Boss GT-1000 Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal Review

For guitar players and bassists, the Boss GT-1000 Multi-effects Pedal is a powerhouse. It includes all the impacts you may like (up to 116) and has a lot of built-in technology to make it efficient and durable.

Your classic reverb, flanger, wah, pitch shifting, and many others are included in the pedal. It is easy to use the GT-1000, enabling you to program the stomp pads. Your other guitar pedals can end up replacing this all-in-one guitar effects pedal.

Boss GT-1000


For a long time, Boss has been a music industry pioneer. They are known for making for guitarists, bassists, vocalists, and drummers some of the most trusted and influential pedals. The GT-1000 is easily one of Boss's most coveted inventions, with a multitude of available effects, strength, and usability.

The Boss GT-1000 multi-effects pedal provides up to 116 different effects for guitar players. That allows you to select any effect that works with the music you're playing, and that suits the mix perfectly.

With the GT-1000, you can get any results you might like. There are too many effects to list here, but you have the flexibility you need to create a large variety of sounds with reverb, distortion, wah, pitch shift, flanger, and chorus, among many others.

To set it up the way you want to, everything is customizable and programmable for you. You can rearrange the location of particular results, so the next time around, they're easier to spot. To see the impact you're looking for, you don't have to go tapping through various modes in the middle of a song.

The results produced by the GT-100 are safe and pure with a 32bit/96kHz processing unit. You lose a little bit of the desired intensity and purity of the tone on some multi-effect boards, because of the lack of power that the device can exude. Each impact on this board is the way you want it to be and works just like an individual impact pedal.

The effects have been modeled after some of history's most famous sounds. Not unlike the professional quality you might have heard on some of your favourite records, you can get a perfectly emulated tone.

The Boss GT 1000 has the purity and strength you need to stand out, whether you're working in the studio or on the stage. The GT-1000 has it in spades, allowing you to play with any tone and effect you like, because some multi-effect pedals lack the ability to keep up with a live band. With the GT-1000, you can loop for up to 38 seconds, allowing you to create some uniquely intricate recordings and performances with a toe tap.

It has a lot of capabilities for input and output, making it one of the most compatible multi-effect units on the market you can find. You have all the capabilities to do so if you are trying to plug it in using a USB cable, XLR, 1/4-inch jacks, speakers, or line-in and out ports.

Bass players would also benefit from having a few bass-specific effects, including bass-wah, flanger, and specific overdrive and distortion sounds, not just for guitar.

It weights just 8lbs and measures 18x9. It's tiny enough to conveniently fit into any set-up in the music room and be brought with you to the studio, ensuring you have all your favorite sounds on the go.


 + 116 impacts
+ Unique effects for bass
+ Compact and lightweight
+ Outstanding level of strength
+ Programable


- Less cost-effective
- Slight curve in learning

Why We Like It

To make all the recordings and performances you need, this effects pedal has every sound you need. Not only is it one of the most inexpensive pedals on the market, but with the Boss GT-1000, you sure get what you pay for. On the back end, it has a lot of power, helping you achieve some of the most strong and pure tones that you can find.

It's lightweight and light enough to be taken anywhere, but to withstand a little bit of violence, it's rugged and durable. If it happens to take a few hits, you don't need to think about it losing any structural integrity.

The GT-1000 is programmable, has a long loop time, especially for bass, and has special effects. The GT-1000 could be the best way to go if you're looking for a fine, all-around effects pedal that will deliver in terms of quality and performance.

It has everything you need, whether you're playing live on stage or trying to lay down some new tracks in the studio. You can not really go wrong with the Boss GT-1000 Guitar Multi-effects pedal.