Mxr M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay Pedal Review

Having trouble finding the correct delay pedal for you? Looking for a more complete and detailed system that really pushes the boat out as to what characteristics you have access to, what you can accomplish, and the sort of delay sound you want? Would you like a professional pedal that ticks what you're looking for in the boxes? Check out the M169 Carbon Copy.

What makes this analog delay pedal distinct from the rest is the fact that it prides itself on patching its 100% analog signal, which is just like conventional amps, speakers, and guitar pedals used to be built in the days and years gone by. This implies that you will enjoy the same rich, classical, and warm sound that peaked for many decades in the music industry when guitar pedals and effects were all the rage.

You will be given up to 600ms of delay time, and all times in between, directly jumping into what this pedal can do, plus the additional option to add some kind of modulation over the top of your sounds using the switch located on the top of the unit.

These knobs provide three highly common settings that monitor the delay time, the ability to combine the sound you are sending through to your pedal with dry and wet versions, plus a feature known as Regeneration. This useful function means that the delay effect can be replicated.

This is a lot of characteristics to be found in what can only be identified as one of the most lightweight pedals available today, as we are sure you would agree. The computer, luckily, doesn't stop there. The system also has two trim dials that allow you to monitor both the rate and the width of the effects of your modulation.

You can create any kind of delay effect, ranging from quick and snappy echo effects that vary by a mere millisecond, to something more delayed and atmospheric, when you combine all these features and capabilities together. What effect you want to build is entirely up to you, just know that this is the pedal that will help you accomplish whatever that is.

Using bright blue LED lights, all the features, levels, and controls are shown on the screen, making it extremely easy to see what you're doing while using the pedal, even in low-light conditions like when you're performing. The normal operation of 9V power also implies that you can essentially plug this pedal anywhere to use it.

Although that quite sums up all this pedal has to offer, there is no denying that, especially in this price bracket, this pedal could be considered one of the best. The compact nature ensures that on any pedalboard it will work flawlessly, and it's easy to take with you everywhere you go without taking up too much room.

From start to finish, the sound stays at the highest possible level, and then you'll be shocked at how crisp and rich the performance is. This is a pedal that won't make you dirty, whether you're a hobbyist simply trying out new pedals and making music, or you're a professional/experienced pedal looking to give your fans something special.

Mxr M169 Carbon Copy


All in all, this is one awesome pedal, and in terms of control and customizable options, you won't be disappointed in what it has to offer. Literally, what CarbonCopy produced here and how fine it is as a delay pedal are backed up by thousands of positive feedback. You won't need to look further than this if you're looking for one of the best of the best.


+ It gives you access to a delay time of up to 600ms, which offers a large range of flexible choices when selecting how you want your delay to sound.

+ Houses a 3-knob interface that is extremely simple to learn and provides a variety of additional effects to repeat your delay effects, including the key Delay control, a Mix feature, and Regeneration.

+ It can be powered by a normal 9V battery or by a universal AC power adapter, which means you can use this pedal anytime and anywhere, even if you're on the move.

+ In order to ensure that you can see and control your pedal properly, even in dark conditions, it comes with integrated bright blue LED lights.

+ A very conventional and completely analog audio path across the pedal ensures that the output sound is light, warm, rich, and amazing to listen to. A limited chance of unintended distortion or interference is also present.


-Zero! No! This pedal is loved by everyone, and there's no other pedal that comes close to what this gadget has to deliver when it comes to owning a high-quality delay pedal that ticks all the boxes.

Why We Like It

The fact that you can use it anywhere you want is a standout feature of this pedal. Since you can use a normal 9V battery to power this unit, or you can use an industry-standard AC power cable, you will never have to think about what situation you are working in! It'll work this pedal!