Line 6 HX Stomp Floor Processor Review

A strong and detailed guitar effects pedal is the Line 6 HX Stomp Multi-Effects Floor Prozessor. As well as studio recording, it has up to 126 built-in presets that are commanding and strong for gigging. For guitar players, this isn't just a pedal; certain effects even work for bass, keyboards, and vocals.

The Line 6 HX Stomp is highly compatible and can be used when hooking into amp or recording rig lines in virtually any capacity. You can keep six blocks on your stomp channels per preset, as well. This is a highly powerful stomp pedal for a number of instruments, housing real-world simulation effects.


  • Standalone rig, or part of an established set-up for the pedalboard
  • Compact and lightweight enough to go with you wherever,
  • More than 300 amps, guitars, and bass tone versions
  • ● 126 live gig presets
  • ● Pure quality of sound and practical modeling
  • ● Real power bypass power
  • ● LED lights on stage for quick navigation
  • ● Integration of 4-cable amps
  • Hookups for USB and MIDI
  • Suitable for live performances and sessions for studio recording

Line 6 HX Stomp


The Line 6 HX Multi-effect Floor processor is filled with the technology and creativity to take your music to a new stage. It's part of the Helix family of Line 6 and has all the strength and flexibility that the line comes with. There are a lot of built-in effects in this modeling floor processor that are designed to be as natural and pure as the original sounds they are modeled after.

For guitar, bass, keyboards, and any other instrument you want to experiment with, it's suitable. The HX floor processor has been used by many musicians to record all their string parts on albums and capture the vast array of tones required for a well-rounded recording.

It houses more than 300 models of amp, guitar, and bass built to sound as real and full as the original sounds. The HX stomp pedal will carry up to 126 presets during practice, recording, or live performances for you to remember.

With distortion, fuzz, reverb, flanger, delay, and looping capabilities, it features each form of tone and effect you can imagine. When you plug into the Line 6 HX Multi-effects Floor Processor, there is a world of opportunity ahead of you.

This floor processor with multi-effects has real bypass technology, which helps you to hook the pedal into your working pedalboard and does not suck any of the signals away. As the primary effects processor, it is sufficient to be used on its own, or you can throw it into an existing mix.

It has plenty of line-in and line-out capabilities. To push through the preamps, you can hook it up into the front of an effect loop, or you can hook it into the back-end effects loop to process the tone behind the natural sound of your amp.

It comes with color-coded LED lights that are easy to identify and even on darker stages to navigate. The back-light is well illuminated and can be quickly navigated with the touch of the knobs. You have a lot of control over the speeds, tones, compression, and everything else that you need to change to get the perfect sound, depending on what environment you're using.

The Floor Processor Multi-effects has a bit of a learning curve and is not immediately intuitive. However, if you take the time to find out how this versatile processor functions, the tones and sounds you're searching for will have a tremendous amount of control and versatility.


+ Over 300 constructed-in versions
Hook ins + USB and MIDI hook
+ Wide variety of versatility in tonals
+ Does not sacrifice any signal power by using other impacts
+ Real templates for amps


—A little bit more expensive
- Bit of a curve for learning

Why We Like It

The Line 6 HX model will give you all the sounds you need if you want a high-powered multi-effects processor. It has a lot of different effects and templates to help you find the specific sound you're searching for. There is a bit of a learning curve, but the possibilities are nearly infinite once you figure it out.

For guitar, bass, and keyboards, it is a suitable pedal and can be used in any music genre. The available presets are more than sufficient to keep all your required settings in place. You also get a lot of influence over the levels and tones of the templates that you use. Without bringing the originals in the room with you, the amp versions are as similar as possible to the real thing.

This is a great all-around multi-effects processor that will be extremely useful for any musician. It's great for studio recording and live playing on stage. It covers almost all of your bases and is sufficient to be used in combination with a wide range of pedals and rigs for effects.