Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer Overdrive Pedal Review

One of the most emulated overdrive pedals in guitar history is the Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer. It is a basic and easy to use classic stompbox pedal. It has knobs for gain, level, and tone that let you customize the perfect sound for you. It's a reissue of Ibanez's original TS9, which can be heard on countless albums from the 1980s to the present.

Ibanez TS9


Ibanez came out with the first TS9 stompbox distortion pedal back in the early 1980s. The standard was spot on, and in the glory that came through the signal, guitar players everywhere were basking. In the final two decades of the 20th century, it was used by a large array of musicians and has since remained a staple on the pedalboards of many professional guitar players.

At a certain point, the TS9 was discontinued, with no documentation as to why. It was reissued back to the market in its original housing, casing, paint, and part makeup, whether it was from an uproar of artists, or a coming to the senses of Ibanez production employees. In the same factory that the original stompbox pedal was made, the current TS9 is also made. With a distortion pedal, it is just as authentic as a reissue can get.

In any way possible, the Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer boasts simplicity. Style, feature, and reliability leave the imagination with nothing. It is extremely user-friendly, making it one of the perfect pedals to put on your pedalboard, regardless of your level of ability.

Also satisfying and simple is the sound you get from the Tube Screamer. It's not a fuzzy sound, or a crying, moaning tone. Instead, it provides a smooth, elegant, and interdependent sound that depends on your guitar and amp.

You get a level of control with simplicity which you do not get with a more complex set-up. It only has three knobs: control of the push, pitch, and level. The pedal gives a slightly dirty rendition of the natural sound coming from the amp in a clean environment with the drive knob turned down. It is also, however, smooth and reminiscent of the natural flavours of the guitar.

The tone remains just as smooth and complimentary when you crank the gain knob, without going too far in the wrong direction, producing an excess string and pickup noise. It remains well within the boundaries of reasonable and nice when you work with the tone knob, from the lowest end to the highest.

This is the kind of distortion pedal for guitarists that can almost be called a must-have. It is difficult to match the level of sound you will get from the Tube Screamer. It provides a pure tone and fits with a good quality amp and guitar in complete unison.

This pedal provides everything you need, whether you're a lead player or a rhythm player. It helps you to be heard without being too shrill when you want to cut through the mix and show off your fretboard capabilities. It will encourage you to blend in and remain relaxed and stoic when you want to hang back and keep down the back rhythm. One of the most coveted pedals in the history of the electric guitar is the Ibanez TS9.

For any guitar player, along with the accolades that come with the Tube Screamer, it is well within the affordability spectrum. You can't really go wrong.


+ Optimistic, smooth sound
+ Simple design and functionality
+ Inexpensive
+ Initial design, casing, and installation


- In tonal strength, not super versatile
- No savable presets available

Why We Like It

For any pedalboard designer, it is basically a must-have. For rock, metal, blues, and country music, the sound is spot-on. It is super easy to use and has almost no learning curve to work out how to use it. The original seasick green design advertises a rugged retro design and makes you feel like you're playing an original Tube Screamer back in the 80s.

It is manufactured in the same factory as the original TS9 and has all the features of the original design and set-up. Since Ibanez decided to grace the rock world with its existence once again, it is an authentic reissue that guitar players everywhere have been screaming about.

In contrast with other distortion pedals you need to fork out for, it is very cheap and leaves money in your wallet. In terms of tone and capability, it is not crazy fancy and gives you exactly what you want.

The sound is super friendly and smooth, for both rhythm and lead players, and it works. This might be the perfect place to begin if you're looking for a reliable distortion pedal to kickstart your pedalboard construction.