track recorder is also included in the quality piano, which can be useful when you practice, so you can record one hand at a time. This makes it more fun to practice a piece as you can get a preview of the final outcome before you have learned to play with both hands.

You can connect the piano via USB to a computer, tablet or phone, and you can use an app to change settings and record, making it simpler and, frankly, cooler.


  •   Digitally
  •   88 Keys
  •   Weighted operation by graded hammer
  •   2-recording track
  •   USB
  •   With an app, monitor it
Why We Liked It - 
Do you feel like you don't have the energy to look at all the numerous characteristics that pianos have and you just want to find one that won't let you down? So this is your piano, it does as it says on the box, and it's a nice investment for you. You would be welcome!

10. Yamaha U1 by FourStar

In the culture in which we live, we often feed without thought. Without even looking at pre-loved alternatives, it's too easy to just buy new things. You can look for a Yamaha U1 if you want to buy a quality piano, but be kind to the environment at the same time. It's a piano of very high quality and it might sound as good as new if it's been reconditioned.

It looks and sounds great and is a fantastic way to get an expensive piano, without sacrificing on consistency, for a fraction of the original price tag. If it's been well taken care of, a good piano lasts for a hundred years or more, so there is really no need to purchase a new one!


Here is a video where both of you can read and listen to more of these pianos.



  •   Preloved
  •   Acoustic
  •   High-quality
  •   Environmentally friendly

Why We Liked It -

If you wish to buy a used piano that still has a lot to offer, this is the perfect piano. This is a good investment, no matter your level of experience, that will really boost your piano playing experience. There is just something that has been around for a while about playing a mature piano.


We can conclude after a brief look at these 10 quality pianos that there is really a piano for everyone. If you're searching for a digital piano, an acoustic piano, or even a used, refurbished piano, you can find an instrument that's right for you on our list! But how is it possible to know what to look for? When finding the best piano for you, let's look at what you need to think about!

Upright Piano Buyers Guide

What to Look for When Buying an Upright Piano

You need to make up your mind first. Do you want an acoustic piano or a digital piano? The sound of acoustic pianos is the greatest sound, just the way it is. On the other side, digital pianos may still sound good and have several different voices to choose from, so you can do that if you feel like playing strings or wind instruments all of a sudden.

The fact that you can turn the volume down or even play a digital piano with headphones is enough for several reasons to get one. It may be important to have a digital piano if you live in an apartment or have small children and want to play late at night or for several hours every day.

It is also much easier for digital pianos to travel and take up less space.

How Much Does an Upright Piano Weigh?

A vertical piano usually weighs around 300-350 pounds. Yep, they’re really heavy!

What Are the Upright Piano Dimensions?

The dimensions differ slightly, but professional upright pianos are typically around 110-135 cm tall, 155 cm wide and 60 cm deep.

How to Move an Upright Piano?

Listen up, this is important. Never ever try moving your own piano! Often employ specialists to do it! They have straps and other tools to hold, not to talk about the muscles and expertise that moving a piano requires. I've seen both experts and other guys try to move my pianos with their hands and I have to admit, it's almost unbearable to be anxious to see people who don't know what they're doing moving a piano.

When people want to save some money and do it themselves, broken stairs, backs, toes, and pianos are most often the result. It's never a good idea!

Upright VS Grand Piano

Some might wonder what the difference is between an upright piano and a grand piano at a concert? Well, how they look is the biggest difference, of course, as well as how they look inside. The strings are just that in a competent upright piano- upright, while they are horizontal in a grand piano.

A baby grand or regular grand piano sounds smoother and fuller than an upright grand piano, but they also take up plenty of room, are horrible to transport and very costly. Digital grand piano instruments are available, too.

What Are the Top Rated Upright Piano Brands?

Yamaha and Schiller are two brands of the piano business which are very successful and are represented in our list.

What Is the Best Sounding Upright Piano for The Money?

We can warmly recommend the Yamaha Arius YDP162R if you are looking for a digital upright piano. A reconditioned Yamaha U1 is a very good choice when it comes to acoustic pianos.

Expert Tip:

Try all the keys and look inside the quality piano if you are buying a used piano, so that it looks like it's working and there are no moths or other creatures that do not belong there!

Did you know?:

For pianoforte, piano is short. In Italian, piano means soft and forte means loud.